Can You Wash Black Jeans With White Shirts?

Can You Wash Black Jeans With White Shirts? I don’t know about you but the thought of it alone gives me the creeps. Can white shirts be washed along with black jeans or any other piece of clothing at all? 

The answer is a resounding No! Take a look at those immaculate white shirts, looking so exquisite and delicate. Surely you would agree with me that they deserve to be treated extra special, don’t you?

There are several reasons why you might want to wash white shirts together with black jeans. You might want to reduce the usage of detergent and water or get your laundry over and done within the best time possible. But, would you rather save time and detergent and destroy your shirts? It is entirely up to you.

As a rule, dark clothing should not be washed with light or white clothing. Washing them together with the white shirts causes the white fabric to reduce its bright quality.

Most dark clothing especially new black jeans are prone to bleed during the first few washes. Even if that doesn’t happen, dark materials washed together with white shirts cause them to wear out faster. 

Although there are proven ways to get those stains expunged, wouldn’t you rather save yourself from all the trouble?

Best care for your white shirts


Your white shirts and indeed every other white piece of clothing you have need to be cared for in order for them to remain white. Best care practices can be seen in how we wear, wash and store them. Find below, some tips that would help you maintain your white shirts better. 

  • Wash white shirts only: This does not come as a surprise right? It is one golden rule when it comes to caring for your white shirt. Wash white shirts separately.
  • Do not even wash white shirts with cloths with a touch of white. Your plain white shirts are to be washed alone. The reason is simple. Washing with other clothing would see the white shirts getting stained by some of the colors emitting from other clothing.

Best way to wash black jeans

A lot of people avoid washing black jeans so the color does not fade out as a result of too much washing. So, they go on to wear it multiple times without giving it a good wash. Pretty much unhygienic, don’t you think?

The fact that you cannot see the stains and dirt does not mean the black jeans aren’t dirty. Here are a few tips to help you wash your black jeans as much as you should while still preserving its color.

  • Coldwater wash always. Cold water helps preserve the color. Hot/warm water does the opposite.
  • Wash jeans with other dark colors. It’s a colossal failure to wash dark and bright colors. What you will achieve is the colors working against themselves and fading out.
  • Use a tiny amount of detergent good for washing dark colors and wash  jean inside out to retain the color
  • Add a cup of vinegar as it helps shield the dye of the fabric. Alternatively, you can use salt. These two elements help prevent the jeans from bleeding.
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How to revive your white shirts. 

Caring for your white shirts requires a certain level of dedication else you pick up your once bright white shirt to wear from the wardrobe and discover it has mysteriously been stained by another material. 

There are times too that you realize that your sparkling white shirts are no longer as white as they used to be. The underarms are seriously stained with sweat making them discolored. 

Well, not to worry, and don’t even bother about tossing them away for you can revive them in five (5) easy steps. 

  • Soak whites with hot water for a couple of hours with baking soda only before washing. Simply place them in a bowl and add two cups of baking soda. You can machine wash also using the same steps. For maximum effect, mix baking soda first to get a smooth mixture before adding to the load.
  • The next step is to place them in a machine to wash. Add a sufficient amount of a powerful detergent capable of dislodging oils and protein-based stains and begin the cycle. Please note that not all detergents are suitable for washing white fabrics. So, be sure of the detergent you are using so you don’t end up destroying the whites further.
  • Ensure that the machine is not fully loaded so the whites have a lot of free space to interact and get worked on by the detergent.
  • After the wash, rinse in clean water and line dry if possible.
  • Once dry, fold and keep away from other materials.

What other color can you pair with white while washing? 

Ideally, whites should be washed alone. These sassy, delicate, and exquisite materials are so into themselves and are so not interested in collaborating with clothing of a different color. Disobeying their wish to be washed alone has severe consequences that can easily be avoided. 

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When your whites become fairly old, you can however begin pairing them with clothes of a lighter shade that do not shed color. Whatever you do, keep whites away from clothing materials that bleeds.

Things we can do to make our whites last better

The longevity of our whites is a result of how well it is treated. Here are 5 things we do that militate against it’s durability and should be stopped now. They include:

Leaving your whites dirty for too long

The more your whites stay dirty, the more the dirt gets fully lodged in them and proves difficult to wash off. Do not leave white shirts dirty for too long, gather them and soak in warm water.

Do not put white clothes together with other colors to dry in the dryer

This is advised to avoid having the other fabrics discolor the white.

Do not use bleach on every white cloth

Before using bleach on your white, you have to be sure that you must have read the care tags and certified that bleach is safe to use.

Ordinarily, bleach is good and totally fine for use on 100% cotton material. But, for others like the synthetic or silk, it might instead of whitening, cause it to get discolored the more.

Wash white clothes with color on them together with other light clothes using cold water to maintain their brightness.

Always be sure to use detergents that are specifically for white clothes when washing them

Some detergents are produced to cater to white fabrics and keep them clean. They are powerfully formulated to be tough on stains yet very gentle on the fabrics. Ensure that the detergent you use for your whites are actually formulated for them as using others would be an effort in futility.


What are color removals? 

Colour removals are chemical substances that aid you in getting color stains out of your white shirts. Its application is easy.

Simply place your clothes in the machine and add a scoop of the substance. You can add it directly to the load or put it in the dispenser pocket available. Ensure you read the guidelines on the product itself and follow it to the letter. 

Can I use white vinegar to revive my white shirts? 

White vinegars are equally as powerful in removing stubborn stains and coloration getting your whites back to their once shiny state. 

Bleach is also absolutely safe for plain white shirts too but, mostly for 100% cotton fabrics. For others, kindly consult the care tag to know if they can tolerate bleach. The double-action of bleach helps to remove stains and color and make the color of your shirts come alive. 

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What causes bright white shirts to go dull? 

Sweat, dust, body oils, and grime. These things if not properly managed can make your once bright shirts get dull over time. 

When you sweat profusely and have your white shirts get soaked by the sweat, it causes it to have a yellowish or greyish color in areas where the sweat concentration is much. 

This is why most of the underarms of white shirts, collars, and ankles are usually yellowish or greyish. A mixture of sweat mixed with dirt from our bodies or the atmosphere gives rise to discoloration. 

Now, if these shirts are not properly soaked and washed and on time too, these stains can transcend into something permanent or, you might manage to blur them out a bit but, find the stain marks remaining still.

Can You Wash Black Jeans With White Shirts – Conclusion

Our white shirts are highly essential clothing items. This is largely due to their versatility. 

Our white shirts can be worn anyhow for any kind of occasion. You can dress up or dress down with them. It can be paired alongside a pair of black jeans for that business-casual lunch you might have or paired with corporate black trousers for that formal dinner party. 

Whatever it is, your white shirt is sure to make you look sharp and neat. However, we must see to it that the necessary care tips for them are practiced religiously to keep them looking clean, bright, and stain-free. 

Some stains though might get difficult to eliminate when fabrics are old and tired. Simply take that as a signal to get them replaced.

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