Do Black Jeans Bleed On White Shoes?

Black jeans are a favorite when it comes to casual wear. It is loved because it pairs amazingly with whichever color of shirt or shoes you want to wear. However, when you don’t purchase a quality pair, there can be a few drawbacks.

So, Do Black Jeans Bleed On White Shoes? Yes, Black jeans can bleed on white shoes. Black jeans bleed in white shoes because they are either newly dyed and haven’t been washed properly or they are unsanforized denim.

Nothing ruins a pair of white sneakers like when it gets stained; there are several reasons black jeans may bleed which are—

Reasons why black jeans bleed on white shoes


Raw Denim

Raw denim are pairs of jeans that aren’t washed after being manufactured to allow them to maintain a sturdy and glossy silhouette of the fresh dye. Giving the wearer free reign over the fade patterns that will develop during wear. If you own a pair of these, then it is highly likely the jeans will bleed on your white shoes.


If your black jeans are losing their color for some reason like getting bleached or neglected, when this discoloration happens the dye bleeds onto your jeans, especially after washing.

Usually, when your jeans begin to fade, the process is reversible, however, if you want to dye your jeans back to their original color. You should know the best type of dye that’s ideal for your jean fabric if you don’t use the ideal fit.

The dye won’t penetrate the cotton and Will was off when you washed them. And now your jeans begin to bleed again, bringing you back to square one.

Wear and Tear

While you’re wearing your jeans, it constantly experiences friction, and this causes the fibers of the jeans to wear and tear.

When water is applied to the fabric, the parts that have broken down may gradually begin to bleed. One of such parts that experiences friction is the helm of the jeans at the base, it rubs on your shoes, which may be why your black jeans are bleeding on your white shoes.


If you apply bleaching agents to your jeans, whether intentionally or otherwise. You should expect that your jeans will begin to lose their color, the bleach reacts with the dye on the surface of the fabric and weakens it till it gradually begins to come off. This process will cause your black jeans to bleed into your white shoes.

There are washing fluids and soap that have bleaching agents in them, take note of those and avoid using them to wash your jeans.

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Jeans aren’t washed regularly, therefore when it gets dirty it may be hard to notice, if your jeans are indeed dirty, when they come in contact with water.

The dirt will merge with the liquid and it will seem like your jeans are bleeding because of the stain. You should wash your jeans occasionally after you’ve worn them several times.

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Low-Quality Jeans

I had these pairs of jeans which I got at a discount, I started noticing that after every wash, the water would turn completely black and it didn’t matter how many times I rinsed them off. The discoloration persisted, and the quality of the jeans influenced the price and made me purchase a couple of pairs.

My point is that when you buy low-quality jeans, you shouldn’t be surprised when they begin to discolor and bleed into your white shoes.

The excessive dye used

Are your pair of Jeans newly dyed? If so, it may be that the dye used in the process was excessive, which is why the bleeding in the jeans is occurring. The solution for this is to properly wash the dye, and wash the jeans many times till the water runs clear.

How do you stop black jeans from bleeding on your white shoes?

If your jeans are bleeding onto your shoes, there are steps you can take to curb the process.

Avoid excessively long Jeans

when dressing up to head out, if your jeans are prone to bleed, the best way to stop them from staining your white shoes is by avoiding long jeans that touch your shoes. That way the bleeding does not affect them.

Cold wash

The most ideal way to wash your jeans is by using cold water, when you use warm water it causes the fabric to loosen which leads to discoloration. When you cold wash your jeans it helps retain the color, which staves bleeding.

Although cold washing your jeans don’t necessarily guarantee that they won’t bleed on your shoes. However, cold washing helps maintain the fabric.

Never wear damp jeans

If your jeans are prone to bleeding and you wear them, the liquid which is now basically the watered-down form of the dye would trickle down in response to gravity and stain your white shoes. Always ensure your jeans dry completely before wearing them.

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Fold the jeans

If the jeans are too long, and they bleed, an appropriate option would be to fold the bottom hem of the jeans so it does not touch your white shoes.

Use color retaining detergents

By using detergents like Tide PODS Laundry Detergent to wash your jeans, it helps retain the dye in your jeans better, therefore, if your jeans are prone to bleeding, this detergent will help reduce it.

Wear matching shoes

With a pair of jeans that bleed, and you love them because they look amazing on you. The best solution would be to wear a black pair of shoes, that way even when your jeans bleed it does not stain your shoes.

Use Quality dye

If you are going to be dying your jeans yourself, it is necessary to purchase high-quality dye which would stick to the fabric properly. If you don’t, the dye may end up bleeding into your white shoes.

Use Mordant

After dying your pair of jeans, it is ideal to apply mordant to the fabric, this will help the dye set properly and give it longevity. So it wouldn’t begin to fade and bleed after a short period of time.

If you need a mordant that will help the dye in your jeans stay in the fabric without fading, here is a recommendation; use Organic Cotton Plus Alum Mordant.


Does Vinegar remove color bleeds?

It is believed that vinegar removes color bleeds, however, this is a myth. The most efficient way to remove color bleeds would be to use bleach, bleach is great for removing stains and would do a fantastic job. Vinegar is used to soften the fabric of jeans and to help remove bad odors that may resonate from the jeans.

Should you wash new jeans before wearing them?

For the most part, the answer is No. Jeans are made to be washed occasionally and can start to lose shape and quality with too much washing. For your new pairs of jeans, you can just start wearing them right off the shelf and wash them after a couple of months of use.

Are Crocking and Bleeding the same thing?

While crocking is a process when an item loses its color when it rubs on other objects due to friction, it also involves the fibers of the fabric wearing and tearing. Bleeding on the other hand occurs when water causes the dye in the fabric of a clothing item to begin to fade, turning the water the color of the dye.

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Does salt stop jeans from bleeding?

Salt acts as a binding agent for the dye in the jeans fabric, it can help stop bleeding. However, it is most effective when the jeans have just been recently dyed, that way it helps the dye set up better in the fabric and reduces fading.

How do you wash clothes that bleed?

When washing it is best to sort your clothes out according to colors, that way your clothes that bleed don’t stain your other clothes and ruin them. Also, if they bleed make sure you use color retaining detergents and never use warm water to wash. This will only speed up the bleeding process in your clothes.

Do all Jeans bleed?

Not all jeans bleed, intact there are jeans that aren’t dyed at all which means they don’t have color to lose. However, the higher the quality of a pair of jeans, the less prone it is to bleeding when adequate maintenance practices are followed of course.

There are super affordable pairs of jeans that are of premium quality you can get shopping online, examples of such pairs are Wrangler’s Straight Leg Jeans and Wrangler’s Men’s Rugged Wear Jeans.

Do Black Jeans Bleed On White Shoes – Conclusion

Bleeding can cause a permanent stain on your white shoes, if you notice they bleed while you wash them, then you should begin treating the jeans and curb the bleeding before your jeans fade completely.

If your white shoes end up stained from the dye, there are ways you can salvage the situation, either by using bleach to get the stain out or by dyeing your shoes black and leaning into the aesthetic.

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