Why Do American Eagle Jeans Smell Like Poop?

If your new pair of American eagle jeans give off a weird smell that’s almost like someone rubbed faeces on them, depending on the area which gives off the foul smell, whether it’s localised around a particular region or the entire Jeans smells weird, there could be a number of reasons. Read on

Why Do American Eagle Jeans Smell Like Poop? American Eagle jeans may give off that poop smell due to the fact that sulphur dye was used on the fabric or formaldehyde (which is a form of bacterial and fungal control chemical) was used on the jeans while in storage in the warehouse.

The reason behind the pop smell in American eagle jeans


The above are just a few reasons, other possible reasons may include —


When it comes to foul odour and offensive smell from clothes, the main cause is usually the presence of bacteria that thrive in the fabric of the jeans. When the bacteria are saturated it may end up giving off a smell so offensive, it smells like poop.

The said bacteria may have “migrated” into the jeans either from the warehouse in storage or from being handled by bacteria-infected hands.

Dye odour

The dye American Eagle uses to give that trademark blue denim colour on its jeans is “Pure Indigo” and in some cases when the dye isn’t washed off properly before the sale. The dye gives off a very foul smell if your jeans smell like poop. There is a very high chance the dye used in making your jeans look good is the primary cause.

The good news is, if this is the reason, it is very easily reversible. You can have it cleaned professionally or you can perform a quick DIY in the comfort of your home with a few household items.

Actual poop, somehow, maybe

What if, and hear me out here? What if it’s actual poop. It somehow got on your jeans, if the poop smell is localised around a particular area, maybe around the crotch or butt. There is a chance it’s actual poop and you should wash them off as soon as possible and investigate the matter.

For actual poop stains, there are detergents and chemicals that can help you get rid of the smell completely and give it a refreshing and nice smell.

Either way, you need to shop online more, you run a lower risk of contamination and purchasing articles of clothing that someone else has tried on.

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This is a chemical compound often used by manufacturers to stave off Bacteria, Moss and Fungus of Jeans when it’s stored in the warehouse.

This chemical often has a foul smell, and if it gets on the jeans either by direct contact or by being imbibed by the jeans. Either way, if they aren’t properly sorted out before you purchase them, that could be the source of the poop smell you’re getting a whiff of.

It’s probably dirty

Hear me out, have you considered the fact that you probably bought the jeans dirty? I know it may sound absurd that a dirty pair of jeans can smell that bad, however, it is within the range of possibilities and you should check every box. If you pop them in your washing machine and have them thoroughly washed, and the foul smell persists then you know for sure it’s not “dirt”. Use Gain Laundry Detergent Liquid Plus Aroma Boost to wash, if the smell persists. Move on.

Mildew maybe

I know this may sound unlikely, but since we are considering every option, it could be mildew. We know mildew thrives in damp environments. If the pair of jeans are store-bought and were neglected, the fungus could have grown all over and that could be the source of the smell.

The best way to rule this out is by washing with regular detergent and if the smell persists then the problem is probably more drastic.

Surfur dye

It’s no secret that sulphur gives off a horrible smell that is almost “rotten egg-esq”, if your jeans were purchased in a thrift store. There is a high chance the pair were dyed to have them revamped, one of such dyes used is Sulphur dye. If not washed out properly your American Eagle Jeans may end up smelling like poop.

Don’t fret though, no need to throw them out. There is an easy fix that you can do yourself, I’ll get to that in a minute.

Another person tried them on 

Although most people prefer to shop online nowadays if your pair of American Eagle Jeans are store-bought, then there’s a chance someone else tried them on before you purchased them— and that mystery person may have somehow transferred whatever stinky smell he/she may have had on, into your pair of jeans.

My point is, there is a chance it’s not the manufacturers doing. Remember to check all the boxes. Move on.

Some other chemicals from the warehouse

Whether it be Fabric eating moths or termites when there is an infestation at the warehouse where the jeans are being stored after production. Chemicals are usually deployed to kill off the parasites, in order to protect the merchandise. If these chemicals get on the jeans while in storage, it may cause your new pair of jeans to stink.

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Off-gassing occurs when a material (any material that is chemically engineered) is gradually degrading, when the said material begins to give off gasses like ammonia and other toxic chemical gasses, this is known as “off-gassing”.

This may occur on your pair of American Eagle jeans because of the dye used to give it its colour. Gasses like ammonia have a distinct smell, and if your jeans begin to undergo the off-gassing process, they are going to smell.

The best way to avoid this possibility is to always purchase brand new jeans from trusted retailers, that way you can always return if you’re unhappy with the product.

Bad plumbing

I’ve heard of cases where the plumbing in the house wasn’t done right and the pipes were all mixed up which caused the water coming out of the taps to smell horribly.

Also, if the pipes are old and haven’t been changed or cleaned in a while, same goes for the reservoir, if it has not been cleaned in a while the water will surely smell bad.

In cases like these, if the water is used to wash your jeans before use (as many people like to do) the jeans may end up imbibing the smell of the water. And it will inevitably smell bad when it dries off.

Why do american eagle jeans smell like poop


How often should you wash American eagle jeans?

Not just American Eagle jeans, all jeans should be washed after 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how often you wear them. Your jeans should NOT be washed after every use if you want them to last, washing your jeans regularly may seem like a great ideal and hygienic, however, they will rapidly deteriorate and discolour after a short period.

If you absolutely need to clean them because of stains, it’s best to practice “spot cleaning” where you scrub the stained area with a sponge and soap to get rid of the stain.

How do you get poop smell out of jeans?

The easiest and most convenient way to get the horrible smell out of your jeans would be to mix white vinegar with part water, then soak your pair of jeans in for 40 minutes or up to an hour.

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After they have soaked for a while, you take them out and wash them properly with a detergent that is Ideal for jean fabric and also has a fragrant smell. Some products that come highly recommended for this process are Heinz White Vinegar and Puracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent for the best results.

Is formaldehyde in jeans dangerous?

In high concentrations it could be dangerous to human health, it could lead to skin irritations, rashes and burns. It could be detrimental to individuals with allergies, in my opinion in all concentration levels it should not be found in jeans.

And if they happen to be, ensure you wash your jeans properly before use to completely get rid of the chemicals. Better safe than sorry.

Does vinegar remove formaldehyde?

White vinegar is known to get rid of Formaldehyde, it is used to get rid of most chemical substances on surfaces. And it is super easy to acquire and just as easy to use, as mentioned earlier, when you purchase the white vinegar, pour some in a bucket and dilute it with some water.

Then soak your pair or pairs of jeans in the vinegar and water mixture for an hour, take the jeans out after their stint in the mixture, wash and dry.

Why Do American Eagle Jeans Smell Like Poop – Conclusion

If your new pair of American Eagle jeans smell horribly, no need to fret and throw them out. The first thing to do is to know the cause, that way you can find the most appropriate solution to the problem.

Although, if the smell is chemical based Vinegar is the way to go to get rid of the horrible smell. I hope this piece helps you solve your “poop jeans” problem. Happy trails!

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