Can You Wash Jeans With Towels?

Laundry day may be around the corner and you may want to find a way to save time and water by grouping your clothes by colour. However, there are other factors to consider when doing laundry, if you want to know if you can wash your jeans with your towels. I got you.

So, Can You Wash Jeans With Towels? In a very short sentence, You can but you should not. There are numerous reasons why you should not, from your jeans bleeding into your towels to matters of hygiene.

Some other reasons you should not wash jeans with towels


Germ and Bacteria Transfer

The fact that towels are meant to be used indoors to dry off your body after you have a bath, while jeans are usually with and used outside where you end up leaning and touching germ and bacteria-infested surfaces which will corrupt the jeans.

It is not advised to wash the now germ and bacteria-infested jeans with your towels which you use to dry off your body. It may lead to skin irritation and diseases.

Bad Odour

When you wash your jeans with your towel since jeans aren’t washed often they may have a funky smell. That funk gets all up on the towels, you may not notice the odour because of the smell of the detergent but when they completely dry off, you will definitely notice the odour.

Then you would have to wash the towels all over again to get rid of the smell. This was super avoidable if you had just warned them separately, now you would have wasted time and water.

Getting grease all over your Jeans

If you wash your kitchen towels with your pairs of jeans, all the grease the towel has soaked up will get all over your jeans and create stains. It is best to wash Kitchen towels alone with a lot of soap to properly get rid of the grease.

Use of Bleach

You may be thinking that since your pair of jeans are light in colour, you can just wash them with your white bath towels to properly clean them.

However, bleach has an abrasive effect on jeans, especially denim. If you wash them with bleach you end up ruining both the colour and thickness of the fabric.

Bleeding and Discolouration

It is common knowledge that jeans bleed, especially raw denim, and this bleed or discolouration is often severe, especially in darker coloured jeans.

If you wash them with your towels, then you better be ready to have discoloured towels, all your towels will pick up the colour of your jeans. And not in a cool “tie and dye” way. I’m talking about chameleon skin changing, pale-looking sickly hues. No one wants that.

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Detergent Types

Jeans and towels are washed with different detergents in order to prolong the longevity of the fabric. Towels are washed with milder and more fragrant detergents like Tide Pods 3 in 1, Laundry Detergent, while jeans are washed with more abrasive detergents that help retain colour like OxiClean Dark Protect Liquid Detergent.

If you wash them with the same detergent, the fabric of either of the items of clothing may end up compromised.

Wash Mode & Duration

Different garments have alternate wash modes, while towels are washed with hot or warm water on a high cycle to help disinfect the cotton. Jeans are typically cold washed on a gentle cycle, if you wash jeans in hot water they tend to discolor and shrink because heat is bad for jeans.

Most clothes come with wash instructions which give you a guide on the most appropriate way to wash the cloth. Jeans have different instructions from the amount of time they should spend in the washing machine to the mode of drying. It’s best to separately wash them.

Lint Transfer

The cotton material used to make towels typically sheds off after a while of use, and the shedding occurs while you’re washing the towels. When you get your pairs of jeans in the mix, the lint particles may stick to your jeans and it is incredibly difficult to get rid of the specs of lint when they stick to your jeans.

Although it is possible to remove the pieces of lint, it is quite tedious and should be avoided if possible. Why go through all that trouble?

Tears and Rips

When you wash your jeans with your towels, you run the risk of ripping the towels. Let me explain, jeans have metallic components with sharp edges like the zipper and buttons, while the clothes are having a casual tumble in the washing machine, washing.

The towel can get caught on the jean zipper and the motion may end up making holes in your towels. Unless you want to purchase towels every month, best not to take the risk at all.

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Chemicals from Jeans

Jeans are considered work pants and for professions that deal with toxic substances such as fertilisers and pesticides, the chemicals may infect the jeans and when the same jeans are washed with your towels, the towels may imbibe the chemicals.

Also, sulphur dye and pure indigo are usually used to give denim their colour, some individuals often have allergic reactions to those substances.

Towels are used to wipe your bare skin, it should be obvious that the human skin reacts to toxic chemicals. This could have more adverse effects for kids, delicate skin and all. Why risk it?

Keeping Towels Fluffy

Fabric softeners like WilPoem New Zealand Nature Fabric softener are usually used to keep the fabric of towels light and fluffy for a comfy and smooth feel when wiping the body. If you get your jeans in the mix while the fabric softeners are in use it will affect the texture of the jeans and loosen the material.

Which will make them easily prone to ripping, jeans are a favourite because of the sturdiness and when they become prone to tear, it loses its value. You end up having to buy new pairs of jeans before the year runs out.


For the sake of your health and your kids, that’s if you have kids. Simply wash your jeans separately as a precautionary measure, how does that saying go? Prevention is better than cure?


Can you wash towels with other clothes?

It depends on the article of clothing you are washing them with, clothes like shirts can be washed with your towels but you have to sort them out by colour so the darker coloured clothes don’t bleed into the lighter clothes.

Can I wash dark coloured and lighter coloured towels together?

As long as the dark coloured towels don’t bleed, I don’t see a problem. But you should wash the darks alone to confirm if they bleed or not, so you know how to proceed with the washing in the future.

If they bleed, you should probably use colour retaining detergents or purchase better towels like Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels, with these quality towels you don’t have to worry about bleeding or discolouration.

Is it okay to wash kitchen towels with a bath towel?

Absolutely not, it is not okay in any way. Kitchen towels are used to wipe your hands and wipe the kitchen counter with all the food crumbs and grease stains.

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Bath towels are for your body after you have cleaned yourself with soap and water. It is super unhygienic and should not be done, under any circumstance. Wash them separately always.

Is it bad to wash all clothes together?

There are several reasons why you should not wash all your clothes together, like your dark coloured clothes bleeding into your whites or ruining the texture of your fabrics.

Always sort your clothes out before you wash them, and clothing like underwear should be washed alone for health and wellness reasons.

How often should I wash my Towels?

Your bath towels should be washed as regularly as possible, after every 3-5 days of regular use. That way you always wash the dead skin you may have rubbed off your body from the towels, it promotes good skincare and helps you safe from skin irritations.

Kitchen towels get grease stains and other forms of dirt because it is used every day, so it should be washed at the end of the day. Everyday.

Can You Wash Jeans With Towels – Conclusion

For certain health reasons, mainly skincare. It is best to avoid washing your jeans with your towels. For people that tend to have allergic reactions quite easily, it is best to wash your bath towels alone to avoid mishaps.

To protect the quality of your Fabric, it is best to sort your clothes out. The discolouration may end up affecting the towels when the jeans bleed, it is best to always take your time.

So, if you are in a hurry, you can always reschedule the laundry for another day which you can take your time to sort things properly. I hope this provides you with all the information you need, Godspeed!

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