What Kind Of Jeans Does Mario Wear? 

Super Mario, the character in the famous video game created and published by Nintendo, is one human character with a fascinating style. 

Talking about the kind of jeans Mario wears, that must be an overall. Yes, Mario wears blue colored denim overall. 

We would have said “Denim, denim, denim, but we are not quite sure if you’ll get it, lol. 

Does Mario put on overalls? 


Mario does put on overalls. There has been a lot of questions about how many overalls Mario has. Most people tend to know him with two; a blue and a red one. He has also at some time, even worn a black and a white one. 

However, Mario has been quite consistent with his blue colored overall ever since the first-party Nintendo media starting from Super Mario Bros – 2

The red overalls were worn by him before he became super. That is, before he got the name “Super Mario.” You will find him in red overalls in the box art and in most editions before Super Mario Bros 2.

What’s the Mario joke all about? 

Okay, so, a lot of people have been going on and on with the Mario joke, not minding the fact that most recipients do not exactly get it. 

In fact, it amuses them the more to see the confused look on their faces. Quite evil, right? 

But, we are different and we have your interest at heart. Here’s what the Mario joke is all about:

The joke goes like this: 

Someone asks the question; 

“What kind of overall does Mario wear?” 

Another person responds saying; “denim denim denim.”

What does it mean? We will break it down for you. 

If you pay close attention to the underground theme for Super Mario Bros, you will hear a funny, cocky sound that seems to say “Denim denim denim.”

So, it pretty much answers the question since Mario’s overalls are actually made of denim. However, the funny mimicking tone of the respondent is where the jokes at. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? Well, you’re welcome! 

Explaining Mario’s trademark clothing

Mario’s trademark clothing are mainly his mustache, the hat gloves, and his overalls. 

As you know, Mario is a human character and so, there was a need to make him have some relatable life like proportions. 

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When it comes to Super Mario’s overalls, you will realise that it falls in line with the whole script. The game was set on a construction site so, an overall pretty much looks like something a carpenter on a construction site would wear, don’t you think so? 

The gloves too have a very functional use. According to the creators, Mario was specifically given white gloves to make his movements visible and to make it very obvious any time he jumps. 

How to pull off a Mario look

Okay, this would be particularly useful for those who want to dress like Mario for Halloween or a school drama or perhaps, when you are going to a party with a Mario theme set. 

There are no hassles involved at all. Everything you would need can be found from any local thrift store close to you. Below are ideas of specific items you should look out for:

Blue overall &  a red T-shirt

You can equally wear a red T-shirt and blue jeans but, you will not get a close result like what the blue overalls would give you. 

A red cap

What is Mario without his cap? Your outfit would be missing an important element if you fail to include the famous red hat in it. 

Once you get the red hat, try putting the inscription “M” on it. You can easily do this by cutting out a circled white paper, writing the capital letter “M” on it with the use of a red marker then, sticking it in front of the cap, same way you will find it on Mario himself. 

Get a fake moustache

There are many ready to use, fake moustaches from thrift or art stores.  Most of them are made from fur or fluff and are totally safe to use on your skin. 

Do not fret if you’re unable to find a fake moustache, simply have one drawn at the spot a moustache should be and you are good to go. 

Pulling of Mario’s stature

You know how rounded Mario’s stomach is, right? You can achieve same look by simply just stuffing or padding up your own stomach area. Remember, you are to stuff objects into your clothing, and not food down your throat to make your stomach bigger. 

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Get some white gloves

Easy peasy right? Gloves form a part of Mario’s trademark clothing and would greatly help you pull off his looks. 

Footwear? Brown shoes will do

Nothing expensive or too stylish. You know how often Mario runs? He definitely would not be doing that in some overly expensive shoes not even in the kind of location he’s at. Any nice pair of brown loafers will do. 

Buy an Italian accent?

Lol, here’s an important element of what Mario is about that cannot be bought or, can it? 

Well, except you can buy it, you will have to begin practicing the Italian accent. Speaking like Mario will beautifully crown all your efforts in replicating his personality. Don’t just dress like Mario, be like him in order to give the right impression. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Mario wear a hat? 

This is because it is closely in line with how the developers of the game, wants him to appear. Super Mario’s hat – one that closely resembles that of a newsboy hat because of its roundness and brim style, is worn because it is a key part of his appearance. 

Mario has been known with his famous red hat right from his very first appearance in Donkey Kong.

Let’s make a funny reveal here: the reason why Mario wears a cap in the first place, is because the creators found it very difficult drawing his hair and making it move as he jumps and moves. 

Drawing the hat seemed much more easier and they went with it since leaving him bald was out of the question. So you see, Mario is stuck with his hat. It has become his known signature. 

How many costumes does Mario have? 

Brace yourself for the answer to this will definitely shock you. Super Mario has about a 153 different costumes all together! This means that you, the player has the privilege of unlocking variety of costumes and switching up the style at any point in the game. 

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These costumes comprises of a 100 base ones. You stand an opportunity of unlocking 95 of them when you must have successfully completed the 100 Mario Challenge on not just the normal but, Expert and Super playing modes. 

What kind of jeans does Luigi wear? 

Luigi is the fictional character created to be Mario’s younger, fraternal twin brother and sidekick in the video game released by Nintendo. 

Just like Mario, Luigi wears the same blue color of denim overalls. The only difference lies in the inner shirt.  While Mario’s t-shirt is red, Luigi wears a green one with a hat that has the “L” inscription instead of an “M”.

Asides from that, both Mario and Luigi’s outfit can be said to be the same. 

What Kind Of Jeans Does Mario Wear – Conclusion

It is easy to say that the answer to this must be well known going by how popular the Super Mario game is. 

The Super Mario game is popular quite alright, but we have noticed some misleading answers to the seemingly simple question; what type of jeans does Mario wear. 

To set the records straight, Mario wears a blue colored denim overall. The outfit is quite a functional one seeing that the game was set on a construction site, the creators decided to make Mario a carpenter. 

What do you think a carpenter would wear when on site? 

A denim overall? Well, that’s quite a possibility, we think. 

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