Why Do Women’s Jeans Have Fake Pockets?

Why Do Women’s Jeans Have Fake Pockets? There’s really no unorthodox reason for this to me. It is simply because women do not even need those pockets these days you may say right? Pockets are fashionable bags stitched to your pair of jeans for carrying small items.

Right before women began to patronise the wearing of trousers, they already had their beautiful portable handbags. They keep whatever they need to carry about in there. But even before the handbags, they had pouches and at a time pockets, along with men.

Inventions and trends changed a whole lot as women now suspect and believe that men designers are putting fake pockets on the female pair of jeans solely as an expression of gender inequality.

There are really no absolute or concrete facts/revelation on this. Though you could tie it down to words from some renowned designers like Christian Dior but he does not

Reasons why women’s jeans come with fake pockets

Some other reasons may include the following as briefly discussed.


There’s nothing as pleasing to a woman as fashion, they just want the fancy things no matter how it comes. Fake pockets are fashionable for women, although there are recent agitations against them.

It makes them weirdly sexy. Have you taken your time to observe the photo of a celebrity or just some random lady posing with her handbag, watching the way even you as a girl(and for the guys, your girl, sisters or friends) appreciates the beauty it adds to your outfit, especially when colour-combined perfectly.

The fashion industry holds the looks of women keen to heart as almost every trend is often 70% women but not really what they want.

Slim-fit/Tightness of female jeans

A woman’s jeans are always/most often slim fitted. When your jeans are tight on you, putting anything in your pocket would cause you discomfort and no one ever wants discomfort.

With a tight fit like a woman’s jeans or pants are, there would be no obvious room to sew pockets in, would there? The denim jeans could have real big pockets because it’s bourgeois in size and not slim fit.


Again, the pocket is only designed to carry stuff but there’s no way a pocket can carry a mirror, powder, phone(s), lipsticks, e. t. c. Not to sound sexist but the woman really has nothing to go about within pockets because the stuff they need is always much.

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Even if we begin to have real and deep pockets on a female pair of trousers now, it still wouldn’t serve any unique purpose. It will make no striking difference because your beautiful handbags have become part of your fashion style and serve you more in accommodating your belongings.

What if a lady was on her period, you can’t put pads in your pocket, you can’t carry wipes or tissues around in your pocket. I have seen girls wear bugous denim pair of jeans with big pockets all round but they were always empty. It’s useless. Pockets don’t serve girls. They love and prefer their handbags more

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Health Reasons

It can be very healthy that fake pockets are sewn on women’s clothing because most women’s outfits are slim fit and for a lady to carry an android phone in the pocket of her tight jeans. The tightness glues the phone to her body and therefore, generating heat which could result in possible burns, skin irritation or rashes.

The woman’s shape

Have you seen how curvy a woman’s shape is around her waist down her thighs? You can agree with me that the woman’s shape is one of the most delicate and self-aware parts of her body.

A woman always wants to show how curvy she looks. Real pocket could be a threat to this in a way. Sometimes they compare their figure in particular outfits to know who killed it best.


When you go to the market to buy a pair of jeans in a unisex shop, how do you easily identify or differentiate female trousers from that of a man? Small pockets. Small pockets are not put on female trousers not to downplay their personality but to make them stand out in their particular characteristics.

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When you have pockets you won’t buy handbags

Small or fake pockets on women’s jeans are strategies to keep the woman’s interest in fancy designer bags. Women don’t even care about pockets really because what they really want is the latest Chanel, Gucci or big designer bags because it has become more like the programmed innate nature of a woman regardless of age.

If I was a designer of handbags, I would pay the jeans making brands to put fake pockets so I can thrive in sales. Get a handbag like the Coach Rowan Satchel In Signature Canvas to carry your personal effects.

Why do womens jeans have fake pockets


What are fake pockets called?

Fake pockets are popularly called Faux pockets,  these closed up pockets are usually seen in jeggings. If you need jeans with big pockets you should consider the Bandolino Women’s Mandie Signature Fit.

Who invented fake pockets?

Many years ago, there were no pockets on clothes, men and women were using small pouches to carry their stuff around wherever they went.

They usually tied it around the waist. About four hundred years ago, the necessity to put pockets on men’s clothing (excluding women) arose in consideration of how practical men are. But in the early 1800s slimmer silhouettes came into style, women did not wear pockets under clothes anymore but had to wear smaller pockets hanging on their clothes.

This could be said to be the beginning of small pockets on women trousers without particular reference to a specific personality.

What is the point of fake pockets?

Since the only function a pocket serves is to keep or hold items, but a woman obviously does not even need one, fake pockets or smaller pockets were invented so as not to show any form of gender ignorance or neglect but to save cost too since pocketless jeans are cheaper to produce.

And also it saves the purpose of beautiful designs on jeans in the fashion industry. Some women equate pockets to freedom and accuse male designers of suppressing their free will by putting fake pockets on their jeans.

Real pockets won’t let you buy bags and the big bags designer brand will go broke and nobody who tastes wealth would want that, so fake pockets were invented to keep the handbags brand thriving too.

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Why don’t girl’s jeans have pockets?

According to renowned designers, Fashion supersedes function. Christian Dior specifically said that “Men have pockets to put things, women for decoration“. Considering how used to handbags girls are now, switching may take quite a lot of unlearning and relearning.

Can you add pockets to jeans?

There are no official or unofficial rules prohibiting you from adding pockets to your pair of jeans trousers, so yes you can. All that is necessary is to buy the pair of jeans you want, take it to a tailor, cut out the fake pockets and stylishly stitch the kind of pockets you may want on your pair of jeans.

You own it, you bought it with your own money, no one is going to ask you what you have done with or on it. It’s all yours and yours enough to decide how you want it to look. Instead, you could save yourself the stress just by buying a pair of denim jeans originally made with big pockets.

Why Do Women’s Jeans Have Fake Pockets – Conclusion

Women are no longer comfortable with fake pockets on their pairs of jeans. This has been classified as gender questioning, accusing men designers of promoting inequality through putting fake pockets on women’s pairs of jeans.

But not to panic, if you desire a pair of jeans without fake pockets, then don’t buy one. If you keep screaming of bee stings but always return to sit around the beehive, then it may be that you just can’t get enough of the bee stings right? Matter of fact, celebrities now wear denim jeans with big pockets without giving a damn right?

There are also available pairs you could pick up from any shop that sells female wears around the world. The best approach to success is consistent efforts, sacrifice and discipline. Draw a line between what you are getting and what you want. Own it! But don’t lose your control in the process

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