What Jeans Does Emma Chamberlain Wear? 

It’s high time we talked about Emma Chamberlain, her jeans, and overall style in general. The famous YouTuber and content creator’s fashion sense is one worthy of being studied.

What jeans does Emma Chamberlain wear? What’s so special about them anyway? Well, how does wearing unique pieces that can hardly be found on most people sound? 

Emma wears a lot of Levi denim but, most of them are actually vintage pieces plus, one thing that we have noticed that makes Emma’s jeans all the more special, is the way she styles them.

You won’t catch her wearing these vintage pieces the way they were worn back in the day, she wears them completely different, making them her own. 

Thus you get to see vintage jeans on Emma looking like what you have never seen before. Emma is big on the Levi brand. As a matter of fact, she was one of the known faces used during the Levi Limited Edition Shorts debut. 

Does Emma Chamberlain wear denim shorts? 


Emma is a denim freak, we have seen her wear all sorts of denim pieces including shorts. There is so much to love about Emma’s Levi cutoffs. A close look at one of her favorite ones shows over-dyed, chocolate-colored denim shorts with some prints and patterns that make you think of summer. 

Emma Chamberlain was part of the Levi 501 campaign and was part of the stars on the limited shorts edition of the Levi Strauss & co denim company. 

If not her, who though? Seeing her strong passion for fashion, and how these shorts seem to fit her so well. 

During the occasion, Chamberlain revealed what we all have come to notice now; that she has been a collector of all sorts of Levi 501 for many years. 

She also went on to say that the only thing she wears during summer are Levi 501 cutoff shorts. Adding that the effortlessly cool look she achieves with them and, the comfort she enjoys while in them, makes them the preferred choice for her. 

Let’s talk about the denim shorts Emma Chamberlain was honored to create with Levi, shall we? These shorts made sorely out of cotton, are as you would expect, an inspiration from way back in the 90s.

They are produced to fit loosely, with a patch that was explained to be a depiction of how the ocean discolors denim. You would also find some unclear imagery on the shorts depicting Emma’s childhood East Coast summer vacations. 

This project made Emma very happy. In her words “It was a rare opportunity to take something I already loved, and make it me.”

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What else does Emma Chamberlain wear apart from Jeans? 

Even though it seems as though Emma Chamberlain is always on jeans, she still experiments with other stuff. 

During the pandemic, we saw her trying out vintage sportswear for her online audience. Emma also loves her Pacsun sweat shorts a whole lot.

She has also been spotted wearing some knitted pants, vests, and tops. Emma wears leggings too. 

For Emma, comfort is the key word and any outfit that she finds comfortable, she will go on to wear like that’s the only thing she’s got. Now, we know why we see her a lot in those Pacsun sweat shorts. 

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Emma Chamberlain’s style evolution

How would you describe Emma Chamberlain’s fashion style? We’re pretty sure you’ll describe it as cool and simple but, what if we told you that it hasn’t always been like that? 

Surprised? Let’s take it back to perhaps a decade ago in the life of the social media star. A period before she became famous with over 11 million, human followers on Instagram and before she was known as a regular face at the fashion week. 

Chamberlain’s style then can be described as chic and carefree. This could be seen in the photos she shared on Instagram then wearing stuff like crop tops, ripped jeans, and denim shorts. 

Her style has however gone through some transformation processes through the years. These days, we see the carefree Emma gone, and an Emma Chamberlain that puts so much thought into whatever she wears. Her aim is to only put on classic pieces – things that she can look back on in years to come and still marvel at how cool she looked. 

She has become more daring fashion-wise, coming out in edgy and overly fashionable clothing pieces and not just the regular stuff that anyone can put together. 

Her outfits now portray her deep fashion sense and stamp her rightfully in the place of fashionable media stars. 

Let’s take a particular look of hers that was captured when she was seen walking around in New York City. 

Emma can be seen in a trench coat made by the Luis Vuitton brand.

That’s the Emma we know today. From the regular outfit wearing Emma during her days of humble beginnings, to the carefully handpicked luxurious dresser that she is now.

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Looking at Emma Chamberlain’s style and how it has evolved from the year 2016 to date, we definitely can see growth. 

We look at Emma now and see a person who’s become fashion-conscious and in tune with her fashion side of her. 

How best to describe Emma Chamberlain’s style

We really do not need to put our own interpretation to her fashion style when the YouTuber herself has explicitly described it as “all over the place.”

She goes on to buttress that she doesn’t have a static style, it keeps changing and, at no notice at all too. 

Emma Chamberlain is an adventurous fashionista, she’s very versatile and more than willing to hop on anything that catches her fancy. She is a fashion risk taker. 

The truth is, all these factors combined, contribute to why her style is viewed as fun and interesting. Some limitations can be seen when it comes to her footwear though.. Emma is one to stick to her platform sandals. 

She gave a very funny but honest answer when asked why she loves wearing them. In her words “I am so into platform Docs and wear them an awful lot because they make me feel tall.”

She confirms them as her steady go-to footwear and added that she has them in a variety of different heels and colors. 

She has been seen wearing very high ones, short ankled ones, and other different designs and styles of the platform docs. 

Fashion do’s and dont’s from Emma Chamberlain

In an interview ahead of the Gianni SS23 Show, Emma Chamberlain revealed her personal fashion do’s and don’ts that she has learned to follow and which have helped her stay true to her sense of style. We will have them outlined for you below;

I do not follow the rules, I like being me

This, we have seen play out in how she dresses over the years. Emma styles her clothes completely different from the usual way people are used to. She does not follow the rules she creates hers. In other words, do you! 

I do not put myself in a box

Oh, we can surely attest to this. Emma is not one to be restricted or limited fashion-wise, she spreads her tentacles and explores different fashion pieces that catch her fancy. 

Emma does love designers, but she can’t be described to be a picky shopper. she shops in a versatile way and explores thrift shops too, looking for statement fashion pieces. Like they say, “finding a diamond in the rough.”

I don’t do trendy, I do comfort

This might probably be one of the reasons why you would not find her in low-waist pants in general. She describes them as very uncomfortable and from the looks of it, we won’t be seeing her in it even if it stays in Vogue for a million years extra. 

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I wear my clothes with confidence

Confidence has always been the number 1 accessory to pull off any look successfully. If you are confident, you can wear anything and make it your own. 

I do classic pieces

Her reason for this is simple. Emma loves vintage pieces because of how interesting it is to switch up the styles and dress up in them when most people would have forgotten about them. 

The memories you create in the minds of people is one thing to love these classic pieces for. 

Also, she agrees with the opinion that classic pieces are timeless and they’re something she’ll be able to look back on in years to come and not find cringe-worthy. 


Emma Chamberlain has once described what she has in her wardrobe as 90% vintage. Do you know what that means? It means they are full of timeless fashion pieces! 

Emma isn’t one to follow the rules, she creates her own rules! She totally disregards how these vintage pieces used to be worn back in the day and wear them her own way.

What jeans does Emma wear? For Emma, the question should be: how often does Emma wear jeans? 

Emma wears a variety of denim pieces, the Levi 501 being her all-time favorite. She recently revealed that jeans are her most frequently bought item and that’s quite understandable seeing that she’s in them 75% of the time. 

Comfort remains the yardstick she uses while jean shopping and, that’s why she usually goes for the soft, loose vintage ones. 

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