Are True Religion Jeans Made In China? 

Are True Religion Jeans Made In China? Well, if you are referring to the authentic and 100% certified true religion jeans, they are made in the US.

The True Religion Children denim merchandise are, however, made in Mexico. The brand called True Religion Jeans is a luxury clothing company with headquarters situated in Gardena, California, US.

How to know the original true religion jeans?


Simply cast your eyes to the bolt used in connecting the metals in front of the jean. The inscription there should be “TRBJ” this simply means; “The True Religion Brand Jean.” Then your next check should be at the zip area for another inscription that reads “YYK.”

Seen the labels yet? The TR brand has about three labels on it overlapping each other. The label underneath should have a logo shaped like a horse shoe. Another thing to note is the white plastic threading seen just below the label.

If you have carefully scrutinized it for the logo as stated in the previous tip, you must have also noticed by now, a special number pasted at the rear of the security label.

Now, the question is not if you see the number, it is more about how it is being written. Original TR jeans have this special number neatly printed. If what you see is embroidered or pen written, sorry to hurt your feelings but, you got a fake.

Still on the label, moving down to the third one is where you find the labeling claims; details about production, material type, particular jean style, jean cut name, and codes. Now, go a step further by cross-checking to see that the style names and numbers found on your jean correspond with those on the paperwork.

Last stop are the buttons. Check out if the buttons are branded and bear the inscription “True Religion Brand Jeans.” The wordings are very finely done, the finish is super clear and neat.

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How to spot fake true religion jeans

This is not such an easy job, seeing as a lot of fake true religion jeans have flooded the market but, you will notice a fake if only you are one to pay attention to details. 

Scrutinize the jean very well. Run your hand through it and feel its texture. If it feels inferior, the chances are it is fake. But one must not go by assumptions right? Let’s check out some accurate facts that can tell you if jean is a fake.

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Look at the jean closely; do you see any smiling Buddhas? Authentic TR jeans usually have smiling Buddhas drawn close to the linings on the front pocket.

Now, it is not enough to conclude right after seeing the drawing, you still have to check out how it was drawn and the shade of the drawing which normally, should not be too bright or too dull but, somewhere in-between.

Another way to identify a fake TR jean is by using the size as a yardstick. If you are on the big side, you might probably be too excited to see a TR jean made in your size.

Too excited that you forget to check out the denim to verify if it’s actually original or not. I am not trying to burst your bubble but, the fact remains that for now, it is impossible to see original TR jeans in sizes above 38.

True religion’s largest jean size for men, as at the time of writing this, is 38 and for the ladies; 32 except for one time that a ladies jean was produced in size 34. So, this means that the extremely big-sized jean that you are feeling so happy about is likely to be nothing short of a fake.

Also, be extra careful when shopping online. Most consumer experiences of fake TR buys are those purchased online. To avoid this totally, shop only from the real website of the True Religion Clothing Company or buy specifically from accredited exclusive stores online.

One last important tip to use in spotting a fake is by the prize attached to it. No, you are not just lucky to have gotten them at a discounted rate; that is just pretty much what they are worth because they are fake!  Any jean less than 100$ is definitely not an original TR denim.

The true religion logo can be described as a smiling or happy Buddha. The smile or happiness as it seems, can be further translated to the Buddha so in tuned to his spiritual side. The logo signifies inner peace, wealth, and nature. This logo was inspired by Jeffery Lubell himself, manufacturer of the premium true religion brand. 

Is the True Religion brand known for only denim?

Yes. They are a high-end premium denim brand with a focus on the right fit and unique styles made with the best quality materials for men, women, and children. Hence, their long-time slogan: “It is all about the fit.”

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Are True Religion overrated?

Well, if what you mean by overrated is the superb quality, extremely comfortable, highly durable, and exquisite features the jean possesses, then, be my guest. The TR clothing company has been in existence since the year 2002.

Imagine, being the most sort after brand since 2002! It is no fluke, they are most probably doing something right to have repeat consumers coming back for more and a crop of new ones wanting to get a feature in the experience.

Where can you get authentic information about the TR jeans?

In this era where anything can be cloned and passed off as the original, sometimes even sold at the same rate as the original making it somewhat difficult for you to tell the difference, there is a need to be careful and to always go through the right channels of getting your TR. It would prevent you from having an unpleasant buying experience.

For every information about the real TR jeans, the different styles that are produced and currently available, how much they are worth, and how you can get them delivered to you, consult their website; the True Religion Website.

How can you differentiate between men’s and women’s true religion jeans?

You can start by the fit. Women’s TR jeans are usually tailored to fit with curves present in the right places. Alternatively, lookout for a number at the back of the label.

If you can see the number, then, they are most likely for men. Other areas to check are the sizes and pocket-size too. Jeans for women are usually made in smaller sizes.

There are also jeans designed as unisex. This means that they can be worn by both males and females.


How much are original TR jeans?

Prices of TR jeans vary from collection to collection. However, you cannot get a TR jean for any amount lesser than 100$. There are collections that sell for 200$ and others way above that

Does the True Religion Brand have outlets in China?

No, they do not. People easily believe this because of the flood of TR denim there. The truth is, what is obtainable there are mere replica’s, badly done ones if you ask me. The China-made TRs are usually very cheap compared to the original and the quality is not even close to the standard quality materials used for the authentic ones. 

Would the True Religion brand go extinct soon?

The denim fabric has come a long way. Clothing made from denim are very versatile, extremely comfortable, and can be worn across all age groups – by children and adults alike.

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The TR brand creatively designs them into attires that can be worn either casually, semi-casual or formal. As matter of fact, an introduction of a new collection from them is a reveal of a higher level of creativity unlocked.

They say “denim never wanes” and with the way the TR brand keeps re-inventing and consistently churns out new designs, I dare say they will be here for a long time.

Are True Religion Jeans Made In China – Conclusion

The True Religion brand is not the pioneer of the denim fashion. The history of the unique denim material goes way back in time with different clothing companies producing outfits made with denim.

However, the TR brand, set up in the year 2002, came and took the game to a different level all together. Their unique designs neatly stitched and creatively crafted to turn heads and stand out makes them highly sought after.

Even after many years, the TR brand stands still, waxing stronger and better and churning brilliant styles & designs in every collection. The downside however, is the influx of fakes in the market. So many unworthy replicas de-marketing the brand and giving consumers a bad experience. 

To this end, the company has put in place information on their website on how to go about purchasing original TR jeans in order not to share in the unpleasant experience of buying a fake. Before purchase, go to the True Religion Website or some of their exclusive online stores and see the appropriate channels to go through.

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