Why Do My Jeans Keep Twisting?

It gets super frustrating when you purchase a new pair of jeans and just after a couple of wears, the legs begin to twist. You purchase another more expensive pair hoping for a different outcome, however, the same result occurs.

So, Why Do My Jeans Keep Twisting? The main cause of your jeans twisting is usually the Seams, when they aren’t tailored right, after just a couple of months you discover they begin to twist. Leg twisting isn’t limited to this however, there are other reasons your jeans may be twisting.

Other reasons why jeans may twist


Fabric Type

There are several forms and types of jean fabric, the material has a huge impact on the twisting of the legs. “Raw Denim” or “Unsanforized Denim” are basically the same thing, it is a pair of denim that hasn’t been washed after being dyed when manufactured.

When you wash raw denim it shrinks by about 10% and this level of shrinkage affects the position of the inseams and makes the jeans twist. Always buy sanforized jeans when shopping to avoid leg twisting, unless you’re familiar with how to deal with it.

Stitch Pattern and Off-Grain

When the fabric of the jeans is not in alignment with the grain that is what is considered an “off-grain” and when the fabric is stitched in place during mending or production without properly aligning it.

It can cause the legs of your jeans to twist, this occurs quite a lot with jeans and it’s best to properly measure the length of the fabric with tape before stitching.

Types/Design of Jeans

There are several designs and types of jeans, and they all have various seam and inseam patterns. The design of the jeans may be an influential factor when it comes to leg twisting. When purchasing a new pair of jeans, it is best to know what works for you and your physique.

Purchase jeans that you are familiar with, when you want to delve into a type of jeans you have not used before, ensure you research the shortcomings to learn to handle them when they arise. A pair of jeans that works for most people no matter your physique is The Levi’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans.


If the seam of the jeans isn’t done properly, you may discover that your jeans will begin to twist after a while. Also, if the threads used to make the inseams aren’t of good quality, it will inevitably cause your jeans to gradually lose form. Either way, the best solution to this problem is to rip the seams and redo them.

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You can do it yourself if you possess the skill set, get a professional to do it, the most important thing is to get it done properly this time around so it doesn’t begin to twist after a while.

Manufacturer Defect

There is a chance that the pair of jeans you purchased is defective, making them a “one-off” and this may be the reason your jeans keep twisting.

Another identical pair of jeans may not experience this problem and you’d feel like you’re treating your pair differently. It is ideal to rule out every possible option to get to the root of the problem.

If you purchased your pair online, you’d find that most stores have a return policy, and if your jeans fall within the designated time limit. You can trade them for a better pair. If your jeans are defective. Return them immediately.


The fabric used to make jeans is produced by weaving threads of cotton fibre along a given pattern to form a large and cohesive piece of fabric. There are several patterns and techniques used when weaving cotton, with every brand having its style.

One of such patterns is the “Broken twill weave”, there have been numerous reviews by experts stating this particular type of weave causes jeans to twist.

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Wash mode

The way you wash your jeans may also affect the state of your pants. If you get any of your jeans in the washing machine, the heat causes the fibres of the fabric to loosen up, and when they become pliable the twisting and turning motion in the machine may also influence the legs.

Most pairs of jeans come with instructions on how to wash them, and if you follow the instructions properly. Your jeans should be able to last and stay as good as new ones. The same applies to hand washing also, especially when you’re straining the water out of the jeans.


Temperature affects the state of your jeans, with hot temperatures causing shrinkage of the fabric, whether it’s during the drying process in a dryer or under direct sunlight.

When heat is applied to the Jeans, it causes them to shrink down a size or two, this will cause the shape of the jeans to morph a bit which is the twisting you may be experiencing.

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The best way to dry your jeans is to air dry them out of direct sunlight, that way it dries gradually and the fabric retains its shape.


The way your jeans are on your body may influence the leg twisting, if they are too tight, especially if the fabric is not elastic. It is ideal to leave a little room, a little “leg-room” if you will, not only to reduce leg twisting but also to allow blood flow properly through your legs.

Tight jeans can sometimes be extremely difficult to take off when you put them on, and if they aren’t elastic you jeans will end up ripping.


If your jeans begin to shrink for some reason, it may affect the shape of your jeans especially when it shrinks unevenly. You will discover your jean legs will begin to lose form after a while, if your jeans feel tighter, ensure they aren’t shrinking to stop them from twisting.


If your jeans just got out of the dryer and it’s all bent out of shape, you should try ironing them to get the fabric straight and see if the seams go back to their original state. If it does, the problem is solved on the twisting, if it doesn’t then you move on to the next solution.

When washing your jeans, especially hand washing, when you’re done washing and you rinse off the soap, while straining, ease up on the amount of force you apply in order not to wrinkle the fabric too much.

Why do my jeans keep twisting


How do you prevent leg twists?

The best way to avoid leg twists would be to avoid every situation that may cause your jeans to twist, I outline a few reasons why jeans twist above and if you follow the guide properly you can keep your jeans at their original state. If you notice the jeans came twisted, if you have tried them out yet, you should return them and get a good pair.

How do you Fix twisted legs?

Depending on the degree to which the jeans have twisted, the solution which has proven most effective is to completely rip the seams of the legs and have them redone. That way you can have them custom fit you. If they come defective, remember, return them. No need to go through the hassle.

Are my jeans sanforized?

Do your jeans smell weird? Does the fabric feel coarse? Well, the best way to know if your jeans are sanforized is to figure out if they are “raw denim”.

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If they are not raw denim then your pair of jeans are definitely sanforized, because sanforized jeans are washed after being manufactured. This pair of Levi’s Skinny Jeans is a great example of sanforized jeans.

How do you size raw denim?

The best way to size raw denim is by first figuring out if you are gonna wash them at all, if the answer is yes, then you should get them a size smaller because raw denim shrinks by 10% after the first wash. However, if you aren’t gonna be washing them, then you should get them in your exact fit.

Do other pants twist?

Leg twisting isn’t limited to just jeans, this phenomenon happens with most types of pants. With the cause not limited to a particular reason, it varies. All you gotta do is get a quality pair of pants and hope for the best.

Why Do My Jeans Keep Twisting – Conclusion

Legs twisting in jeans can ruin a great pair of jeans, and you should try your best to avoid factors that may influence the twisting.

However, if it happens anyway after all the precautionary measures, don’t fret because it is easy to fix and get your jeans back in shape.

I once had a great pair of jeans that had straight legs but got ruined after I had them professionally washed. Sometimes negligence can cause your favourite pair of jeans to ruin.

So it is necessary to properly maintain your jeans, to increase longevity, we can all agree that jeans shopping can get really annoying. Invest in a quality pair of jeans today!

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