Do Guys Like Ripped Jeans?

The ripped jean is, first of all, produced like every other jean out there. The difference lies in the subsequent frayed look and rips the manufacturers give it to create the trendy, ripped jeans. 

The view on whether guys like ripped jeans or not swing both ways. While some guys think it is tacky and outright foolish to pay for a jean with rips and holes on them, others actually think of it as cool fashion wear. 

Then, there’s still a small percentage of men that are indifferent about the whole situation. They neither love nor dislike ripped jeans. They have no reservations about the jean and can put them on if they have to but, do not see themselves using their hard-earned money to get one just for the fun of it. 

Do guys like ripped jeans? Well, it is just a matter of personal taste. A conservative personality is sure bound to feel secure in regular jeans, while other adventurous guys would find the edgy look of the ripped jeans, interesting. 

Are ripped jeans cool? 


Ripped jeans are just like another clothing item out there. And like others, they can either look cool or ‘uncool’ depending on the fit. 

Ripped jeans are very stylish denim pieces, but they can still look unflattering on you if the fit is not right. 

Ripped jeans are cool and would remain so regardless of whatever some people think about it. However, you must see that you not only get the right fit but, style it appropriately and put on the best accessory for it – your confidence to successfully pull off that cool look. 

How to look good on ripped jeans

There are two factors that would ensure you look good in ripped jeans. One is the way in which you style and pair it up and the second is the confidence you exude while strutting in it. 

Yes, a great dose of confidence is one accessory you do not want to leave out when wearing ripped jeans. It stops the discriminatory stares that you are likely to encounter and makes you get the ones of admiration. 

Clothes that go well with ripped jeans

Jeans are usually quite easy to style. Anything pretty much goes with it. However, you need to take note of the cut of jeans you are wearing and the colors and styles that best complement them. 

Buttoned down Shirts

Depending on the seriousness of the occasion, a dress shirt, preferably white is a perfect way to pair your blue ripped jean. Have a part of it stylishly tucked in with the other part hanging out. 

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A buttoned-down shirt gives you a nice, neat look that beautifully contrasts with the somewhat rough and untidy look of ripped jeans. 


T-shirts are also a great alternative for more casual outings. You can go for those with very nice graphics. If the occasion is a semi-formal one, simply throw on a jacket or blazer over it and you are good to go. 


For ripped jeans, footwear like your boots, sneakers, loafers, and even dress shoes can very well go with it. Be sure to select the right footwear out of the lot that is best suited for the occasion you are attending. 

Apart from ripped jeans, are there other types of jeans guys like?

Before the ripped jeans came into being, there were other jeans that guys wore and loved. Even ripped jeans lovers still keep a handful of regular jeans as they always come in handy for one or two occasions. 

The simple look of the regular straight jeans and the versatility it offers you makes it an evergreen clothing item and, an all-time favorite of some men. 

Another jean that guys do like must be the baggy ones. Even though it seems like it’s going out of fashion, some guys, mostly music stars or celebrities in general are still hooked on it. Men on the big side actually love it too. They find it very comfortable and that’s all that matters to them. 

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Do guys like ripped jeans on girls? 

Most guys belonging to the younger generation and middle age, seem to think of ripped jeans as a cool look for ladies. 

Some others do not fancy it and view it as a rough and indecent look. A larger proportion of guys are indifferent. They just care about how the ladies look in them. As long as the jeans are well-fitted and the ladies look great in them, they’ll be fine with it. 

What men need to know before they buy ripped jeans

Unfortunately for ripped jean haters, the style would be in our faces for quite a while. Looking at how far the distressed jean has come, we can tell that it isn’t some fad that will be going anytime soon. 

Therefore, we have outlined some tips that lovers of distressed jeans can refer to before purchasing one. Find them below:

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The right fit

Knowing how a ripped jean should fit would help you ascertain if you have the right fit for you or not. 

How should a ripped jean fit? 

The bulk of the reasons why the people that dislike ripped jeans do so is because of the fact that some of them, look like the wearer just got rescued from a terrible accident. 

Now, that’s not how ripped jeans should look on you and it’s your responsibility to see to that. 

You can avoid that by going for straight or slim denims, that are perfectly tailored to your size. Rips on your jeans should look natural and intentionally done else, you just might look like you put on an old pair of worn-out jeans. 

Rips should also be at your knees or start from your knees.

Size of the rips

It is easy to get this sorted out. You only have to look at how wide the rips are. Rips wider than the width of your legs in them is definitely a no-no. It shows that the jeans are slightly big for you. 

Rips that are also wide enough for your legs to fit into should be avoided. It all means that you are just one wrong move away from them popping out.

How much rips should be on the jeans totally depends on your individual style. You might like it ripped from top all the way down or, just a few rips or holes. Both are great and valid options and would turn out great if styled well. 

Styling ripped jeans

The trick to styling right the ripped jeans is by following the law of contrast. Excessively ripped jeans should go with a conservative-themed shirt. This will help you to tone down the somewhat aggressive look of the jean. 

The beautiful contrast ripped jean gives when paired with a simple, classy shirt is one you must give a try. 

What do ripped jeans symbolize? 

You may or may not consider this as important but, just before you throw on that jean, here is a summary of how they originated and what wearing it symbolizes. 

The original idea for the ripped jean while it was being designed by a German businessman, Levi Strauss in the year 1870 was for them to be jeans worn for working-class men.

Weird, right? 

The jean was formally dyed to be a deep indigo color and made to be extra durable. These two factors; the deep color and durability made it seem perfect for work. 

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But, then came the Punk Movement in the 1970s, and somehow, the ripped jeans which was produced for a different purpose was seen to be a mark of protest. The rips on them especially, made it seem so. People went further to take their non-ripped jeans, ripping it as a sign of anger at the society. 

After the protest, the jean was still seen to be as a symbol of anger not until it was worn again by Madonna and other top celebrities. That became the point in which a symbol of political anger turned into a stylish fashion symbol. 

So, when you wear ripped jeans, It would be best to combine them well so people can see it as a trendy fashion that it is on you else, they just might conclude you’re on a subtle protest, lol. 

Do Guys Like Ripped Jeans – Conclusion

Yes, ripped jeans are trendy and cool even today. However, you really do not have to wear them just because they are in vogue. If you feel funny while in them, if all means that they are not the right pair of jeans for you. You can go on rocking the equally cool regular jean that makes you feel comfortable. 

If we didn’t know any better, we’d have attributed the love for ripped jeans to age groups of people but, we know that isn’t the case. We have seen way older men rock ripped jeans, exuding so much confidence and style to make us believe so. 

Anybody can be style savvy or an adventurous fashion freak regardless of age. It is instead, a matter of interest. Guys either like or dislike them as a result of their personalities or religious/conservative views. 

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