Can You Wear Jeans With Holes At Amazon?

Can You Wear Jeans With Holes At Amazon? No, jeans with holes in them are not allowed at Amazon. Although Amazon doesn’t have uniforms distributed to its workers they do have some guidelines concerning the dress code of its employees.

Denim pants are accepted if they are designated by the management and the presence of holes, or extremely faded or worn out jeans are not allowed.

Low-rise pants are also prohibited. Every employee at amazon is expected to act in the highest standard of professionalism in their appearance and ensure they are groomed neatly and properly.

Amazon has a worldwide reputation for being one of the largest online retail platforms on the planet serving the needs of multiple people and offering the strangest to best products. Presently, Amazon is the second-largest employer in the US while growing exponentially every year, providing job opportunities for over 1 million people.

Founded by well-known Jeff Bezos in 1994 as an online bookseller, its company has grown powerfully. It has since branched out from just selling books to having an everything store where you can get virtually anything you want online and much more.

Their growth lies in the emergence of large warehouses that amazon uses to handle and process all of its orders before they are sent out for deliveries. Let’s get a glimpse of how this empire runs its business.

To make sure the business is safe for all who work there, the warehouse staff must uphold the regulations set by the company. One of these guidelines is their dress code, though no same uniform policy is present for its staff there is an Amazon warehouse Dress Code Policy.

If you have plans to work at amazon then this post is a must-read, we will highlight their dress code policy that enables you to excel at our duties and increase your performance. Prevent yourself from getting penalized by breaking the dress code rules by taking up some advice below.

Can you wear jeans with holes at amazon

Amazon dress code for its employees


At Amazon, there is no rigid uniform that is mandatory for its employees to wear. The job duties, however, involve a lot of physically tasking duties that require the loading, unloading, and moving of heavy objects around the huge floors of the warehouses, therefore comfortable clothing is a necessity while performing this task.

Amazon management permits warehouse employees to wear clothing that are comfortable for their long shift hours.

With this in mind, Amazon has ensured that there are specific dress code guidelines for its warehouse workers to adhere to, for comfortable and smooth operation.

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I have often wondered how the guidelines are supposed to help since they expect workers to work in comfortable clothes, if you have some thoughts below are some reasons the dress code policy was put in place.

  • Amazon’s large warehouses are part of its multinational companies and although it serves as a storage and packaging centre, its employees do not represent the organization to any third party.
  • The enactment of these guidelines is ensuring that the workplace energy remains constant and uniform while allowing its staff freedom while performing their duties.
  • The warehouse regularly has its staff using complex large machines such as forklifts and pallet jacks. This task includes packaging ad sorting out various products and moving them to multiple stations. While performing this task, the staff needs to do this without any harm or damage happening to them or the product being transported.
  • This means baggy and loose attire won’t be ideal for such a situation, wearing heels too would seriously impede the efficiency of any worker.
  • Amazon is an e-commerce giant and all of its products cover simple everyday goods to luxurious items. The warehouse employees have access to these products and theft and damage have a higher chance of occurring in the work environment. To prevent this, the company drafted out this dress code policy to monitor and prevent such mishaps from happening.

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What do the guidelines cover?

The term dress code doesn’t just cover the rules and regulation employees should follow when deciding what you clothing you wear, it also encompasses the overall appearance and accessories worker bring in with them to the warehouse.

This dress code policy covering all warehouse employees includes their clothes, jewellery/accessories, and any other belonging they have on their person while working at Amazon. If you are preparing to start at amazon here are some guidelines to keep you in check as you dress up to work;

  • Every member of staff is expected to wear comfortable clothes. Amazon employees should have in mind that the warehouse is an enclosed space and temperature may vary between cold to extreme heat. Warehouse staff therefore should dress adequately.
  • It’s vital for employees working at the warehouse to wear clothes and accessories that can’t get caught in machinery or other products while performing their duties. In this same manner, nails and hair should be kept trim or tucked properly so they don’t constitute damage or interfere with their tasks.
  • Amazon company takes pride in having no discrimination or bias against any persons. The company has a strong policy concerning discrimination of any person based on race, gender, or any kind of disability. Judging by this standard all warehouse employees are not allowed to wear any clothing with inappropriate pictures, slogan or writings that is offensive to any group or persons.
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This policy also forbids the use of some clothing or accessories on companies grounds, some are mentioned below;


employees are prohibited from wearing loose t-shirt or garments, tops with large sleeves, crop tops, booty shorts, skirts, or clothing that is too revealing.

Tank tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, and low necklines tops are not permitted on amazon grounds. Hoodies aren’t usually allowed and any clothing worn should have no offensive slogan or picture on them


Amazon warehouse workers can wear fitted jeans (without holes, rips, or faded). Any loose-fitting pants or jeans can cause hindrance to work activities and reduce performance.

Also, remember any garment worn by employees should not have any hanging ornament or pieces of jewellery such as tassels in their attire.


Footwear worn to Amazon should be comfortable to handle long hours of standing and walking about the warehouse. Employees can wear closed-toe shoes of any kind with significant grip and thick soles for support.

Footwear will exclude shower shoes, slippers, sandals house shoes, and flip flops. Non-metallic shoes, tennis shoes, hard toes, or any other footwear with strong soles are encouraged.

Hair and nails

Employees with hair length above their shoulders should be tied up properly or pinned. This practice is to ensure maximum safety of all workers, hair could get caught in moving machinery leading to accidents when working. Nails should be kept at a decent length and kept neat.

Other accessories

To prevent theft or product loss by workers from the warehouse amazon does not allow its employees to wear any jewellery, long, hanging, or loop earrings.

Bringing accessories from outside into the warehouse is strictly forbidden. Employees working inside the warehouse are prevented from taking their phones into the warehouse.

Although phones can be used during break hours. These strict guidelines about articles are put in place to enable efficient tracking and monitoring of goods stock because the company sells a wide variety of products.

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Safety equipment

All employees at amazon warehouses are provided with a reflective vest that aligns with the duties they perform in the warehouses; high visibility helmets also are given to prevent workplace hazards.

Every worker at amazon is mandated to wear the safety equipment provided by the company. To improve workplace safety tech vests have been introduced by Amazon.

Due to the increase in the use of robots in the warehouse environments, this tech vest alerts robots of their human counterpart during operations this helps to reduce collision and accidents.

Is the amazon dress code policy the same everywhere?

To ensure uniformity and harmony across all their warehouses the dress code policy remains the same, for many safety reasons.

However, little differences in the guidelines can occur, this usually depends on the region of the warehouse and regional policies plus the climatic condition prevalent in such areas.

Even so, the guidelines don’t change much significantly based on different regions. Therefore, al employees in all regions can safely perform their duties following the company dress code guidelines.

Can You Wear Jeans With Holes At Amazon – Conclusion

Jeans that have holes are not accepted at Amazon company. Ripped or extremely faded jeans should be avoided too.

On a general note, Amazon doesn’t have any dress code for its employees as they can wear any clothing as long as it’s comfortable and safe for the workplace environment.

However, some guidelines have been put in place to guide employees on what the company policy stands for concerning what to wear to the workplace.

Clothes that ensure your safety is advised, and offensive or inappropriate clothing is strictly frowned upon by management. I hope this post answers your questions .cheers

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