Wearing Jeans To Prom (Ideal Or Not Plus What To Wear)

Okay, I know you are trying to go by the slogan “dare to be different,” and attempting to break out of the norm and just be uniquely different.  

I totally get it, but then, in your quest to stand out and be different, it is only wise you know that there is a thin line between being different and appropriate and this is me reminding you not to cross that line.

It is just simple. In the world of fashion, there are rules, and rules in general, are meant to be followed to the letter. A prom is a formal event. Formal events can be official or ceremonial and there is always a well-defined expectation of the outfit invited guests are to appear in. If the prom event has a dress or color code, be sure to follow it.

Jean does not fall into the kind of outfits that can be worn to a formal event, let’s not even sweat it. Tweak it all you want, pair it up as nicely as you can, and at the end of the day, the best you can achieve would be an appearance that can be overlooked, but not one that perfectly fits in.

Wearing jeans to a formal event like a prom is totally not cool seeing that this is the kind of event that requires you to look prim, proper, and classy.

Even if you do not want to go the whole nine yards in wearing a nice piece of tuxedo or a well-fitting suit or, the girls wearing those exquisite ball dresses and dinner gowns, you can tone down to a nice shirt gown or a dress suit. Guys can put on well-ironed khaki trousers or a nice pant with a shirt to match.

Now, this can be considered to be a semi-formal look. Jean or shorts have no place in the list of things you can wear to achieve a semiformal look for a formal prom event. It is straight out – inappropriate.

 What can be worn to a prom?

Dressing up the right way for a formal event goes a long way in showcasing the kind of individual you are. Yes! It shows that you are knowledgeable – being that you know exactly what to wear to different kinds of occasions but, not only that; it also shows that you are one to do what is right.

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So, you are not just seen as one, who knows the right kind of outfit for formal events, you are also perceived as one who plays by the books too. That being said, below are some of the ways a female can dress up for a prom:

A dress is best suited for a lady to wear for a prom event but, you should be mindful of the kind of dress you wear. As a lady, when it comes to dressing up for prom, the goal should be to look classy and not trashy, sophisticated, and not tacky. You want to look inviting but in a subtle way and so, avoid totally, dresses with a slit that goes farther than your mid-thighs. 

Dresses you can wear to the prom

Well-fitted strapless gowns

You really cannot go wrong with this exquisite style of gowns. You should know though, that by well fitted, I mean sewn to your size and tailored to perfection.

Wearing an ill-fitting strapless gown would make you uncomfortable as you would have your mind on guard, ready to avoid a drop or a nip slip.

It is a fashion fail to wear a strapless gown that makes your hand stay positioned permanently at the top of the gown to protect them from drifting down.  

You can however add some spaghetti straps to provide the necessary support. If the straps were not sewn together with the gown, be sure to get attachable ones that blend well with the gown

Backless gown

Now, talk about inviting but not ill-clad and the backless gowns come to mind. Remember, in fashion, less is always more so, ensure that the back cut is as moderate as ever.

Here are a list of fashion fails you should avoid:

  • Dresses with a cut below the bust line
  • Dresses with too many cuts and slits
  • Sheer dresses worn with nothing underneath
  • Dresses exposing too much skin
  • Dresses that are too short

Underwear should remain underwear and have no business being in the faces of people

Suitable outfits for a guy

For guys, the goal is to look, clean, neat, and classy and no formal outfit can achieve this look other than a suit or a tuxedo. Whatever you choose out of the two, make sure that the fitting is on point.

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You cannot wear an oversized suit that makes you seem like you are drowning in them, you cannot even afford to wear a slightly oversized one or undersized one with signs of a stain written all over it. Go for a perfect fit, made with the finest of fabrics and tailored to the next thing after perfection.

Looking for a dress shirt to pair them with? You can never go wrong with white. However, if you are putting on a tuxedo with a bow tie to match, opt for a tuxedo shirt too.

Now, let us list some accessories that would greatly aid you in making a bold fashion statement with your dressing.


It is said that you know a fashionable man by taking a look at his belt and shoes. You cannot afford to overlook this item. Go for great leather belts with no unnecessary design or rusty belt head and you will be sure to have the ladies staring nonstop.


No surprise here, right? Your shoes are just as important as your dress. Black leather shoes never disappoint or, you can take it a notch higher by shining in some patent black leather. 

PS: A fashion tip for you: belts and shoes should always match. That’s how we know who the real kings of fashion are.


Step out looking like a boss in some really nicely designed cufflinks.

Pocket squares

Pocket squares add that final touch of spice to your looks. They are optional though but, you should totally have one if you can.


Normal ties or bow ties, pretty much anyone can serve. Depending on your choice of suit, they can be plain, striped, or with polka dots.

I recommend plain though, for that classy and mature look. However, if you are wearing a tux, a bow tie with a white shirt would be more suitable.

Things a guy should not be caught wearing to a prom


Opting for black jeans and throwing a nice jacket over is still not permissible. You know better, so, do better with your fashion.

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This could pass if you are some sort of a dry joke, else stay away from shorts

Flip flops/crocs

You’re not being serious now, are you?


It doesn’t matter how beautifully designed they are, slippers are a no-no, period!


How to dress as a prom couple

If you have a date for the prom, stand out by stylishly coordinating your outfits. You really do not have to do too much, simply get a pocket square with the color as the exact one of the lady’s dress.

Best color for guy’s suit and tux

  • Black: you can never, go wrong with black
  • Midnight blue: Exquisite as ever too

Fashion tips for guys

Here are a few fashion tips that every fashion-forward guy should know and adhere to. For guys, asides from your outfit, belts and shoes are the next big thing. Ensure that these two match and that they are not old and worn out. Finally, get them well polished and shiny.

Wearing a patterned suit or a suit with stripes? These are best paired with plain accessories. i.e ties, shoes, pocket squares, etc.

Wearing Jeans To Prom – Conclusion

A prom is an event most youngsters look forward to, the build-up of anticipation is crazy. You do not want to spoil it all by looking drab and dry right?

Getting it right for prom does not revolve around the outfit alone; it includes your footwear and every single piece of accessory you throw on. It includes you too;  your skin and overall mood.

Jean cannot make you achieve this elegant look at a prom. You would just end up looking like a fish out of the water, the odd one out, or worse still, a rebel.

You have been anticipating this day for a long time now, be the cynosure of all eyes by moisturizing your skin well in preparation, putting together a classy and well-fitted outfit; and wearing a pleasant outlook too.

It is not enough to be happy; you should be happy and radiate happiness with everyone you network with. Remember the saying that you are never fully dressed up without a smile? 

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