Why Do American Eagle Jeans Rip Easily? (Reasons/Solutions)

First of all, did your pair of American Eagle Jeans come ripped? If they did, then you may as well stop reading after the next line because THOSE ARE CALLED “RIPPED JEANS”. If that’s not the case, I apologise and to make it up to you, I’ve got the answer and best-practised solution.

So, Why Do American Eagle Jeans Rip Easily? There are a variety of reasons American Eagle Jeans can rip easily, from being “Wrong Sized to Overusing, Getting caught on sharp objects, Overwashing and not washing frequently enough (I know it may sound ridiculous but let me explain, I’ll get to it in a minute)”.

Typically when you have poor maintenance practices your pair of Jeans tend to rip easily, before you take it out on the brand, here are a few other reasons your new pair of Jeans may have ripped.

Reasons why your pair of jeans is ripping


1. Weight Gain

This is not the shape you or make you feel sensitive about your body, body positivity is important and you should be comfortable in yours.

However, for the sake of this topic, if you notice your American Eagle Jeans are ripping easily, a factor to consider may be the fact that due to weight gain your Trousers have gotten a bit tighter and maybe a size smaller which may lead to your Jeans ripping.

Your body expends more stress on the seams of the Jeans which makes the material gradually loosen because of friction, not to get overly technical but Friction leads to wear and tear, which may be the reason your American Eagle jeans are ripping easily.

2. Undersized

American Eagle Jeans typically come “True to size” which means when you order your size, it fits you perfectly. If you order a size smaller hoping when it “breaks in” it stretches out to your size eventually or you got your pair as a gift, either way.

A smaller sized Jeans runs the risk of Ripping easily when worn because it doesn’t fit ideally the material undergoes more stress which may end up ripping the Jeans when you stretch.

3. Friction from thighs

For people without “thigh gaps”, while you’re walking in your jeans, your thighs tend to rub against one another which creates friction and this constant grinding will cause wear and tear around the area because the fabric has become very loose. Therefore, if you notice your American Eagle Jeans ripping at your inner thighs, this may just be the reason.

4. Excessive Use

It is important to know that you need to own more than a pair of jeans, you may be thinking “but these are quality jeans and they should last”, however, it is because they are quality jeans that you need to own more than a pair so you can alternate wearing days.

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If you keep wearing the same pair of jeans over and over again every day without giving it a rest or time to breathe, it doesn’t matter how high quality the pair are. The material will degrade fast, and your jeans will rip just as fast.

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5. Lack of wash and overwashing

“How can jeans rip because of lack of wash?” Hold on, let me explain. There’s a common misconception that jeans should be washed after long periods of use, although there’s a point in the matter.

However, if you don’t wash your jeans for extended periods after regular use, the sweat and dirt build up in the material which is detrimental for cotton materials (Denim is made of Cotton). This will inevitably loosen the materials making them weaker and more susceptible to ripping.

Ironically, Regular washing can also weaken the material of your jeans which also leads to ripping. There is a midsection on how often to wash your jeans in which to operate which typically ranges from 4-6 weeks after regular use.

6. Jeans shrinkage

Jeans tend to shrink when heat is applied to the material, therefore when you pop your jeans in the dryer to dry off after washing, you may notice that it has shrunk to a size smaller and although this is reversible in some cases, you ought to take note.

When your jeans shrink and are worn in that state, the material stretches out and reaches a new limit of elasticity which will inevitably lead to rips.

7. Misuse

Not to be confused with the “Excessive use” paragraph, we all know there are certain activities that should not be carried out in jeans, no matter how stretchy or elastic they are. Activities like, Gymnastics, Sprinting, you know what I’m talking about, athletic activities that require a wide range of motion.

You may think, these pairs of American Eagle Jeans are sturdy and can handle any form of activity but the fact is there are alternatives of outfits for the activities you are engaging in. Your jeans will inevitably rip if misused. Common who wears a pair of American Eagle Jeans to the gym? Don’t be that guy.

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8. Sharp objects

This is sort of a given, however, it’s worth mentioning that when your jeans get caught on a sharp piece of metal or object, it does not matter how sturdy or high quality they are, it will definitely rip if the object is sharp enough.

It is important to be cautious about your environment, to take note of where you are sitting or leaning to avoid getting rips on your clothes, not just your jeans.

9. Poor maintenance practice

The best way to increase the longevity of your pair of American Eagle Jeans is to maintain it well, your jeans can rip easily when neglected.

Proper maintenance practices like knowing the right way to wash your jeans by applying “gentle wash” when using a washing machine to reduce laundering which causes the jean fabric to loosen and that leads to ripping.

Also, know that you don’t have to wash your jeans after every use and if there are stains on your jeans, you can always engage in “targeted cleaning” by scrubbing the stained area with a sponge or brush and rinsing and air drying. The less you use the dryer the better.

If it’s an odour issue, it’s important to note that “bacteria” is the cause of most odours, and you don’t need to wash your jeans every time. You can put your jeans in a ziplock bag, spray with Fabric Refresher and store them in a cold space. Bacteria can’t thrive in a cold environment, this should eliminate the odour and limit washing.

Most importantly, own multiple pairs of jeans, don’t just purchase one pair and hope for the best.


Do American eagle jeans break-in?

The reasoning when a pair of Jeans for most people is that “It will eventually stretch out, and become one size bigger” so they proceed to purchase a pair that is one size smaller expecting it “breaks in”. Although this is true for some brands, American Eagle Jeans are made True to Size.

If you purchase a pair that’s your exact fit, they may stretch a bit to match your range of motion which is considered “breaking in” in a sense. However, it would not stretch more than that.

Are American eagle jeans good quality?

American Eagle Outfitters has been in the market since 1977, although longevity does not guarantee the quality, however, with a lot of happy customers and the use of top-notch materials in the production of their jeans. It is fair to say American Eagle Jeans are of good quality and come highly recommended.

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How long should jeans last?

This typically varies between users, with factors like frequency of usage and quality of material all in consideration, it’s no secret that high-quality materials cost more money.

The average American Eagle pair of Jeans should last from 2-5 years if properly maintained, by owning a couple of pairs which you can rotate between you will get the best out of your jeans.

Can ripped jeans be repaired?

Absolutely, like most clothing items your pair of jeans can be fixed if/when it rips. Either by paying a professional to get it done or doing it yourself if you possess the tool and technical ability. If you don’t you can always visit the University of YOUTUBE and watch a few DIY videos that will give you detailed instructions on how to get it done.

As an alternative for minor rips, you can always use Iron-on denim patches for Jeans for a quick and easy fix.

Why Do American Eagle Jeans Rip Easily – Conclusion

If you just purchased a new pair of American Eagle Jeans and you’re wondering why they’ve ripped after just a few weeks of use. Take note to find out the cause of the rip, so you can find a lasting solution. The possible reasons stated above should make it easier to come up with an ideal fix.

Fret not, pending on the location of the rip on your jeans it could easily be interpreted as a fashion statement of your own design. If you need it patched up, there are also ways to get it done at almost no extra cost. Have a great day!

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