Can You Wear Jeans To Urban Air? Find Out

Can You Wear Jeans To Urban Air? No, jeans aren’t considered an appropriate piece of clothing to wear when visiting urban air.

This is because the urban air adventure park is considered America’s best Gym for children, the park has enough attractions on its grounds to keep you running and sweating for hours.

It’s meant to be a highly energetic ground, with activities filled with fun to keep you steadily busy during the duration of your stay.

At urban air adventure park, the security and safety of its visitors are put as a top priority. Many people mistake urban air for being just a trampoline park but it is more than that. It’s an adventure park consisting of various attractions with the trampoline set a major attraction.

The facilities present at urban air offers clean and well-maintained structures that aim to promote good health and ensure all its visitors have a pleasant experience. What makes it different is the presence of both indoor and outdoor fun activities both for children, teens, and adults.

Can you wear jeans to urban air

What to wear to the Trampoline park at an urban air adventure park


The trampoline contraption offers a highly energetic and fun-filled activity. You can spend a lovely day bouncing up and down for hours and you have to be well prepared for this activity.

By wearing the recommended clothing, you can significantly increase your experience in urban air. Below I have highlighted some tips guarding the types of clothing you should wear when going to urban air.

Casual Tees

If you want to avoid sweating in thick clothing, make sure you always wear casual tees when touring a trampoline park. Due to the bouncing motion, you will most likely encounter when on the trampoline structure, strapless clothing should be avoided.

You want to avoid spending time struggling to keep your shirt tucked in while having loads of excitement and fun. Proper tests that are suitable for trampoline parks have a fitting that sits perfectly with your frame, also you should be free to perform simple tasks like flipping, tumbling and hops in any manner you want without worrying about damaging your tees.

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Avoid Skirts

Skirts lead to tripping while jumping high or just running than dresses and skirts shouldn’t be in our attires. A dress or a skirt would seriously impede your fun at urban air, because of the high jump, your underclothes may become obvious which I think should be avoided at all cost.

So to make sure nothing is hindering you from enjoying your day at the park and taking part in an adventure, leave skirts and dresses at home.

Avoid mini shorts

Switching to miniskirts or shorts help solve the balance problem since they allow for free movement. However, you will have to drop them out into the no-list clothing. The reason is simple. With exposed skin, you are susceptible to burns and scratches from plastic while bouncing away.

You must not wear socks

There isn’t a rule that insists socks must be worn when on the trampoline. As a fact, socks reduce your traction as you land on the sheet. You increase your chances of slipping as your land with force when you have a sock on since socks lower grip so try to do away with them if possible.

Wear yoga pants

I can tell you how yoga pants feel because I know the freedom they provide. This makes them an obvious trampoline attire; their design gives freedom to move your libs in almost all directions. This means with literally no barrier any kind of skill can be performed. Yoga pants fit securely the waist with elastic rubber preventing them from slipping off as you perform.

Avoid peak hours

To reduce the risk of injury, visit the trampoline when the surge of visitors is low. A trampoline may have a large surface area and can accommodate multiple people at once, but a less crowded trampoline is safer than a crowded one.

No laced footwear

Trampoline activity usually involves intervals of bouncing and resting which would have you leaving the structure. Laced shoes would slow and delay this process and are less practical than slip-on footwear.

Keep jewellery away

It’s a bit of good advice to always avoid having any sort of jewellery on you when going trampoline bouncing. Bouncing up and down can turn simple pieces of jewellery into hazardous objects that can cause harm or injury.

Before commencing any bounce session ensure to remove any jewellery you may have on you, watches, pendant, links, and similar objects should be taken off, too. Having them on also increases the high chance of losing them while having fun.

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Keep hair in a bun

Long hair should be carefully tied securely in a bun. Loose hair can become a hazard if left unkempt because in a playground it can get tangled within the equipment.

Wear cargo pants

Cargo pants provide a way for you to have adequate movement when going trampoline bouncing. Do not wear jeans, jeans are made from tough Denim fabric which doesn’t provide enough movement when compared to other clothing, when stretched, they can come apart at the seams. Wear garments that have enough space for your bottom area and provides maximum mobility.

Does urban Air have a weight limit?

Urban air has since upgraded its attractions to accommodate all persons and not just kids. Regardless of the age range, urban air has entertainment suitable for all age range, little infant excluded of course. Adults can enjoy the park’s attraction as well as teens too, awakening the young kid in their hearts.

Does urban air allow parties for birthdays?

Yes, urban air provides the necessary packages with set up inclusive, hosting entertainment, and even clean up with available private rooms to host your guest and conduct your party. The birthday or event is limited to 2 hours sessions.

Are socks allowed at urban air?

Socks aren’t permitted at urban air and to use one you have to purchase Urban air socks which are less than 3 dollars a pair.

Useful tips when visiting Urban Air?

  • Wear comfortable clothes; make sure you wear a piece of clothing that gives you free rein of movement and also is breathable and comfortable.
  • Extra cash for food/snacks? when visiting the park it is advised that you arrange to buy snacks or food because personal food items are not allowed. After hours of burning energy, kids are bound to get thirsty and you can pick among the various food services made available.
  • Be careful: proper care should be adopted when visiting the park, and personal items should be kept safe.

Urban Air Attractions

I have compiled a list of other attractions at urban air, you can visit any of these places and have a thrilling wonderful time.

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Go-karts- riding this features a;

  • A 2-story track that runs for 2 miles.
  • Single and double electric karts
  • Virtually reality (VR)- this section exposes you to a high definition universe where you fight robots and slay dragons. The virtual reality experience is thrilling with friends and the gear immerses you in a world away from here.
  • Spin Zone Bumper Cars- standard bumper cars can be driven here with lots of spin fun.
  • Flip zone bumper cars- these Bumper cars flip upside down, the chairs are tipped to a complete 360 degrees.
  • Sky ride coaster- this wonderful attraction offers you the chance to zip line above the park even if you have zero skills. The entire length of the zip line would have riders starting together and splitting towards the end.
  • Rope adventure course; in the safety of a harness go up into the air and be weightless
  • Wall climbing; challenging wall climbing structure that is sure to test your resilience.
  • Balance Beam Foam Pit; enjoy some friendly battles.
  • Warrior Course; this consist of a translucent ball and obstacle challenge course
  • Indoor tubes and slides
  • Trampolines

Can You Wear Jeans To Urban Air – Conclusion

A day spent at Urban air is one filled with fun and adventure. Many attractions and activities are at your disposal to keep adults and kids alike entertained all day.

Sticking true to its name, Urban air adventure Park is loaded with thrills and fun for you to choose from, safety is never compromised in all of its operations on the ground.

Jeans are advised against because they are restricted compared to other clothing. The park has a dress code policy that should be adhered to, to guarantee admittance into some rides.

In recent times we have seen an increase in the rise of new trampoline parks, this serves both kids and adults access to unlimited fun.

Just imagine those springy, bouncy effects the trampoline platform provides, while the park simultaneously offers a serene environment for birthdays, parties, picnics to be held, or even simply just there to burn some sweat.

Most parents and guardians have safety concerns when deciding on how safe a trampoline can be. Urban air management has guidelines and rules stated out to ensure you are kept out of harm’s way at all times. So wear the recommended clothing at all times.

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