Why Do My Black Jeans Have White Spots?

Why Do My Black Jeans Have White Spots? Excessive use of detergents and their inability to dissolve well could be the reason why there are white streaks/spots on your black jean. Another thing that could potentially cause this could be as a result of deposits from hard water.

On the other hand, if you buy a pair of plain black jeans and you keep it in your wardrobe for a period of months, maybe after the first or second wear because you have too many options, it might start to streak or begin to develop white spot. There are a couple of other reasons why your natural black jeans would start to have white spots.

Why do my black jeans have white spots

Reasons why black jeans pick up white spots



Dirt are particles (in powder, liquid or tiny little solids) that are glued to your pair of outfits whenever you wear them. The wind could blow dirt on you, you could sweat out dirt or be splashed with dirty water.

However it comes, it stays glued to your jeans until you wash it off with detergent and clean water. If you live in a dusty neighbourhood, your wardrobe could be a contributing factor to your jeans picking up dirt.

This is because, if you have a dusty wardrobe and you drop your jeans in it, it picks a stain and without proper washing off, those stains are eventually turned into white spots on your black pair of jeans trousers.

You easily sweat when you wear your jeans due to the hard texture material used in making it. This contributes to dirt that can cause your black jeans to streak.


Like I stated earlier on, if you buy a pair of jeans and you just dump it in your wardrobe after one or two times of wearing it, it picks up white spots. Being stagnant does not just destroy human life but can also ruin the existence of your favourite pair of black jeans with white spots too.


Keeping your black jeans in your wardrobe where it’s often hot or warm is a threat to its original colour. Heat makes the jeans soft and wet, and then the detergent particles not properly rinsed would begin to create streaks.

This is why you must keep your pair of black jeans in a cool, favourable atmosphere at all times to avoid white spots. Even after washing, air dry your jeans under a shade instead of using the sunlight.


Folding up and keeping your jeans when it’s not completely dry does not just give it an awful smell but also results to white spots. This could be said to be the water and detergent effect. When your black jeans are wet, it makes them soft and susceptible to fading which also results in white spots. Always keep your pair of black jeans dry.

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When your black jeans begin to lose their originality in colour, the nearest colour it picks is white. It’s funny how it can be fashionable sometimes. Considering that some dye fades faster than others The anti-fading strength of the dye used on your jeans can determine if the jeans eventually start to have white spots.


You can agree with me that even as humans when you grow to a certain age, you can’t do the things you used to when you were younger. An old pair of black jeans is vulnerable to start streaking easily.

If your favourite pair of black jeans have lasted two years of service, do it the honour of a befitting goodbye and not abandonment which will eventually be the case. It won’t be strong enough to pull through harsh threats from used detergents and it might begin to tear off too you know.

Water and Detergent

The use of too much laundry detergent, undissolved detergent particles or hard water residues are some of the major causes of white spots on black jeans. Laundry soaps are better. But liquid soaps are the best!

Dirty Washing Machine

When you don’t often clean your washer, it can preserve dirt or particles that will eventually be glued to your clothes when you wash them in that washer. Just like soap scum in your bathroom, that’s how it works sometimes.

To enjoy a clean/stainless washing, you must clean a normal washer once a month and a standard washer, at least two times a year. The washer needs to be washed too.

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How can I avoid white spots on my black jeans?

It’s quite an easy thing to do. You make sure you avoid all the reasons why your natural black jeans will have white spots and stick to some of the following remedies to white spots on black jeans. Black jeans are a wardrobe basic, but washing them can also be a fast road to condemnation if you do it wrongly. Here are a few tips on how to keep them looking good.

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Make use of liquid detergent. If your jeans come out with white spots from the wash, it is likely that these are tiny particles of undissolved detergent.

When washing with powdered laundry detergent, pour it into your wash water and wait for it to completely dissolve, making it all liquid before throwing it in your jeans to help prevent white spots. To avoid these situations, use colour retaining detergents like the Woolite DARKS Liquid Laundry Detergents.


Wash your pair of black jeans not always immediately after wear(that could fade it) but after the second or third time, you wear it. Washing the dirt substance on your pair of black jeans controls it from picking up white spots.

Use just a little fetch/drop of detergent and good clean water when washing your black jeans to avoid streaks/white spots.

Always make sure to empty the pockets, especially of tissues, cos you don’t want your black pair of jeans to be cladded in torn-up white tissues. Also, wash in cold water, never put your black jeans, or any dark clothes in a laundry load of hot or warm water.


When tumble drying, clothes can fade quicker, so if the climate permits and you are not really in a hurry, air drying is the best thing to do. If you want to line dry them, ensure that the jeans are turned inside out, so they are less likely to fade in scorching sunlight.

When you wash your pair of black jeans, ensure that it’s totally dry before folding into your box. A little dampness can give it a bad smell and create white spots around the parts it touches, especially if you fold your clothes into boxes. Always dry your pair of black jeans under low heat. You should turn it inside out too before drying.


Dye the jeans with a black solution if you think that the white spots came from fading. The exact method to dye depends solely on the jeans-approved black dye product that you acquire. This usually involves soaking your jeans in a sink or bucket filled with a solution of dye and water.

There’s a certain amount of dye solution you use in tally with the amount of water, so make sure you compare the dye amount to the water when mixing them. Too much dye on your black jeans can give them a different and sometimes displeasing look.

Proper Disposition

Folding up your pair of jeans into your wardrobe puts it at risk of streaks. When it’s folded in the wardrobe or box, it easily generates heat depending on the temperature and that eventually leads to white spots.

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Hanging your pair of jeans after washing and wearing is a preferable choice. Always keep your pair of black jeans in a cool dry place to avoid streaks.


What do I do if my jeans streak?

  • This is easy. The foremost thing to do is find out the real source of the white spots. Observe the creases of your black jeans for powder, or scratch one of the white spots on your black jeans with your fingernail.
  • Rinse your streaked jeans if you found obvious signs of laundry powder or mineral deposits or if you were able to scratch away some of a streak with your fingernail. After you rinse your jeans, turn them inside out and dry on low heat, to prevent fading.
  • Turn the jeans inside out before you wash to prevent the black exterior part of your jeans from rubbing and wearing when they swish around in the washer.
  • Dye your jeans if you believe the white spots are a result of fading.
  • Soak your pair of jeans in Heinz white vinegar for about 15 to 30 minutes, then put it back into the washing machine.

Why Do My Black Jeans Have White Spots – Conclusion

To have your black jeans last longer in colour maintenance, all you need to do is wash them properly, use preferably liquid detergents, do not mix them with other colours when washing, dry them properly and when it starts to fade, there is no need to panic as there are black dye solutions to solving that creeping problem. You can also follow the few simple tricks to do when your jeans start to streak.

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