Why Do Men’s Jeans Have Bigger Pockets?

This is a funny but very interesting question you know. Well, one thing I know for certain is that there is a logical reason for everything. For example, short sleeve shirts were made for the bachelor who has not got a spouse to help roll up his sleeves. Same with polo, for a timed jobber who’s limited on time to button up.

So, Why Do Men’s Jeans Have Bigger Pockets? A man needs his wallets, cards, keys, phones (as the sizes have increased over the years) to enter his pockets whenever he goes out and these can only be possible with bigger pockets. The pockets on a male pair of jeans are bigger than women’s simply because the female jeans are designed to be body fitting than men’s.

The pockets on a man’s pair of jeans can actually vary in sizes depending on the trousers size of the man. Big jeans have bigger pockets than smaller or slim fit jeans.

plus, you can’t give an extra size man a pair of jeans his size and put small pockets in them. His hands won’t even fit the tip of the pocket, let alone go through it. And this would jeopardise the essence of convenience in clothing.

so, for the pockets, perhaps cos men are practical. And carry items along, say working tools and since he dropped the hand purse for the ladies, you do know it was actually the other way around in the beginning right?

Other reasons why men’s jeans come with bigger pockets


Here are some other reasons why a man’s pair of jeans would have bigger pockets


Backtracking history down to the present age, men have always engaged in vocations that required the use of some tools you can’t necessarily put in a box.

There are tools boxes but you can’t carry a heavy box full of tools just to fix a plier and screws problem. You need big pockets so you can easily carry those tools around.

There are the viral words of the renowned fashion designer Christian Dior that “Men need pockets to put things in, women for decoration”. Big pockets serve to accommodate the things a man needs wherever he goes. It’s always good to have enough room for your personal stuff.


In the advent of technological change, especially in phone sizes and for the fact that men don’t use handbags,a male pair of jeans needs bigger pockets that could contain their phones, wallets, power banks, phone chargers, cash, earpiece (sometimes), handkerchiefs, condoms (for some wild-ass) And watches sometimes.

Designers now say that a smartphone is larger than an average jeans pocket on a pair of jeans. As bigger phones are being produced, bigger pockets must come in men’s jeans to be able to fit it. Some men have two to three phones that they may want to carry around on them for reasons best known to them.

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Fashion Preference

It is a general style preference for men to have big pockets on their pair of jeans. “That’s my type of jeans, I like them with big pockets,”  says one of my friends.

Hand size

An average man’s hands are much bigger than a woman’s. Men’s jeans have big pockets to fit the sizes of their hands, as the materials are often not elastic as that of women’s. Bigger pockets on men’s jeans is nothing else but just a strategy to maintain balance in this regard.


Big pockets on men’s jeans make it easy for men to carry what is necessary in their pockets and still enjoy a feeling of comfort.

Where is the comfort if you struggle to put your wallet into your pocket and do the same to take it out? Big pockets allow men to move conveniently with stuff in their pockets without often adjusting their pants or getting pierced by their keys.


Pockets don’t just accommodate items but also significantly accentuate the male gender. Small pockets are sexy but bigger pockets are masculinely implied. If a man’s pair of jeans has small pockets, rub on his confidence as an alpha male. Making him think of himself as the same as a woman.


There are no complex approaches needed to meet the needs of man. A man’s desire for pocket size is simply that he can easily carry necessary items in and comfortably deep his hands in and out.

A man’s shape from his waist down is quite simple to design for but you’ll have to consider a woman’s hips, thighs, and often slimmer legs when designing pockets on their jeans. This made designers consider fashion above function when creating pockets on female jeans trousers.

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Why don’t women Jeans have pockets like men’s?

Women see this as a portrayal of gender inequality and this has led them to accuse male designers of being gender biased but the truth is, pockets were invented for functionality. If pockets don’t serve you any practical purpose, why have it in the first place.

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Pocket shrinking in slimming silhouettes made it difficult to have large pockets in women’s garments and led to stitching them on their dresses which made it more decorative than utilitarian.

For men, pockets were still used as a staple but women transited into the use of handbags. Some women’s jeans have large pockets like the SweatyRocks Women’s Casual Boyfriend Jeans.

Should women have bigger pockets on their pair of jeans too?

There are no official or unofficial rules against this. In fact, women’s pairs of denim jeans often have big pockets but the question of what it serves still stands. Women prefer to use their handbags because it serves them more and not to put big pockets on their jeans that could possibly disfigure their shape.

What is that small pocket in jeans?

In the right-front pocket of Levi blue jeans, there are small pockets sitting inside in which many people place coins, which were originally made for pocket watches.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s Jeans?

The difference between men’s and women’s jeans in size and form has to do with how the materials are cut. Men’s jeans are often made with straight legs and somewhat baggy but the women’s jeans are tight on their thighs, wide in the hips and usually flare out at the ankle.

These specifications may vary depending on the designer’s goal. Sizing a woman can be a bit more complicated than sizing a man in jeans making.

A woman can have a small waist but big or wide hips and vice versa. But a man’s jeans needs just his waist measurement to fit. The materials used for making women’s jeans are often elastic to be able to fit or accommodate the possible difference in waist and hips sizes but a man’s jeans material is naturally stiff.

How big is the average pocket?

It’s an official fact that women’s jeans pockets are almost half the size of men’s jeans. The average size of a man’s pocket on his jeans is 9.1 inches down and 6.4 inches across. But the pockets of a woman’s pair of jeans is 5.6 inches down and 6 inches across.

What does having a big pocket mean?

This is a figurative use of language. It means a person, company or organisation that is financially buoyant. It means that that person or organisation has a huge financial sustainability resource.

So when you don’t have these qualities and your friends refer to you as having deep pockets, don’t take it as a compliment. Quit the nice thoughts. They have only put sarcasm to use on you.

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Do men’s skinny jeans have small pockets?

Typically, slim fit jeans which closely hug the hips often have smaller pockets in front for both male and female pairs of jeans. But there is still a noticeable gap in both men’s skinny or straight style jeans from that of women.

What are chest pockets for?

A man’s jeans pockets can be filled with a lot of things like wallets, cash, watches, cigarette lighters. The chest pockets were invented to keep things like handkerchiefs, especially for easy access when a gentleman needs to offer a lady one. Also, things like cards are safer in your chest pockets as you can easily break them if you mistakenly sit on them.

What is a parched pocket?

A parched pocket is a stitched pre-cut piece of fabric sewn to the outside of a garment. You see those pockets on the back of your jeans, they can be called parched pockets too. This is a common term for pockets that were not originally stitched to pants.

Why Do Men’s Jeans Have Bigger Pockets – Conclusion

The size difference between a man’s jeans pockets and that of a woman does not really signify gender inequality but is a strategy to meet a man’s necessity in that regard. Men are more practical than women. Therefore, they need practical approaches to balance their existence. All the services a handbag can render to a woman, a big pocket on their pair of jeans will not.

Ranging from there, lipsticks, pads, change shirts(sometimes), perfumes, down to contingency shoes. A man would need a backpack for that. Does your phone peek out of your pocket halfway or your pocket-sized wallet is too big to fit? If the answers to those questions are Yes, then you are a woman.

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