Do Levis Black Jeans Fade?

Do Levis Black Jeans Fade? Levi black jeans fading totally depends on how well you take care of it. When the jeans undergo so much wear and tear, their dye is expected to be affected. 

The truth is that the color of a jean never remains the same again after each and every wash. Bearing that in mind, picture how affected the color of a frequently washed dark denim would be?

How to take care of your black jean to prevent them from fading early

Care for your black jeans includes how frequently you have them washed, your washing as well as drying method and how you go about ironing and storing them. Find below simple ways in which you can keep your black jeans staying black for a very long time.

Do not wash so jeans so often

Ideally, you should only wash your black jeans after 10 wears or even more. This is because the color never remains the same after each wash.

To keep them clean as you use them, you can wash specific spots where you have stains or grease. You can also have dust and other debris wiped off with a damp brush or a lint roller.

For odor and bacteria control, you can try putting them in the freezer. Bacteria causing diseases and other offensive odours cannot survive extremely cold temperatures, they are bound to die off leaving your jeans smelling way fresher.

Machine washing your jeans

Apart from washing frequently, having them machine washed is another fast way to tamper with the color of your black jean.

Hand washing is usually advised because you can actually have them washed sparingly by just highlighting dirty spots instead of washing the whole jean.

If you must machine wash though, ensure that the jeans are turned to the back before placing them in the machine and have them washed using cold water.

Ensure that you load in detergents specifically formulated for dark fabrics and follow the appropriate dosage instructions.

Always have your jeans dried on low heat after washing: As a rule, jeans fibers and extremely hot temperatures do not go well. High heat can have an adverse effect on the color base as well as shrink the fibers. 

Whenever you toss jeans into the dryer, have it set to low or medium heat and never on the hottest setting.

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DIY – How to revive faded black jeans using coffee.

I bet you did not know that the coffee we so much enjoy taking in the morning can be used as a natural dye to restore your faded jeans back to life.

Well, now you know. If coffee is used on very light fabrics, it makes them go brown. However, when you use them on dark fabrics like your black jeans, for instance, it works on strengthening its black dye and brightens them generally, bringing dull dark colors to life.

Now, let us get down to the steps used in its application.

  • Step 1: Prepare about 3 cups of coffee. The coffee should be extremely dark for maximum effect.
  • Step 2: Toss your faded dark jeans into the washing machine and have a rinse cycle done. This should be done using cold water only. Detergent is not needed at this stage of the exercise.
  • Step 3: As the machine begins to fill up with water, pour in the black coffee. You can go ahead to pour it directly over the jeans.
  • Step 4: Resume the rinse session and have it completed.
  • Step 5: Once done, begin a wash cycle. This time using cold water and a jean-friendly detergent. The washing done here will take care of the coffee smell on your jeans and remove every other residue.
  • Step 6: Washing cycle over, get them to line dried or if using a dryer, dry under low or medium heat.

This easy hack would have your almost dead dark jeans rejuvenated in order for you to resume rocking them once more. 

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Can you dye Levi black jeans?

Most definitely. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have had their dark Levi 501 dyed to bring them back to life and further elongate their lifespan.

See below how to go about applying dye on your dark jeans the right way.

To get this done, items you will be needing include:

  • Your all-purpose dye
  • A rubber basin
  • Measuring plastics
  • Salt
  • Hanger
  • Hand gloves (rubber preferably)
  • Tongs

Dishwashing liquid

Duration: This dyeing process is likely to last for half an hour at least.

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Step 1

Have your jeans washed while turned to the other side, squeeze out excess liquid but, do not dry.

Step 2

Pour sufficient hot water into the plastic rubber basin provided. Sufficient in this sense means more than enough water to get the fabrics totally immersed so they are able to move and interact freely in the solution.

Step 3

to further amplify the color, add a cup full of salt.

Step 4

after adding the salt, follow it up with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. This acts as an agent that promotes all-around level dyeing.

Step 5

Now, put on your rubber gloves. Always make sure that they are worn before you handle the dye. Pour half a bottle of the dye into the basin. This totally depends on the volume of the load though. If you intend to dye a lot of jeans, double this dose and empty the bottle. Make sure you stir very well 

Step 6

get the jeans, (make sure that they are still in their state) and introduce them to the mixture. Remember that the water being used in this particular procedure is hot water.

So, as soon as you put the damp jeans in, use a tong to stir non-stop for about 15 minutes or more. Make sure that the jeans immerse well into the mixture and that no part is left out.

Step 7

leave jeans soaked in the dye bath for a couple of hours. This requires a lot of patience for, the longer the jean stays soaked, the darker the eventual outcome.

Step 8

When you are convinced that you now have the desired color, get the jeans out of the solution and have the dripping dye squeezed.

There are different methods by which denims can be dyed. One of the methods is called the “crunch method”; a method in which you do not have to put the whole jean but, systematically apply to the specific areas you want to be dyed and have it dyed that way.   

Can vinegar be used to stop black jeans from fading?

Vinegar can totally be used to lock in jean color. If you are particular about preserving the color of your dark jeans, incorporate the use of vinegar in every wash.

The method of application is super easy. You just have to follow the normal wash routine – washing jeans in cold water only that this time, you have them soaked instead of adding half a cup of vinegar.

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Leave them to soak for about half an hour. This gives the vinegar ample time to do a fine job of setting the fabric’s dye and securing it from being washed out.

For the record, hand washing is preferred for jean wash as it is said to be milder on them.


The quickest way to have your dark jeans and other bright colors fade

Pretty easy process if you ask me. Simply have them washed very often with very hot water.

Do H&M black jeans fade?

The H&M brand has a denim they call the ‘Skinny No fade black jean. It is a jean made in very stretchy cotton denim that they had dyed multiple times during production just so that the color can still be maintained after other washes.

Even at that, they still advise that you minimize the way you have them washed to keep the colors intact. 

Do Levis Black Jeans Fade – Conclusion

Even the most expensive pair of jeans would fade if not taken proper care of. The Levi brand is a viable option for you to get those black jeans that would not fade off easily but outlast the money splurged on them while still maintaining their durable feature.

But, to keep them to stay that away, you must be careful of how often you wash them, the kind of washing methods you use, and how they are dried too and subsequently stored.

It is imperative you do this to enjoy this long-lasting attribute they possess. Even if you are a clean freak, there is a need to master the art of washing sparingly so as to have your jeans serve you for long.

That pair of Levi in your possession would soon be one of the vintage pieces that people would fall over themselves while begging to buy them off from you in years to come.

You know what else gets a jean collector to empty his pocket without being pressured? A pair of old and neatly worn Levi items! So, plan ahead now and make taking care of your dark Levi denims, a priority.

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