Why Do Jeans Flatten My Bum? Find Out

There may be pants you wear that may be unflattering to your bum, the best solution to get your bum to look great in jeans is to find a pair that works for you.

So, Why Do Jeans Flatten My Bum? Your bum may look flattened in jeans because they are probably oversized and don’t fit your bum to enhance its shape. There are a lot of other reasons your jeans flatter your bum, as you go through the reasons I hope you find one that resonates with you.

Reasons why your jeans may Flatten your bum


Back pockets

Believe it or not, the position of your back pockets tend to affect the shape and silhouette of your bum. While jeans with low hanging back pockets that are far spread tend to make your bum look smaller and flatter, jeans with high pockets help your bum look more rounded and bigger.

Jeans with large pockets that are low hanging make your bum look flatten, so it’s best to avoid those. Next time you go to purchase a new pair of jeans lookout for pairs with high pockets to give you the curvy silhouette you desire.


It should be obvious, however, I’m still going to point out that the fit or size of your jeans will greatly influence the flatten look of your bum if they are oversized.

When purchasing a new pair it’s necessary to know your size, if you want the shape of your bum to show then you need to get pairs of jeans that are tight, or that fit perfectly, at least around the bum.

By wearing jeans that are right at the waist area, it helps give your body a curvy shape by enhancing your hips. This will give an illusion of a bigger bum, always keep the fit of your jeans in mind when purchasing a new pair. The tighter, the better.

Fabric type

Although this is a bit contentious, there are different types of fabric used to make jeans, some are thicker than others. For example, the LYZ Band Stretchy Jeggings are made with a light and elastic material that makes your bum look bigger. While jeans with thicker fabric may make your bum look flattened.

There are jeans with thick fabric that will also make your bum look bigger, like jeans that are designed to give the butt a lift, an example of such jeans is LT.ROSE butt lifting Jeans. If your current jeans flatter your bum, try to purchase a pair of lighter jeans and see if it changes.

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Typically Trousers are designed with different shapes and that includes jeans. If the cut of your pair of jeans does not suit your physique and the shape of your bum it may cause the silhouette to become vague.

Also, cuts that are made for people with larger bums when worn by an individual with a small bum would inevitably make your bum look flattened. So get a pair of jeans that has a cut that flatters the shape of your bum.

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Maybe your bum is flat?

Not a diss but have you considered the fact that you may just naturally have a flat bum? That’s why your bum looks flat in jeans.

If that is the case, don’t be dismayed, there are remedies for this. All you have to do is hit the gym and get a personal trainer. Or the easier option is to wear jeans that are ideal for your physique.

Low-Rise Jeans

If your jeans are low-rise then you should try getting a pair of high-rise Jeans, they may fit better and improve the silhouette of your bum in jeans. If nothing changes then you can consider other options.

Most females prefer high waisted jeans when they want to show off their curves, and it is effective because it lifts the bum and gives it a rounded look.

Yoke Design

The reinforced part under the waistband of your jeans, right above the back pockets is called the yoke, and the design of that section may affect the shape of your bum in your jeans. The deeper the yoke, the better your bum will look in jeans, so take note when purchasing a new pair of jeans.

The yoke design is usually overlooked when purchasing jeans, however, trust me when you figure out the best design that matches your physique, you don’t have to try them on to know what works. Especially when shopping online, just a picture and you’d know.


The colour of your jeans affects how your bum looks in jeans, while darker colours make your bum look smaller and flattened, Lighter colours will make your bum look bigger.

Therefore, if you are looking to show off your bum, get a lighter coloured pair of jeans like the Levi’s Women’s New Boyfriend Jeans. That should do the trick.


If the fabric of your jeans are not elastic, even if they fit perfectly it can cause your bum to flatten, especially if you don’t have a firm bum. So, invest in jeans with elastic fabric for a bigger looking bum.

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Elastic jeans are great because they give you a wide range of motion, you get to go about your day confidently without fear of your jeans ripping when you stretch and it also enhances the silhouette of your bum.


The type of underwear you put on may affect the silhouette of your bum, causing it to look flattened. If you wear thick and bulky underwear it makes the shape of your bum look non-existent. It is better to wear tight underwear to maximise the jeans aesthetic.

Some people invest a lot of money in pieces of underwear that are so soft and comfortable the lining hardly shows when they wear jeans, and since jeans tend to make underwear ride up the bum. Quality pairs like the Calvin Klein Women’s Cotton Bikini Pants will keep you comfortable all day.

Wear heels

When you wear heels, it tends to help give your butt a bit of a lift and gives it a rounded look. Therefore, a trick to adapt if your ass looks flat in jeans would be to wear heels whenever you want to go out, that should solve your flat bum problem and have you turning heads in no time.


Do high waisted jeans make your bum look flat?

High waisted jeans are designed to give your bum a lift, therefore it does not make your bum look flat. Even if you have a naturally flat bum, it gives it a better shape. It does not increase the size, that would take more work. But it does give it a better shape.

How do I get rid of my flat bum?

There are a couple of ways to get rid of a flat bum, the most common being doing squats in the comfort of your home or hitting the gym and getting a trainer to show you the best possible exercises that help.

Another way would be to bulk up when you are doing those exercises, by eating the right kinds of food that would help build fat around your bum to make them bigger.

What body type should wear high waisted jeans?

High waisted jeans look better on curvy people with thicker thighs, skinny people can also wear high waisted jeans. However, it’s ideal to get a pair of jeans that flatter your physique and give you the best look.

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It is not limited to a particular physique, or body type, what works for you may not work for another person and vice versa. Just know your body and try on multiple pairs of jeans till you find the one that best flatters your bum.

What type of jeans will make you look curvy?

Jeans with a little room around the hips and thighs, and are elastic will make you look curvy no matter your physique. Get yourself a pair of skinny jeans that hug your body at the right places for a dashing look.

Wear high waisted jeans that are tightly fitted, also wear jeans that lift up the butt to make them look rounder. Always avoid baggy and loosely fitted jeans when purchasing new pairs if you don’t want your bum to look flat.

Is flat bum genetic?

I honestly couldn’t say one way or the other, although we tend to inherit our physical appearances from our looks to our physique from our parents. The fact that your parents have a flat bum does not necessarily mean you also should have a flat bum, with the right diet and exercise I’m sure you can get your bum to the size you want them.

Why Do Jeans Flatten My Bum – Conclusion

The right pair of jeans has the ability to make you look amazing when you dress up, by purchasing jeans that are Ideal for you and meet your taste. We often get self-conscious about how we look due to societal constructs on what is cool or ideal.

When getting jeans, buy a pair you are comfortable in, a pair you love. If you want a curvy look, go for it, get yourself a pair that will make your jeans look bigger.

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