Why Do Men’s Jeans Have Button Fly?

Why Do Men’s Jeans Have Button Fly? Men’s jeans are embedded with button-fly because it reduces the risk of leaving your fly open and it is also way less prone to failing.

While zippers are also reliable, button-fly have their advantages and could all boil down to personal choice. So, if you purchase a pair of jeans with a button fly, you should give it a try and note the key differences between them and zipper fly.

Other reasons men’s jeans come with a button fly


Some other reasons why Men’s jeans have button-fly includes —

Reduced risk of leaving fly open

After you finish peeing, it’s really easy to get carried away and forget to zip up your pants or your zipper has become weak and it gradually slides down while you’re walking, you end up leaving the restroom with your fly down which can be a very embarrassing situation.

With button-fly, the risk of this happening is exponentially lower as you always remember to button up when you’re done with your restroom activities. And with a button, if it fails you notice immediately when you try to fasten it. It saves you a lot of embarrassment and cringeworthy situations.

Harder to unfasten

We all have found ourselves in situations where your zipper just slides down by itself, even if the zipper is still sturdy. To avoid those types of compromising situations, with a button-fly it is harder to unfasten by accident on the downside when you have a restroom emergency and you need to go real quick it may become a challenge taking your pants off. It could turn into an ugly situation real fast.

Design Choice

The reason some Men’s jeans have a button-fly may just be as simple as design choice or concept. Zippers and buttons both have their pros and cons, and none is really better than the other, the brand may just have embedded button-fly as part of the jean aesthetic.

Levi’s have always had a button-fly from when they began producing jeans in the late 1800s, and their new jeans still have button-flys. Therefore, when purchasing jeans ensure to go for zipper fly if that’s what you want and vice versa.

Less Prone to Failing

Zippers are made with metal and over time they begin to rust and when this happens it is definitely easy to break after a while. However, with buttons it is less likely your buttons will fail and even if they do, with a needle and a thread you can easily replace the buttons for a new one.

To reduce the risk of your fly being left open you can always consider button-fly, if you want to stick with zippers ensure you change the zip when it becomes harder to zip it up and down. To avoid it failing when you are in public.

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More Sturdy

Due to the frequency of zippers failing, Buttons are considered more sturdy because they are way less prone to ripping off. If your pair of jeans are work pants, it is best to have a sturdy fly in order not to run into problems while at work.

More Flexible

When it comes to flexibility and adaptability, a button fly has a wider range than a zipper. It’s more flexible when you’re taking your pants off or wearing them.

It makes it way easier to do so, it also makes it less likely for your pants to get caught in your other pieces of clothing when in the washing machine. Zippers have sharp metal edges that rip clothes when tossing and tumbling while washing.

Why do mens jeans have button fly

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Men’s jeans with button-fly give it a vintage aesthetic that is considered timeless. That’s why some brands make jeans with button-fly, it has a retro look that people fancy. Do you like vintage stuff? Then a pair of jeans with a button-up fly is the best pick for you.


Believe it or not, over time the button up fly lasts longer than the zippers, with time zipper begin to rust and will eventually fail. And the constant up and down motion does not help its situation, meanwhile, buttons hold up just fine. The only way a button would fail is if it rips off your jeans, and that can easily be fixed.


Every man out there has had a close call with their zippers, when you’re done peeing you try to zip back up and your zip catches a bit of skin on its way up. If there ever existed the worst pain in the world, this should be in the top 5.

With a button, it is impossible to get into situations like these which makes it way safer for you and your foreskin. No to sound crude.


You know that really annoying sound zippers make when you fasten them? Yes, that sound. With button-fly, you get absolute discretion when you are wearing your jeans, especially in a public space.

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You don’t need the person in the next stall knowing you’re taking off or putting your pants on. That’s between you and your maker.

They look great

The button-fly is a whole aesthetic of its own, it looks amazing on jeans and people absolutely love the whole silhouette of the buttons across the front of the jeans. Even go as far as wearing the jeans without a belt to highlight the buttons properly.

Some brands lean into the demographic and make men’s jeans with the button-fly as per the request of some customers.

Disadvantages of Button-fly

It would not be fair to let you in on the secrets of what makes button-fly great without mentioning a few cons. For example —

Slower to unfasten

Most jeans with button-fly have like 3 to 5 buttons used to fasten the fly, this makes it a little difficult to undo when you’re in a hurry. Meanwhile, for zippers, all it takes is a single stroke of downward motion and it will come undone.

Difficult replacing buttons

When one of the buttons is ripped off, if you don’t find it, It can get really difficult to find the exact button on the market which has to now be replaced with a different button and that would ruin the aesthetic of the buttons.

Can leave gaps

Ever worn a pair of jeans that fit a little too tight because you’ve gained a few pounds? When your jeans have button-fly the spaces between the buttons may stretch which will cause gaps to appear and expose your underwear. Nobody wants that.


What does button-fly jeans mean?

button-fly jeans simply mean a pair of jeans that uses buttons to fasten the fly instead of zippers or Velcro. The buttons are usually fancy, they are made to give the jeans a vintage aesthetic which people love.

button-fly is just as functional as zippers, when purchasing a pair of jeans it’s just a matter of personal taste when deciding the type of fly you want.

Are buttons or zippers better?

I can’t say one way or the other. They both have their pros and cons, all that matters is what you prefer. Jeans with Zippers have their unique aesthetic, they are more popular when it comes to fly fasteners.

Most pants come with zippers, while jeans with buttons on the other hand are few and far between. Just choose whichever looks great on you.

Why do pants have buttons instead of zippers?

button-fly were the first kind of fly to be used when jeans were invented, it wasn’t till the early 1940s when Levi’s finally included zipper fly to market to women who considered button-fly immodest.

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Although nowadays jeans are made with both button-fly and zippers to appeal to both demographics There are amazing pairs of jeans with zipper fly and button-fly like the Dickies Men’s X-Series Button Fly Regular Fit and the Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans.

Do Men’s Levi’s have a button-fly?

Given that when Levi’s started making jeans, it was button-fly that was used for the first 40 years of production, after a while the zipper fly was introduced. However, the button-fly is not as popular anymore but there are still pairs of Men’s Levi’s that have button-fly and they look amazing.

Can I convert my zipper fly to buttons?

Yes, you can. It is super easy to do, with the right tools switching your fly can be done without a hitch. Ensure you purchase pieces of buttons that are ideal for jeans, if you purchase buttons for shirts it would fail instantly because jeans are way more sturdy and shirt buttons are flimsy.

For more details on how to carry this out, you can watch tutorial videos on the internet that provide detailed step by step guides on how to do it.

Why Do Men’s Jeans Have Button-Fly – Conclusion

Whether your jeans are made with button-fly or zippers or even Velcro, they all have their advantages and disadvantages however, it’s not something that’s unmanageable and if you find a pair of jeans that look amazing on you but you don’t like the “fly” situation.

You can always just change it. For a vintage or retro aesthetic, a pair of jeans with a button-fly is the way to go and will look great on you with the right fit.

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