Do American Eagle Jeans Stretch Out? 

Do American Eagle Jeans Stretch Out?  The  American eagle jean is one of the most comfortable jean brands ever and this is largely because of its ability to stretch to your exact fit.

So, the answer to the question; “do American eagle jeans stretch out?” is a convincing Yes although, there might be a limit to the extent to which it does. A size bigger? Definitely.  Five sizes bigger and that would clearly be over reaching.

Jean trousers are becoming more popular by the day as a lot of people are beginning to get drawn to the comfort and versatility that it offers.

One of the major problems people encounter with jean clothing is the fact that the bulk of them shrinks after a few washes or being put in the dryer and expands sometimes after being worn.

This automatically makes it unfit for them to wear anymore as they are likely to squeeze themselves in if too tight or wear totally unfit jeans when expanded.

Now, a jean fabric shrinking is not totally out of place, instead, it is expected as jeans are made from 100% cotton.  But, this is exactly why the American eagle jean is different.

During the production process, this problem must have been factored in as they made available provisions to stretch out your jean at least, one size bigger. Read on for simple tricks to stretching out your American eagle jean.

Stretching out American Eagle jeans


  • When washing your jeans, use warm water. The essence of the warm water is to loosen out the fabric and make them vulnerable to modifications. Warm water enables the fabric to yield easily to adjustments.
  • Drying in the dryer machine is not needed after washing. Simply squeeze out the excess water and place jeans straight on a flat board to naturally dry out.
  • Put on the jeans when they are completely dry. Please, do not put them on while they are still wet or damp. They might still feel a bit tight once you wear them but, leave them on still. Get a spray bottle or something like that, pour water in and spray directly on tight areas.
  • Do a lot of body movements while still putting the jean on. Do some squatting, swing legs up and down, and spread them apart too. Doing this self-imposed exercise for a couple of minutes will cause the fabric to stretch out especially, at the tight regions.
  • Done with the body movements, remove jean, and place them back on the ironing board again.
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How to shrink denim 

The most exciting thing about a pair of jean is the fit. The fit determines how well you look in it. The fit has everything to do with you looking classy or downright shabby.

That being said, it is often not rare to see people tossing aside a very good and fairly new jean all because they just don’t look right in it. We compiled a list of ways you can shrink your jean to size and have them fit like a second skin.

  • Add a bit of detergent to very hot water and place jeans in to wash. Set the machine to a two-minute cycle and begin washing.
  • After the brief two-minute wash, turn off the machine and leave jeans to soak in the water for like 45mins then, complete the normal washing cycle.
  • Another method is to wash jeans in hot boiling water. Place a large round pot of water on the fire, place jeans inside, and leave to boil.
  • Turn off the fire once the water boils and leave the jeans in the pot while the water cools off.
  • Next is to lift jeans out of the pot and into the washing machine. Begin a rinse cycle at the same time allowing it to spin too
  • Last stop is the dryer. Once done with rinsing, toss jeans into the dryer and set it to the highest hot settings. Leave there until the jeans are completely dried.
  • Now, put on your newly modified jean and see a remarkable difference. If they still haven’t shrunk to your satisfaction, return them to the dryer and set it for another 15 minutes heat cycle. Follow this process until you get the exact fit you desire.

How affordable are American eagle jeans?

The American eagle jeans are very affordable I must say. As opposed to True Religion jeans which costs nothing less than a hundred bucks, you can get American eagle jeans for 55 – 60$.

The best part is that they are often put up for sale at heavily discounted prices and other compelling incentives like a buy two and get one completely free.

The American eagle jeans are not just very affordable, they are very accessible too. You can get them to buy in virtually every mall or shopping outlet in America.

What can make a jean expand?

It is typical of jeans to expand. This is due to the fact that the fabric used is one that naturally gives way to accommodate the body and then, attaches itself to it.

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At the same time; there are some specially made jeans that are produced to stretch out better than the normal ones. These types are called “stretch jeans” and they are produced using a material known as lycra. Other producers might use spandex. They all fall under the same umbrella of stretchy fibers and serve the same purpose. 

Now, your jean even though not the stretchy type might still expand because it is one attribute of jean material. The difference is that the stretchy-made jean just does a better job at stretching than the normal ones.

As you wear your jean daily, it expands bit by bit due to your body movements although, it is usually not visible to you. The level of stretch the jean has attained becomes so obvious when you experience a bit of weight loss.

Additionally, your jean might expand due to pregnancy too. As you grow in size during pregnancy, the jean stretches to the best of its ability to accommodate the change in your size and might not shrink back to how it was before.


How to loosen my American eagle jeans using a hand dryer

Your American eagle jean can stretch out seamlessly using a dryer. Simply set jeans down on the floor or on any other flat and leveled surface, plug in your hand dryer, and blast it on medium heat. Ensure that the jeans are all spread out so that the heat can penetrate every nook and cranny.

While using the hand dryer, ensure that they are a few inches away from the jean. It is wrong to blast the hand dryer so close to the jean. Once done with the front, flip to the back and continue the same process. 

What other piece of clothing does the American eagle brand produce?

Heard about the name; The American Eagle Outfitters? It is another name the American eagle Company goes by.  They are a global retailing company at the forefront of producing unique and in-vogue clothing and the best quality accessories, cosmetics, and other personal hygiene products. 

There you have it, apart from their jean collection with comfort as its trademark, they go a step further by producing other trendy and beautiful pieces of clothing like buttoned shirts, T-shirts, undergarments, outerwear, workout clothes, and even swim suits.

How comfortable are American eagle jeans?

Comfort is relative and can mean different things to different people. However, when it comes to jean trousers, the bulk of consumers want denim that is not so loose that it lacks fitting or one that is just tight.

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Too tight that movements become a problem. The American eagle jeans are very comfortable and it is not so hard to see why.

The reason stems from the fact that the material is very versatile and can expand to give you more room for easy movement or shrink to give you that perfect fit.

This data is compiled from the tons of positive reviews and feedback from consumers who have attested to its comfort and affordability.

Do American Eagle Jeans Stretch Out – Conclusion

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to wear jeans and feel like you are not wearing one? A lot of people get to their homes after a long day with a sigh of relief right after pulling their jeans.

These jeans have been wrapped so very tightly around sensitive areas like the waist, hips, knee, or ankle restricting to an extent blood flow and easy movement.

You would agree that it is quite a terrible experience. What could have gone wrong though? A lot of these jeans were a perfect fit at purchase but turned extremely tight or overly loose after the first few washes with, no ways to remedy the situation.

This is the edge the American eagle gives you. The material is exceptionally flexible and feels very comfortable on your skin. As a matter of fact, the American eagle prides in its comfortable styled and affordable jeans. 

If you don’t have a pair of American eagle jean in your individual collection, take this as a cue to do so.

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