Why Do Jeans Get Baggy After Wearing?

Why Do Jeans Get Baggy After Wearing? Baggy is a word describing the big nature of a piece of clothing. All jeans go baggy after some wearings because the material undergoes stress and the fabric loosens over time.

A tight pair of jeans is prone to get baggy easily, considering the constant contact it makes with your knees when you walk or sit. The friction causes the trousers to stretch and eventually weakens the jeans fabric. This becomes the base form of the word baggy on your pair of jeans.

Wearing your jeans stretches it naturally and depending on your activities or engagements, your pair of jeans gets baggy faster or slower.

You can wear your jeans anywhere and any time of your choice as they are not just known for fashion styles but also are known for their durability.

Reasons why jeans get baggy after wearing them


Jeans will get baggy for some of the following reasons that we will discuss here.


Washing as good and hygienic as it may be, could be bad for your pair of jeans trousers, especially when you do it at a regular frequency. Washing your jeans stretches the cotton fabrics of the jeans and causes them to slack and get baggy. This is one of the major causes of baggy pants.


When you wear a pair of fitting jeans, your knees make regular contact with it, whether you are sitting or you are walking. The consistent contact causes the jeans fabric to loosen, therefore creating a stretched gap between your knee and your pair of jeans.

Take your time to experiment with this. When a pair of jeans are tight around the knees, it stretches the jeans and that makes them loose and baggy.

Over wearing

Consistency is the mother of results. No matter how strong the rock is, water still breaks through due to consistent pressure. This is the same with our pair of jeans. When there’s frequent application of pressure no matter how light it may be, the result will make our jeans baggy.

Weight loss

If you weigh 100 pounds and maybe experience ill health or you just started working out, you probably have been on a diet for a while, then you will definitely lose some pounds.

Maybe 5, 10 or more. You won’t expect your 60 pounds fitting pair of jeans trousers to still fit like it on your 55 or 40 pounds current weight. When you lose weight, your jeans automatically get baggy.

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How do I prevent my jeans/pants from getting baggy?


Starch is a substance mixed with water to make clothes stronger and straight. Starching your pair of jeans makes it stiff and lets it maintain fitness. Thereby, preventing your jeans from getting baggy. It is a simple and easy-to-access means of keeping your jeans safe from the snarls of bagginess.

Buying Bigger Trousers

Sounds Ironic, doesn’t it? But this is a good way to avoid having baggy pants. When your trousers are a bit bigger than you, it regulates your knee friction with the jeans and balances it when there is contact. There is no extreme friction at contact, the bigger size makes the contact mild and hives the jeans material less stretching to do.


Since washing stretches any form of clothing, with jeans inclusive, which means that every act of washing is an act of further stretching whatever you wash. It is safe to wash your jeans in like three to four weeks after the last wash. This will help prevent it from getting baggy. Also, washing your jeans in the washing machine can help shrink it.

Storage method

Make sure you keep your jeans folded just like you find them in the shops before purchase and it will help restrict your jeans from getting baggy, especially after you have worn it more than three times.

Always keep your jeans away from heat, it weakens the fabric too. Store your jeans in a cool dry place. Make sure you store your denim folded flat and smooth.


This is one of the popular ways of beating down the size of baggy jeans. It is the shrinking of your pair of pants into a smaller or better fitting version through the use of a sewing machine.

To slim your jeans, all you need to do is just take it to a tailor, but if you know how to sew well and you own or know someone who owns a sewing machine, you turn your pair of jeans inside out, take your current measurement, and row the sewing machine on it smoothly to shrink it to the size you want.

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Manner of sitting

To keep your jeans safe from getting baggy, make sure to always sit with your knees straight at an angle 90 degrees like the altar boys and priests would do in the Catholic Church during a mass. That is, if your jeans are fit and tight around your knees. Sitting creates friction from the contacts your knees make with your pair of jeans.

Steaming or Ironing

Steaming your pair of jeans with a heat-generating machine like a hairdryer can help shrink it if it gets or tries to go baggy. Ironing your jeans does not just help to shrink them but also gives them a long-lasting chance. Ironing your pair of jeans makes it strong enough to maintain its shape. Ironing stiffens your jeans.

Why do jeans get baggy after wearing


How often should I wash my pair of jeans trousers?

You should wash your jeans trousers at least after three times of wearing them. But if it becomes vividly dirty or picks up a smell, wash them immediately.

Someone suggested that you should wash your jeans on an average of six weeks between each wash, but if you sweat and your pair of jeans smells, pick them up, fold them and keep them in the freezer overnight and wait until it is six weeks since your last wash before you wash them again.

How many pairs of jeans should I own?

Basically, there is no absolute number for how many pairs of jeans you should own as it depends solely on your financial ability. You can make do or rock it with just three(3) pairs but if your finances permit, I would suggest you have five(5) to ten(10) pairs of jeans. So, the number of jeans to own is only dependent on the digits of your pocket.

What is the most expensive brand of jeans?

Secret Circus ranks number one with the cost of $1.3million per one pair of jeans, followed by Dussault Apparel Thrashed Denim which costs $250,000 per pair of jeans.

Next to it is Levi Strauss & Co. 501 with the cost of $60,000 worth and the Escada jeans comes next with a $10,000 worth. APO Jeans is next for the price worth $4,000.

Gucci Jeans have a price vary but sells at a high cost of $3,100, making it claim the next spot for the most expensive brand of jeans. Too pricey right? Makes you appreciate a pair of jeans like the Calvin Klein’s Men Jeans more.

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Is it okay to wear the same jeans two days in a row?

Yes, it is. Most especially if you don’t have much of them and when they don’t get dirty from the last wear. The fact that you wore a pair of jeans does not guarantee that it is now dirty and must be changed the next day (though it is very good to change your clothes daily).

So you can wear a pair of jeans three to four days in a row depending on your level of cleaningness, environment and wardrobe.

How do you get rid of ripples on jeans?

The simple tricks to use are not to squeeze your pair of jeans after washing (you can do this by picking it straight out for drying from the washer and making sure you hang them), and also you can use ironing to fix it too.

What is the average lifespan of jeans?

When properly washed and maintained jeans can last you an average of five to ten years of usage. Remember you have to maintain it properly first.

Why Do Jeans Get Baggy After Wearing – Conclusion

It is not your fault that your pair of jeans got baggy after a few wears. It is the cotton fabric of the material that becomes weak and therefore, causing your jeans to lose their stiffness.

Fitted jeans becoming baggy can also be a sign that it is old. However, it could also be that you are losing weight and that is why your pair of jeans that used to fit are now baggy.

Nevertheless, to avoid your jeans expanding too much, get a pair of flexible skinny jeans like the Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Skinny Jeans.

Remember that consistency is the mother of results/success. When your knees are always stretching your pair of jeans, it weakens its fabric strength and makes it baggy.

A simple way to know if a pair of jeans will get baggy is to try squatting with it for like a minute and when you stand up, you’ll know whether it is stretch-relaxed or remains fit.

Whatever pace your pair of jeans may take, if you don’t starch, seldom wash and iron, alongside other preventive measures, it will get baggy.

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