What Jeans Does Parker Mccollum Wear? 

What can we say about Parker Mccollum’s jeans? This American multi-talented artist wears mostly, a particular kind of jeans that his true fans who have been following his style would not find hard to guess. 

When asked about his favorite wear, the country music singer and songwriter revealed what we already suspected; that he is, more than half of the time on jeans, a tucked-in T-shirt, and most definitely, his signature Luccheses. 

Just in case you are wondering, Luccheses is a footwear brand that mainly specializes in boot making. Contrary to what most people assumed, Parker Mccollum attributed his strong love for the brand’s product not to the ‘home feeling’ factor since Lucchese is also a Texan brand, but, to their top-notch quality creations and stylish designs.

Well, back to his jeans now. From what we and other true fans have observed, it’s easy to deduce that Parker Mccollum is obsessed with light, white-washed jeans. That is just the most accurate way to classify his style; “a light jeans kind of guy.” 

With these light-washed jeans sitting pretty upon his statement-making Lucchese boots, we can most definitely say that Parker sure does know how to create a cool look. 

Parker Mccollum – Style Inspo


Away from his country music which is so inspiring by the way, another thing to love about the young talented musician named Parker Mccollum is his unique sense of style. Parker’s style is so different from the average musician out there and at the same time, eye-catching too. 

Looking to get some style inspiration from his looks? We have got you covered and thankfully, you would not have to go through a lot of hassles or break the bank to put them together. Read on to find out more. 


Parker Mccollum is a fan of white-washed jeans and he somehow manages to transform the once dull look of a white-washed jean, into something really banging. 

You do not have to look too hard to get these jeans. Simply check out the Wrangler’s selection of white-washed jean trousers, browse through carefully and pick a light-washed one, that looks, of course, well fitted on you. 

It is important that you try out the fit because, as we all know, Parker Mccollum does not wear jeans that like unflattering on him. His jeans are always fit making it hard for us to know what we actually do like; the jeans or how he looks in them. 

Have you already been struck by the white-wash jean fever? Well, you will soon enough. As they say, once you start, you never go back. 

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That’s pretty much how Parker Mccollum likes to dress, isn’t it? Nothing too extra, just his jean and his t-shirt. 

Go for V necked Tshirt and just like Mccollum, get them in white colors. You can get t-shirts like this online or in clothing outlets close to you. You can equally shop more for less amount of money in thrift stores as they are very much affordable. 


If you are an ardent follower of Parker Mccollum, the fact that he likes his Luccheses boots should be common knowledge by now. It has become a part of him now, not just because of the home memories it brings, but for its top-notch quality and very interesting, mature designs. 

He was once heard saying how much of an investment buying a pair of Lucchese boots are, as you get to wear and use them for like forever. 

If you can’t afford one, simply go for an affordable look alike. The goal is to replicate Parker Mccollum’s look and that would not be possible without a boot. Lucchese is Parker, Parker is Lucchese. 


Parker likes his cowboy hats when he’s not on stage and his flat bill hats when he’s on. His love for cowboy hats can be traced down to his growing-up days. Parker comes from a family of cattle ranchers and you know just how well a rancher loves his hat. 

Whatever you do in your quest to replicate Parker Mccollum’s look, do not forget to throw on any of his favorite hats to finish up the look nicely. 

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Does Parker Mccollum own a clothing line? 

Parker Mccollum does not own a clothing line however, you will find so many customized designs of T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, dresses, leggings, tops, and hats of his, designed and produced by independent designers from all around the world. 

Do well to check out the designs though, especially that of the T-shirts and tank tops, they are absolutely amazing. Asides from that, he also has a long-term partnership with his treasured boot brand; Luccheses. 

During the announcement, the brand’s president; Doug Kindy, revealed how excited they were about the partnership and the many positive things it would do to both of their brands. 

Doug had related what they do at Lucchese to music making and opined that they are akin in so many ways. The process of boot-making and songwriting are done with a high level of skill and craftsmanship. Without these two elements, there is certainly no way you can record success in either of the venture. 

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Music making requires dedication to the craft and so does songwriting too. To him, the collaboration is one that would greatly benefit both of their huge fan bases. 

Parker Mccollum on the other hand spoke about it too with so much gusto. 

We all know how well Parker Mccollum has flown the brand’s Pieces as he wears their different products time and time again. Their careful detailing and long-standing integrity as a brand for over 140 years have always been something to be admired by Parker. 

Parker had always spoken about Lucchese as the brand of his dreams way back from his childhood and even till today.

He noted how much he wished and hoped to be given an opportunity to be their ambassador and represent them through his music. Well, what can we say? Dreams do come true, huh? 

Explaining Parker Mccollum’s style

A Westerner like Parker Mccollum likes to keep it simple at the same time, densely or subtly infusing the countryside of him in his fashion style. 

Parker is not passionate about being flashy even as it seems to come with the terrain or his craft, nor does he bother to follow the trend, he just likes to keep it simple. 

With the way he stylishly pairs up his whitewashed jeans with a very simple V-neck, white t-shirt then, wrapping up the look with his signature Lucchese boots, all we can say is that his style is hinged mostly upon two values; Quality and Simplicity

Parker believes in good rewards for hard work and that has seen him patronize the Lucchese brand for years on end. An act that got him a long-term partnership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hat does Mccollum wear?

Parker Mccollum is an avid lover of hearts. He wears a lot of Cowboy Hats (You would expect nothing less from a Texan who hails from a family of cattle ranchers, right?) baseball, flat bill hats, and quite a few trucker hats. 

When asked why he seldom wears the cowboy hat as he used to, he replied that he tried it once on stage performance and realized he didn’t quite get the look he was hoping for. In his words: “It’s done and overused.”

He, however, still wears it a lot off the stage though. 

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We have seen quite a number of Parker Mccollum hats for sale like the Parker Mccollum logo Dad Hat, Turnpike Troubadours Dad Hat, and Lightening Logo Trucker Hats. 

What kind of Shirts does Parker Mccollum wear? 

Fancy seeing Parker Mccollum in a buttoned-down shirt? Well, that would be quite a sight, don’t you agree? 

Parker Mccollum most definitely wears more T-shirts. He personally revealed how much he likes to keep it simple with his jeans and V- necked T-shirt. 

These t-shirts are mostly white to somewhat bright like the dull white washed jeans that he so loves to wear. 

If you are a fan of his, You can shop his looks and get replicas of his T-shirt made by independent designers. Numerous designs of both round and V- necked t-shirts are available in an array of different colors and Parker Mccollum’s inscriptions that we so much love. Get the look on trusted online stores at the comfort of your home. 

Final Note

Parker Yancey Mccollum is one multi-talented country musician, songwriter, and owner of PYM Music. He is loved not only for the great work he puts into writing his songs and the nice melody he subsequently makes out of them but, also for his very unique and simple fashion sense. 

Parker is true to himself, not one to follow the bandwagon rather, he lives by his convictions. This has shown through his fashion style and the way he has solidly rocked his cherished Lucchese boots over the years paying little or no attention to other flashy and trendy ones that pop up every now and then. 

Fascinated with the jeans he wears? We are too as it’s really amazing to see how he turns these white washed jeans to look very cool and stylish. 

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