What Jeans Does Joanna Gaines Wear? 

Now, where do we start? Joanna Gaines the famous ex-HGTV star is one whose fashion style is admired by many. 

From what we have seen so far, Joanna Gaines has become much more than an interior designer and every other thing she’s about, she’s also being seen as an awesome fashionista. One item that gets her fans drooling is her jeans. Her choice of jean trousers is out of this world. 

What kind of Jeans does Joanna Gaines wear? So many. She wears a variety of jeans that makes it somewhat impossible to keep up with. 

However, one pair of jeans that is evergreen in our minds, one that we cannot get enough of, one that had fans drooling all over, is the wide-leg jeans she once wore in a very recent Instagram video. 

Seeing her walk around in that pair of well-fitting wide-leg jeans got so many of her fans obsessed. People fell in love with it so much that they went around to research the particular brand of jeans that it was. Their efforts were soon successful as they were able to prove it to be one of Wrangler’s wide-leg pants. 

Upon further research, they were able to find out that it cost just $99! 

How affordable! 

You will also find her wearing some crop flare jeans, denim shorts, high-rise crop flare jeans and so many more. 

Does Joanna Gaines wear a denim shirt? 


The adorable Joanna is one big denim lover who doesn’t mind wearing denim upon denim. She virtually wears a denim shirt with everything. Heck, she even wears denim overalls!

Who would blame her though? She’s all about comfort and nothing feels as comfortable as denim materials against your skin. 

Want to try out a denim shirt yourself? You can get some great-looking ones from Levi, Calvin Klein, and other notable brands.

Joanna Gaines gets the bulk of her shirts from Madewell and Anthropologie

What are Joanna Gaines’s favorite jeans? 

Some of her favorite jeans include high-waisted Bootcut jeans, ripped skinny jeans, Citizen low-rise skinny jeans, and Frye boots.

Joanna does have a favorite jean brand and it is the Mother Denim. She prefers them because they happen to have clothing that is great fitting for her. All styles of their jeans from distressed jeans to plain straight and high-waisted skinny ones seem to look just right on her. 

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Other adorable outfits of Joanna Gaines

Apart from her most treasured jean trousers and denim clothing in general, you will find Joanna Gaines in outfits like:

Midi Dresses

She usually wears these chic and classy midi dresses on reveal day and we absolutely love seeing her in them. 


Just when fans were beside themselves with joy upon the announcement she made of the arrival of her son, she soon took the excitement to a whole different level by posting an Instagram picture of him cuddling up on her. 

In that picture, Joanna is seen wearing a dark chic floral printed kimono. This look is one of her favorites of hers so far. 

Explaining the Joanna Gaines style

Joanna Gaines’ style can simply be defined as casual but, extremely trendy too. She puts together a stylish and chic look without having to do too much. 

She is not one to hop on everything in Vogue but, stays true to what she knows works for her, and that is, what she feels comfortable in as well as what suits her body shape. 

If you are a fan of hers like us here, you would have noticed her incredible love for jeans. She can be found most times rocking her stylish jeans with a nice T-shirt to compliment it. 

When she isn’t in her jeans, you’ll find her in some delectable dresses and oh! we must not forget her nice jumpsuits too. 

At the end of the day, regardless of whatever she puts on, you can tell that her aim, is to come out looking as simple, yet elegant as it is possible. 

How to replicate the Joanna Gaines look

In love with the way Joanna Gaines looks in her jeans and other styles of clothing in general? Do you love how she simply pairs it up and wonder how she manages to end up looking effortlessly classy? 

If you would like to replicate the look, we have got you covered as we are about to give you a breakdown of not just her casual chic style but, her business casual and special occasion looks. 


If you love how Joanna Gaines looks in her jeans and would love to look the same way, you should get some Slim Bootcut Jeans. 

For an all-round comfort anytime you are in them, go for those with stretchy fabrics. Nothing molds to your body and accentuates your body frame better than this type of jeans. With them, you are bound to appear stylish, though depending on what you pair them with. 

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Button up shirt

One of our favorite casual looks of Joanna Gaines is one in which she is seen wearing a slim Bootcut jean with a classic plain white button-up shirt. 

Now that you have the jean, pair it up with a white button-up shirt to replicate that look. There’s one thing about a plain white button-up that most people can attest to; it oozes class! 

When she’s working from home, Joanna pairs up her jean with some nice t-shirts and simple blouses. 


In this look, Joanna is seen wearing some platform sandals. We went the extra mile just for you and found out they were Dani platform sandals. 

They have got quite bulky heels which make them very comfortable for you to wear and walk in all day. These platform sandals are perfect for summer and complement your outfits beautifully. 


Finish it up with some very simple accessories. A nice bracelet and earrings. 

Business casual outfit

As a famous interior designer, Joanna Gaines gets to have a lot of meetings with clients. One of our favorite looks of her business casual look would be broken down below for you to easily replicate. You’ll need the following items:

A jumpsuit

A classy jumpsuit is always a great idea to achieve a semi-formal look. Why bother about the right two-piece outfit when you can get the same result with a classy jumpsuit? 

Jumpsuits are easy to wear and feel very comfortable too. Pair it up with some nice earrings and a solid pair of a slip-on. 

Special occasion outfit idea

For a special occasion look, we are greatly inspired by Joanna Gaines’s belted shirt dress look. To replicate, simply get a quality one from trusted fashion stores and try it on to make sure it fits perfectly. 

Nothing presents you as a stylish fashion guru than a well-fitted belted shirt gown. Pair them with some chain earrings, a nice bracelet, and some cute sandals or, the classy Elon Mules woven slip-on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Sandals does Joanna Gaines wear? 

Joanna Gaines is deeply in love with her Birkenstock SandalsWhat people mostly admire is the versatile manner in which she uses them. You will find her rocking it with jeans and even dresses. Standing out in a most stylish way and still maintaining a great deal of comfort. 

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Does Joanna Gaines have a clothing line? 

A lot of people might not know this but the Upper Fixer star does have a clothing line company which she named “Magnolia.”

The business can be said to be doing well and can now be found exclusively available at Target. 

This venture of hers was widely welcome by teeming fans of her style. Joanna produces a variety of clothing items in different styles and designs, all very unique and fashionable, and the best part? They’re quite affordable! 

You will also find a wide range of home decor accessories that you would absolutely love. Remember this when next you are looking for gift ideas for a dear fan of Joanna Gaines. 

Final Note

Joanna Gaines is one person who makes being stylish and fashionable seem so easy and downright affordable. She leaves fans wondering what they prefer more – her house design reveals or, her stylish outfits. 

One interesting fact about Joanna Gaines is that although she has an enviable net worth, she usually does not go for highly-priced fashion items. She once revealed that she gets most of her clothing items from shopping online. 

Well, that’s expected for someone who doesn’t follow the trend but rather, sets her own trend, right? However, the magic she does in combining them so well and coming out looking so stylish and sophisticated all the time must be commended. 

You love the jeans she sports or any other clothing item she puts on? This article has just given you a clear guide on how to go about replicating it. 

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