Why Do My Jeans Always Gap In The Back? (Reasons/Solutions)

Our love for pairs of jean trousers cannot be unmatched. Everyone loves them, everyone needs them. This is because they are comfortably made and designed to suit our various tastes and preferences. But more often than normal, a lot of people find it challenging to be completely comfortable in a pair of jeans—be it jean trousers, jean jackets or other jean outfits. Here, we are going to look into one of these challenges.

Why do my jeans always gap in the back? Most jeans will gap at the back of ladies with rounded bootie and small waist. Another reason could be the quality of the jeans.

Gaping is a common problem with ladies and using belts doesn’t entirely solve the problem. One way I’ve found out to work pretty well is by sewing two darts in the back in other for them to fit perfectly.

It is clearly no surprise that these comfortable fabric materials can also bring quite a few numbers of discomfort, so to speak. It can get really bad and oddly dissatisfying when our sanctuaries get fabric-ated (pun intended).

A lot of jeans leave that gap in the back and we do not really fathom why it happens. Could it be a norm when it comes to jean trousers? Could you be putting on a phoney pair of jeans or something? We are about to find out. But first thing’s first, what do you understand when you hear of jeans gapping in the back?

Why do my jeans always gap in the back

What does it mean if your jeans gap in the back?


Okay, it would not be so surprising if a whole lot of people did not know this very common occurrence but it is fine, I will lead you to light and guide you all the way. Do you know the belt holes of jean trousers around the waist where the jeans tags mostly are fixed? Great.

Now, when we put certain pairs of jeans on, they leave gaps at the back between your buttcrack. This may sound mild at first but if you take a better look at it, it gets so uncomfortable.

Take, for instance, your nice pair of jeans gap in the back and you try to pick something off of the floor, you know what happens, don’t you? People around you could easily have a peek of their lives and that would be totally embarrassing, especially if you are a female. That case scenario must be completely eradicated by all means necessary.

How do you fix the gaps in the back of your jeans?

In a few decades, we have grown larger and, unfortunately, bigger, so manufacturers have changed the standard sizes of clothing. You do not have to send your jeans to professional fixers, you can as well do it yourself.

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A criterion has not yet been taken into account: women have an arched back! Result, often pants have a back gap. No need to be a great seamstress, it is an easy fixing. Here are the easy steps of fixing the gap in the back of your jeans.


With the seam ripper, cut a perpendicular slot, from one pin to another. A pencil line would delimit as well, but the advantage of the pins is that they stop the seam ripper. No risk of going too far.


Hand sew a buttonhole, taking only the first layer of the fabric.


Sew the button. Do the same steps on the other side of the belt.


Using a safety pin, pass the elastic between the two layers of the belt. Attach both ends of the elastic to the buttons.


And there you go, a well back fitting pants! The more forward you make the buttonhole, the more you will have a bloomer effect. This technique is also ideal for large and lean children or for those who have a little tummy can.

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Are there other ways of fixing a gap in the back of jeans?

If your jeans gap slightly or are a little too big at the waist, you may be able to fix the issue by taking in the waist yourself.

If you are an experienced seamstress, take in the waistband in the back for a professional look. For an easier sewing project, try taking in the waist on the sides instead.

Even if you don’t have the skills or patience to sew your jeans, you can still tighten the waistband without sewing by using an elastic band.

Do all jeans gap in the back?

We have a variety of jeans, and I’m talking about jean trousers and pants right now. Not all jeans gap in the back, in fact, these gaps often occur due to either the quality of the jeans or the person putting them on.

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Do gap in the back of jeans happen to everyone?

At a point in our lives, absolutely. I mean, if you have not experienced what we are talking about once before, you are not a ‘jeans person, if you know what I mean.

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Do gaps in the back of my pair of jeans have to do with my size?

Well, it depends on the kind of jeans you love to wear and feel perfectly comfortable in. Different pairs of jeans are made because we have different body sizes.

We have skinny jeans, baggy jeans, straight jeans and even jorts (those are jean shorts, and should not in any manner or form be confused with female bum shorts).

You cannot be plus-size and get inside a pair of skinny jeans, can you? Neither can you put on baggy jeans if you are skinny?  I bet it would be utterly ridiculous and super uncomfortable.

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Do the gap in the back of my jeans have to do with its quality?

Most times, yes. You cannot buy or own a pair of cheap low-quality jeans and expect maximum comfort, can you? There is always one issue or another. Ignoring the expenses and going for top-quality jeans is the real deal. Although, you need to get your own kind of quality jeans based on your size as I noted earlier in the previous paragraph.

How do jeans fit and have no gap in the back?

A good pair of jeans, regardless of the kind, type or texture will be very firm on your waist in such a way that using belts would not matter. They will suit your size, fit absolutely perfectly and be extremely comfortable to wear.

Which people suffer from having the gap in the back of their jeans?

Technically, everyone does. But the majority of these complaints come from women. There is a tendency that gaps will be in the back of women’s jeans because of the size of their waists and butts, of course.

Tiny waists with bigger butts will definitely leave a gap in the back of your jeans if you do not purchase and wear the quality ones. Believe me, you do not have to break into your bank account or crack your safe to own a couple of those.

Can gaps in the back be fixed?

Of course, they can. If you cannot afford the best jeans there is like this Men’s Slim Hyper Stretch Motion Denim Five Pocket Jean, there are ways you can fix your old or new pairs of jeans, as the case may be.

Can wearing a belt solve the back gap of your jeans?

Sometimes, they do, when you are not bending and picking things up, other times, they do not. They may cover it up a little but grovel to pick something off of the floor and boom, the tiny gap just got promulgated. A solution is to adjust the waistbands of your pairs of jeans.

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What is a jean waistband?

A waistband is a narrow piece of material that is sewn onto a pair of trousers, a skirt, or other items of clothing at the waist in order to strengthen it.

Is waistband gap a wardrobe malfunction?

Yes, it is a huge wardrobe malfunction! Unless it is intended if you know what I mean. You would not want strangers to take peeks at your undergarments, would you? This is why the gaps in the back of your jeans need to be fixed.

What sewing kits are most recommended to fix the gap in the back of my jeans?

Why there are a wide range of them. Sewing kits like this SEWING KIT for Adults with over 100 Easy-to-Use Premium Sewing Supplies really come in handy. They are affordable, long-lasting and easy to use. If I could recommend a sewing and stitching product, that would be my go-to product.

Why Do My Jeans Always Gap In The Back – Final Thoughts

Phew! That was one heck of a ride. Now that we have looked into the gap at the back of your jeans, what causes it and ways of fixing it, shall we jump to the conclusion of making a decision to fix those jeans of yours or purchase new top-quality ones that suits your body size?

I am so glad that we all finally came to an agreement that having a gap at the back of our jeans is unacceptable. And if it jas happened to you, do not let it happen again.

Do you have more questions? Be sure to leave them in the comment section and we will give you suitable responses as soon as possible.

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