Why Do My Jeans Wrinkle On My Thighs? (Reasons Plus Prevention)

We all love jeans because of how versatile they are when it comes to styling them. We can wear them with just anything in our wardrobe and we come out looking just perfect. Although this isn’t always the case, as some pair of jean trousers isn’t as smooth as we’d love them to be when we have them on. we should know that every denim fabric is different from our bodies to share these differences in shape and size.

So, Why Do My Jeans Wrinkle On My Thighs? If you experience wrinkling of your jeans trouser around your thigh area, then it is most likely because your jean trouser doesn’t fit your body the right way. This may be due to the quality of the denim or the shape of your body.

We all have unique body types and this means our bodies are shaped differently than everyone around us, and finding the correct fitted jeans that fit just right is the best solution in getting rid of wrinkles around the thigh area.

Denim jeans are made from a durable and strong fabric but this doesn’t mean they can’t get wrinkle especially when it’s rolled up or dumped carelessly around your closet. Lack of proper washing technique can also lead to wrinkles appearing and this can be easily dealt with by washing and drying very effectively.

You can also iron out stubborn wrinkles or better still after a good wash hang them straight so they dry out without folds or wrinkle.

Despite the strong quality of denim, wrinkles can still appear around the thigh area of your jeans when you wear them and this is usually an indicator that your jeans don’t fit you properly. If this happens it means that it’s either too tight or too loose or isn’t cut right to the shape of your body.

Another factor that may be responsible for this is that they may be made from a piece of low-quality denim fabric, and this may lead to the appearance of wrinkles on your thighs.

Also, you may not have been taking care of them properly and are used to tossing them about in a heap with other clothing. This doesn’t go well as begin to wrinkle from bad storage, adequate care is sure to keep away wrinkles.

Apart from the lack of properly fitting your body type may not be suitable for the jeans style you are wearing. If the waist of your jeans becomes too loose then you may have excess fabric bunching up just below your bottom because the seat of your pants has sagged down.

One solution for this is to ensure you test out every pair you get so that you are sure that the fitting is just right for you. Not too loose, not too tight is usually the best way to go.

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Keep in mind that jeans are imbued with some spandex material that stretches and this can get too stretchy as your jeans age, so wrinkles appearing may just be a sign that your jeans have become too old and you may need to have them changed for a newer pair.

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4 Proven Ways to prevent your jeans from wrinkling


If you have been suffering from wrinkled jeans for a long time, then reading this post is your best bet in making sure your wrinkled jeans days are over.

From statistics, I can tell you that jeans are the most popular style of pants in the world worn by persons of all ages and gender and this is because of their durability, comfort, and versatile styles. No one likes wrinkled jeans so I have successfully highlighted some tips to make sure you get the perfect look out of your jeans.

1. Purchase 100 per cent Denim Jeans

You should know that not all Jeans are made from 100 per cent Denim fabric. In recent years many jeans have been combined with stretchy fabric material, this means that elastic materials like spandex or polyester are added to the denim to produce some Jeans.

This elastic material allows the jeans to be stretched to some extent with damage or tearing occurring on the fabric. With this as a factor, stretchy jeans have a high tendency to wrinkle out than those made from pure Denim fabric.

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If you have wrinkles forming around your thighs it may mean that what you have on is not 100 per cent Denim. To avoid this, I advised you to stick to purchasing jeans made with 100 per cent Denim fabric, and these Tellason Stock straight-leg jeans are a good choice because they are not prone to wrinkles like those stretchy jeans.

2. Pause before drying your Jeans

After machine-washing your jeans it’s in your best interest to take a minute before simply dumping them in the dryer. The denim fabric is strong and prone to bunching up especially around ankles and thigh areas and transferring them straight from the washer to dryer doesn’t help to keep them wrinkle-free.

This wrinkling effect can be avoided if you take out a minute to straighten out all the creases and unraveling the full length of jeans before putting them in the drying machine. after every wash make sure you take out the bunched up jeans and carefully ensure that they are straight and smooth.

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After this has been done, you then proceed to place them in the clothes dryer. This doesn’t only apply to jeans as other types of clothes can be kept wrinkle-free too by properly unfolding them before drying.

3. Go for your size and body shape

You may have noticed you look different in your pair of jeans than others wearing the exact same size or style of jeans. This is because our hips and crotch are different as we all are different and buying jeans that aren’t too loose or too tight is the best way to prevent wrinkling from appearing in your thighs.

When you go to buy a pair of jeans take out time to test out the jeans and observe the fitting around your waist and thighs. If it’s too tight it might bunch up and wrinkle as you move and too loose have them sagging around with excess fabric that wrinkles.

You need patience when trying out different brands and styles, and if you look well enough you will be rewarded with the perfect fit for your body and size. When placing an order for your jeans you may want to purchase this Authentics Men’s Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean, also find time to take out your measurement and ensure that what you are getting is tailored to your correct measurement.

4. Do not over dry

A great tip for removing wrinkles from your jeans is to have them removed from the dryer as quickly.

Drying helps to smooth out creases and wrinkles. When clothes fabric gets warm they tend to become wrinkle-free, however prolonged stay in the dryer reverts the fabric back to having the wrinkles forming again.

You can avoid this by promptly removing them once they are dry and having them folded or hanged neatly. This would ensure that your jeans remain wrinkle-free for a long time.

Best quality jeans you can buy

I am going to help you out with a few jeans brands you can buy that are trusted by many and made from high-quality fabrics that won’t wrinkle easily. Use this as a guide if you get too confused about selecting what’s best for you in today’s market;

1. GOSOPIN Women’s Ripped slim fit jeans

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These jeans are ripped and trendy, and the fringed hemlines give them an expensive luxurious appearance. They come in 24 styles so you can have a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from

2. Democracy Women’s AB Solution jegging

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This is perfect for those who adore classic midrise jegging. They have multiple shades to choose from with good stretchy fabric, no-gap waistband and good booty-lifting silhouette.

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3. Gloria Vanderbilt Women’s Amanda Classic High-rise Tapered Jean

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Every woman needs a good pair of high waist jeans in their wardrobe and this product is among the best. It is suitable for any casual style you deem fit with its waist-hitting length and slightly relaxed fit, while the stretchy material gives maximum wearers comfort. They don’t cut into your stomach which is a good design consideration.

Is it okay to iron Jeans?

Opinions are split when it comes to the issue of ironing jeans. Some folks believe jeans are meant to be ironed while others have no issue with getting their jeans pressed from time to time.

Some people have their jeans pressed especially when they want to visit an event that requires you to look your best no matter the clothing you are wearing, while they leave them without ironing for casual occasions or gathering.

Those who iron their jeans regularly do so because of several reasons. One reason is that ironing keeps the seams together while making them appear more crisp and sharp. Others don’t iron their jeans simply because they see no reason to as it appears good without it being pressed.

Whatever your reason, know that ironing doesn’t ruin denim and whether you have them pressed or not they last long and always look awesome.

Why Do My Jeans Wrinkle On My Thighs – Conclusion

Although your jeans may be made from Denim fabric, wrinkles may still appear if you do not wear the accurate fit. Constant wear and low-quality fabrics can also be responsible for any wrinkle you might notice on your jeans trouser, so if wrinkles appear it usually is as a result of these factors.

Always buy a pair that fit. Keep your jeans folded neatly too and avoid bunching them up as this makes them appear tardy. I hope this post helps to put an end to any further wrinkle and in time have you appearing smooth and sleek in your jeans. Cheers!!

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