Should I Buy Stretch Jeans A Size Smaller? Find Out

Should I Buy Stretch Jeans A Size Smaller? It’s easy to argue both ways because there are certain factors to consider when getting a new pair of stretch jeans. If you are working out or you often wash your jeans for some reason then you should get them a size smaller, if you aren’t big on overly tight jeans then get your stretch jeans at your exact size.

There are many things to consider when you wanna purchase a new pair of jeans, let’s run through them real quick. Shall we?

Factors to consider when purchasing a new pair of jeans


Some of the factors to consider when getting a pair of stretch jeans are—


When getting a new pair of jeans, it’s ideal to know what works for your body type. It’s no different for stretch jeans, although they are flexible and can fit most body types, purchasing a new pair of stretch jeans when you’re a little chubby can make you look odd.

If you’re on the plus size side, you probably have the potential to put on weight easier than most people, so always get your jeans at your exact size. That way even if you put on weight the jeans would still fit.

Jeans Fabric Quality

The quality of the fabric is a key factor to consider, if you’re purchasing jeans that are “cheap” there’s a chance the fabric would weaken pretty quickly, therefore, you should get the jeans a size smaller, that way when they inevitably begin to expand after a couple of washes it would still fit.

If the jeans are of high quality, you paid a small fortune for them. You can afford to purchase those at your exact size, always purchase quality jeans if you can afford them.

Nature of Job

If you are purchasing work pants, then you should take your job description into consideration. If your job requires you to move a lot through the day and you have to stretch and reach for things. These kinds of motion cause a lot of friction and friction is a major cause of jeans expanding.

With this sort of job, you can get your jeans a size smaller, that way as you wear them regularly to work when they expand they will still fit ideally.


If you’re undergoing some health challenges which makes you prone to weight loss or you just started working out and you’re trying to lose weight, these situations are ideal for you to get your stretch jeans a size smaller to help you get the best out of your jeans even if you lose weight or they expand.

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If you are “with child”, well, not to sound like a clergy. If you are pregnant. It makes you prone to weight gain and to prepare adequately for this. You should get your jeans at your exact size or even a size bigger, best be prepared. Right?

Type of Jeans

The type of jeans you want to purchase should be a determining factor on the size, for example, if you’re buying skinny jeans. There is little to no point getting them a size smaller because skinny jeans are already super tight, well unless the fabric sucks then you definitely should get them a size smaller.

Pros of getting stretch jeans a size smaller

You should weigh your options before you make the decision, here are some pros to getting your jeans a size smaller.

It will still fit if it expands

If for some reason your jeans end expanding and stretching, on the bright side your jeans would still fit ideally because you got them a size smaller. There may be several reasons your jeans may end up expanding, it won’t matter however if you get them a size smaller.

Show your curves

If you want to show your body shape, then getting your stretch jeans a couple of sizes smaller is the best way to go. Showing your curves isn’t always sexual, you may just want to look good or show the results of your hard-earned “summer body” which you’ve been working on at the gym. Just do you.

You don’t need a belt

When you get your stretch jeans a size smaller, it fits you perfectly and may even be too tight, therefore you don’t have to worry about wearing a belt whenever you put the jeans on. Belts can be restrictive and uncomfortable especially when you’re sitting down and the fact that you don’t need to wear a belt is a massive bonus.

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Cons of getting stretch jeans a size smaller

You have to consider the negatives also to make the right decision, some of the cons are—

May be restrictive

When you get jeans smaller, it can get restrictive if it’s too tight. It may limit your movement because even if the material is flexible, there is a limit of elasticity and since they’re small it would end up limiting your range of motion.

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May rip

Tight jeans are more prone to wear and tear, and if you make a wrong move your jeans will end up ripping around the crotch area, I don’t know about you but that’s one of the most embarrassing things that can happen when you’re out for a social event.

If you want to avoid this risk then always get your jeans at your exact fit.

May not fit overtime

If you don’t use the jeans often and you purchase them a size smaller, believe it or your jeans shrink. Therefore a pair of jeans that are already small, to begin with, will get even smaller when they shrink and do not fit you anymore. However, there are remedies to this, it’s possible to expand shrunken jeans.

Restrict Blood Flow

Jeans that are a size smaller are usually tight, and if the jeans are skinny jeans, it has the potential to restrict blood flow around your calves and your ankles. Which could lead to blood clots and other health-related effects.


How are stretch jeans supposed to fit?

Stretch jeans can be sized to fit you, and grip your body moderately. It shouldn’t be so tight that it becomes restrictive, your jeans fit should be completely at your discretion. However, you should consider a pair that is flattering to your physique.

Should you buy skinny jeans a size larger?

You should always get your pair of skinny jeans on your exact size, buying skinny jeans a size larger ruins the aesthetic and defeats the purpose of the “skinny jeans”. Larger skinny jeans would flat around and barely grip your body, and as it breaks in due to constant motion and friction, it would become even larger.

Do jeans get tighter after washing?

If you don’t follow the washing instructions that come with the jeans, your jeans would definitely shrink when you wash them.

Yes, jeans come with a label on them that states the washing instructions Ideal for the fabric, things like not washing with a washing machine or not using hot water. All that. Also, if you dry your jeans in a dryer the heat will inevitably shrink your jeans.

Are jeans supposed to be tight when you buy them?

Yes, some may be tight at first when you purchase them. Even if they are your exact size, jeans are usually built a little bit tighter and after a few years, they will gradually break in and become loose due to the friction. Especially in areas like the waist, knees and crotch. Typically places that experience a lot of motion and friction.

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How much do stretchy jeans shrink?

Stretchy jeans may shrink due to some factors like washing, if you wash your stretchy jeans with hot water, the heat may cause the fibres of your jeans to shrink and make your jeans smaller.

Also, if you dry your stretchy jeans in a dryer the heat would ruin the fabric of your jeans and even cause your jeans to rip as the stretchy quality disappears. Always follow the washing instructions of your jeans to avoid ruining your pairs.

Should I Buy Stretch Jeans A Size Smaller – Conclusion

If you consider all the factors outlined above on how to decide whether to get your jeans a size smaller or not. It would save you a lot of money and save you the stress of buying a pair of jeans that won’t fit.

Go through all the pros and cons outlined, if you think you can risk it and make it work, then go for it. If not, just purchase your jeans at your exact size, stretch jeans are great and provide amazing flexibility.

The most important thing is to purchase a pair of quality jeans, even if you can’t afford multiple pairs. Just get at least one pair you can rotate with your fewer quality pairs.

As long as your jeans are of great quality like the Calvin Klein Men’s Straight Fit Jeans and the Calvin Klein Jeans Women’s High Rise Skinny Jeans you should be good on jeans for a couple of years. Cheers! Have a great day!!!

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