What Kind Of Jeans Does Elena Gilbert Wear? 

Elena Gilbert who played the lead role in the highly watched CW series – The Vampire Diaries has come up on our style radar. 

Elena Gilbert’s denim collection is one very important aspect of her entire wardrobe. For someone whose style can be said to be cool and casual, it really does not come as a surprise, right? 

What kind of jeans does Elena Gilbert wear? Flared jeans, that’s it. You know how skinny-fit jeans have become the ‘it jean’ in pop culture and how the young generation of teens are hopping on to it? 

However, Elena unconsciously teaches us how to stay trendy and stylish in these jeans.

If you are a huge fan of hers like us and would love to be, act, look like her, or perhaps, just know a little more about her, you would find this article very useful. 

What else did Elena wear in the show apart from Jeans? 


You do not need to ask this twice. I mean, who watches the Vampire Diaries and forgets the exotic ball gowns that were on display? Elena’s ball gowns in the show were epic and mind-blowing. 

We see her throw on these gowns at events like Founder’s Day and the numerous balls and parties the Whittmore School hosts from time to time. 

It got a lot of people wondering how college kids, just like they are portrayed in the show, were able to afford such luxury gowns. 

Trust us, the gowns were indeed luxurious.

Elena also wore a black leather jacket. In fact, the number of jackets Elena rocked in just a number of seasons are numerous.

The jackets were either bomber or motorcycle style and she wore them in eye-catching colors. 

Describing the Elena Gilbert style

If you are a fan of the Vampire Diaries, you would indeed have noticed the simplicity in Elena Gilbert’s look. Her style can best be described as cool and casual. She has a style that is simple to the core. 

Let’s begin with her make-up which is usually very light and natural, the same way she keeps her hair too – natural. 

Elena is more of a jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers kind of girl. A peep into Elena Gilbert’s wardrobe would reveal beautiful pieces of casual clothing that she often does justice to by combining them perfectly. 

Whatever you will find in her wardrobe are mainly things that reflect her simple personality. She stays true to herself and her personal style and never tries to do too much. 

One other thing that we must not fail to add, is her love for deep hues of green, red, and purple clothing. These rich colors worn by Elena are all in line with the show.

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They mirror the mystery and fantasies, inherent in the show. It is such a good thing the color looks so fitting against her skin. You will find her pairing most of these cool outfits with a pair of the evergreen Black Chuck Norris. 

6 signature fashion items of Elena Gilbert

Boot cut jeans

You must have seen this coming for sure. We really cannot talk of Elena’s fashion pieces without mentioning the boot-cut jeans. It pretty much seems like that’s the only thing that can be found in her wardrobe. She wears them in blue and black shades and finds them very comfortable to be in. 


Elena goes for long-sleeved cotton t-shirts that are either V-necked or a U – neck that plunges down a bit. She usually pairs them with her bootcut jeans. 


We see her have a knack for black jackets beginning from the second season. Elena can be seen reaching for a black jacket anytime she’s about to leave the house for whatever mission. 

Sling bag

Do you remember the cross-body sling bag that Elena carries to school right from the first few episodes? She loves them so well that we cannot dare to omit them from her top signature items. 

Ankle Boots

With the kind of role she plays, having to swing into action at the faintest signs of danger, it is only logical that she would feel more at home with boots. Her footwears include these ankle boots, converse shoes, and sneakers. 

Simple neck piece

She sure isn’t one that is big on jewelry or accessorizing with heavy ornamental pieces. Elena keeps it cool with simple yet classy necklaces. We remember especially the round silver one being gifted to her by Stefan that soon became regular wear for her. 

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Replicating the Elena Gilberts style

Elena is more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. A peep into her wardrobe would reveal one fully dense with jeans, tank tops, and t-shirts. 

She likes to keep it simple and natural always regardless of the occasion. For you to have the desire to replicate her style, it means that to an extent, you share the same fashion ideologies with her. Find below simple ways in which you can pull it off. 


With Elena, we get to know that you can stay pretty in a well-covered-up dress. Her dresses are super pretty and exquisite and at the same time, not overly revealing. You mustn’t go for dresses that are too long, just like Elena, go for dresses that are sexy yet classy. 

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Half of the time, Elena is seen wearing spaghetti straps and then, throws on a jacket, sweater, or long-sleeved shirt over it.

You will find her wearing these pieces in dark colors like dark purple, blue, green, black, and so on. 

The only time we can remember her wearing something light-colored would be in the episode that saw her kidnapped by Trevor. There, she can be seen wearing a white tank top with a pink sweater across it. 


Pants that are mostly black or brown colored will do. She however does jeans too. Yes. Elena Gilbert is a big fan of the skinny-fit flared jeans.

You wouldn’t blame her though, it actually looks as though these jeans were produced specially for her body shape. They fit perfectly and she sure does know how to style them up to make them look extraordinary. 

The way pencil-cut jean trousers go well when tucked into boots, you really cannot do the same for flared jeans. However, we see Elena wear hers with ankle boots. 

Well, what can we say? She prefers to be practical rather than play by fashion rules. With the kind of running around she does in averting danger every now and then, boots seem like the practical footwear for her. 


Apart from boots, Elena does a lot of sneakers too. You can also experiment with vans, flats, and even heel sandals. You’re bound to come out looking great at the same time, bearing a touch of Elena.

However, if the goal is to look very much like Elena, you should note that she’s always seen wearing hers with Converse shoes or ankle boots. We see that in almost every episode watched. But, if you need to switch things up, you can try the options earlier stated.


Elena’s hair is actually dark brown even though you will find her to be blonde in the books. Depending on how far you are willing to go in replicating her looks, you can either leave your hair as it is or, have it dyed black brown if it’s a different color, and, put a smooth part just close to the middle like hers. 


You cannot successfully replicate Elena’s style without getting the makeup right. Her makeup constitutes a big element of her overall style. It portrays her for who she is and what she’s all about – natural. We’ll be giving you a few tips on how you can get it right. Let’s begin with the:

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Elena has brown eyes and so, makes use of chocolate brown eyeliners and mascara. They give that subtle and natural look, unlike the pronounced look you get when you use harsh black makeup.

When going for a formal occasion, you can raise up the ante by brushing a gold color eye shadow over your eyelids. We know it’s a formal occasion but still, crazy colors are not exactly Elena’s thing. 


Just like everywhere else, lips are meant to be kept simple too. Clear lip gloss or those with some shine is just about the only thing you need. 


You might want to go easy with the application of the foundation now. Too much foundation does not exactly come out looking natural. 

You can make use of concealers to cover up blemishes that can be found under the eyes or anywhere but, be careful not to use too much. 


Your accessory game must be simple too. Elena usually wears a round, silver necklace gifted to her by Stefan. 


Elena Gilbert should be the queen of the cool and casual look. She always keeps it simple and as far as we know, is not one to go by the dictates of high street fashion or trends. 

Jeans, tank tops, and t-shirts make up the bulk of her clothing. She always swings into girly dresses every now and then and, mind-blowing ball gowns, all depending on the occasion. 

What kind of jeans does she wear? It just has to be denim-flared jeans. We have seen her wear these skinny flared jeans so many times to conclude it to be her top favorite. 

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