Can You Wear Ripped Jeans To Court

We think that with the whole seriousness a courtroom reeks of, ripped jean does not exactly fit in. But, what if you do not care about fitting in? What if other factors like your preference in the choice of outfits supersede whatever etiquette rules a courtroom might have? 

Can you still go ahead and wear ripped jeans to court? Would that be a crime? Well, it is totally okay to wear ripped jeans to court. You might get a few stares but then, it wouldn’t be a case of you getting locked up for breaking a law. 

But, you might just want to check in with whatever mission brings you to the courtroom before throwing on ripped jeans. Perception matters a lot even for judges and, appearing in ripped jeans as a defendant might just not help your cause. 

Are jeans in general disallowed for court proceedings? 


Absolutely not. Jeans in general are not in any way prohibited from the courtrooms. Not even ripped jean is disallowed, at least, in most courtrooms

However, a courtroom is nothing like a disco hall or a bar. Courtesy demands you show up to such places in a way that is presentable. 

Keep baggy jeans for a hangout with your pals, ensure you do not sag, keep jeans placed rightly on your waist and fasten them firmly with a belt.

No faded or distressed jeans or jeans with holes on them. Save them, as there are tons of other occasions that they would come in handy. Wear a jean that makes you look smart, sharp, and classy. That should be the goal. 

Can you wear ripped jeans to a Child custody hearing? 

Child custody hearings are no doubt, serious business. You need to be adequately prepared for each and every hearing. Preparation involves doing everything in your power to convince the judge that you are better suited to get the physical and legal custody of the children in contention. 

There is a likelihood that you get emotionally drained by the unfolding of the whole case as you focus on why the children need to be under your care and supervision that, you forget other issues that are paramount to them being realized like your comportment, dressing and overall appearance at each court hearing. 

Yes. Your outfit and general demeanor matter a lot in a child’s custody hearing. From the moment you enter the courtroom, your countenance and mannerisms are all being observed. 

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We’ll be as direct as possible. Keep your ripped jeans at home, and preserve them for some other occasion. They do not portray you as responsible nor will they help you successfully achieve your mission in the courtroom. 

Are lawyers allowed to wear jeans to court? 

That would be seen as grossly unprofessional really. The courtroom is one in which serious issues are deliberated. The atmosphere is business-like. Lawyers are to dress in a way that shows respect for both the court and those whom they represent. 

How can they achieve this? They can achieve this by dressing in clean, neat, and decent clothing, well-polished shoes, and well-combed hair. 

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Clothing items that you must not wear to court

It is definitely common knowledge that there are certain dress codes for different places. Dressing appropriately for each occasion goes a long way in showing one’s level of enlightenment. Read on and get enlightened on clothing items that should not be worn to a place like a courthouse. 

Revealing Dresses

Overly tight dresses or tops dresses with sequins, crop tops, in a nutshell, whatever seems appropriate for a night out at the bar should definitely not be worn to a courthouse. Too dressy outfits should be avoided too. 

T-shirts with offensive inscriptions

Wearing T-shirts that have symbols or inscriptions that are sexually offensive or connote violence or drugs should be totally avoided. 

Undersized or oversized clothing

Undersized clothing makes you look funny while, oversized clothing makes you look like a gangster. 

Sports Attire

Wearing sports or any kind of athletic attire or even hats makes you seem kind of unserious. It is the same with wearing shorts. It gives you that very unserious look. 

Sheer clothing

Any form of clothing that shows your underwear at all is considered to be trashy. Definitely not right for the courtroom. 

Exercise outfits

You’re definitely not at the gym, you know that right? Well, if you do, you will keep these outfits for when you visit one. 

Sleeveless or cleavage-revealing tops

Men in sleeveless tops revealing their muscles is so out of place. Ladies with tops that plunge way down revealing their cleavages is another courtroom fashion fail. 

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Except you do not have other options, a jean trouser can be your last resort. However, make sure that they are not ripped. 

Footwear & Accessories

For your footwear, avoid flip-flops, sports shoes, or shoes that are too high. Bold jewelry should be avoided too especially, those that make a lot of noise when you move around. Keep your sunglasses at home too, you don’t need them at the courthouse if they are not medicated. 

Appropriate outfit ideas for Courtroom proceedings

Not like there is any dress code stamped as law to be followed when going to the courthouse but, following these hints would ensure you appear presentable and ready. 

Well-fitting clothes 

Do not settle for clothes that are too small or too large when going to the courtroom. Wear instead, clothes that are sized right.

Dress conservatively

Dress as conservative as you would when going to a place of worship or visiting a person of high status. 


A well-fitting dress would do or you can absolutely wear a suit. Proper shoes should be worn, with no open toes or flip-flops. Jewelry should be minimal and piercings or tattoos covered. 


A suit would also be a perfect choice of wear to the courthouse. Alternatively, you can put on a nice pair of pants with a neatly ironed long, sleeveless button-up shirt. Ensure you do not sag. Make use of a belt to keep your pants in place. Tattoos and piercings should also be covered. 

Everyone regardless of gender must pay attention to their personal hygiene too. Hairs must be neatly cut or packed, beards must be neatly shaved or trimmed, and Nails should also be cut short and should look clean. Minimal use of deodorant. No drinking or smoking before a court appearance. 

Outfits that should never make it to the courtroom

Sandals/Flip flops

No matter how great your toes are, no matter how beautiful the pedicure done on them look, you must make sure to leave these two footwear ideas at home. 


Asides from the fact that you are supposed to keep your hats off your head when indoors, a Judge would mostly frown at it inside his courthouse too. 

Crack Jackets

The irony of going to court for a hearing about you on a drug-related issue and at the same time, showing up in a crack jacket. 

How is that even supposed to help your case? Ensure you also do away with sweatshirts or any shirt at all that promotes any of the different forms of vices and social ills. 

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There has been a history of two judges in far-away Pennsylvania who vehemently refused to entertain anyone with pajamas in court. 

It does not even sound right to show up in a club in your nightwear and so, no right-thinking human should think of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the dress codes of courthouses be found? 

A lot of these courthouses have a functional website where information like these can be gotten from. People are to look them up prior to their court hearing and familiarize themselves with them. 

Alternatively, you can get ideas from your legal representative on how best you can present yourself to the courtroom. 

Why should I not wear sunglasses to court? 

Because it is just not needed. It is rude and obstructs eye contact between you and the judge. Unless they are medicated ones, keep them at home. 

Final words

Ripped jeans are not exactly disallowed in the courtroom. We just have a bunch of courtroom etiquette rules that people are naturally, morally obligated to abide by. 

“First impression they say, matters a lot.” Appearing in a neat and decent manner to court goes a long way in revealing the level of regard you have for the establishment you’re in and the people you find there. 

Therefore, if you were of the opinion that your dress to the courthouse does not really matter, you know better now. It is as important as whatever brought you in front of the judge in the first place. 

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