Are Hollister Jeans True To Size? 

Here, we would dissect all there is to know about  Hollister jean sizes and the overall fit. The sizes they are mostly produced in, if they run big or small, if they stretch excessively too so you know if you would have to get your perfect size or two sizes smaller hoping that they would fit just right when it does expand. 

So, Are Hollister Jeans True To Size? Hollister jeans are made in very small sizes. The sizes of the Jean itself runs slightly smaller than normal. To get the sizes right, you just might need to try them on to see if they fit correctly or you can opt for getting a size bigger if your right size in the jeans are a bit too tight on you.

How well do Hollister jeans fit?  Well, one thing we can say for sure is they are just not reliable. if you are on the big size, you might want to try out Hollister jeans before you purchase because they run exceedingly small.

Can you stretch Hollister jeans?


If what you have isn’t produced to be stretchy, then No, you can’t. Naturally, the materials used in making jean trousers makes it capable for them to stretch out a bit mostly after it must have been worn and undergone a couple of washes. 

Hollister jeans might be able to slacken up a bit after the first few washes. But, attempting to make it expand a size or two sizes bigger would be a complete waste of time.

How can you shrink Hollister jeans? 

Well, let us see if we can record a better success at shrinking as we could not get so much out of stretching Hollister jeans. 

For the bulk of us, we usually have this pair of jeans that is so special to us. We cannot seem to have enough of it nor, do away with it even if it loses form.

When these once well fit jeans changes in the way it fits and appear shapeless on us, it isn’t so easy to toss them aside, instead, we do everything we possibly can to make them regain its form. 

If your favorite pair of jeans becomes so big all of a sudden, here is a simple process you can follow to return it back to shape.

Wash your jeans using hot water alone

If machine washing, place on the hottest setting and begin the wash cycle. Do not use any detergent, fabric softener, or bleach. What the hot water does is contract the fibers and then shrink them afterwards. 

Please note that jeans made with cotton blend and not 100% cotton cannot be worked on to shrink. 

Next step would be to place jeans in the dryer and put on the highest heat settings

Once dry, wear jeans on to see if it has shrunk to your desire. You might need to put them in the dryer for an extra 10 – 15 minutes if it has not.

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The key is to keep on repeating the process till it does. The more interaction the fibers of the jeans have with heat both from the hot water and dryer, the more they contract then, later shrink.

Alternatively, you can boil jean in hot water. Simply get a big pot, place jeans inside, and leave it to boil on a stove. Or, you can wait till the water begins to boil and put jeans in. Thereafter, leave them to boil for five (5) minutes then turn off the heat. 

Allow the jeans to remain in water till it cools off. Once cool, place jeans in a dryer and begin a full drying cycle. Once they are completely dried, try them on again to see if you are satisfied with the level of shrink achieved. 

Did you also know that you can actually shrink a particular segment of your jeans without it affecting the entire Jean? 

Sometimes, we might experience a particular aspect of the Jean expanding. Areas like the waist, hips or knee area that experience more stress are likely to slacken as we wear.

Thankfully, there are ways you can go about shrinking those specific places without having to worry about it affecting the whole Jean. The process are as follows:

  • Spread out your Jean on an even surface. You can use the ironing table or a clean floor. Ensure that the aspect of the Jean you intend to work on is facing upwards.
  • Step 2 is to get an empty spray bottle. Pour hot water and vinegar then, shake to mix the mixture properly.
  • Spray directly onto the area you need to shrink. After spraying the mixture on the front, apply at the back too of the same spot for best results.
  • As usual, place them in the dryer and have them dried using a full cycle. Remember to keep on repeating the procedure until you get the desired shrink level.

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How to prevent Hollister Jean from shrinking? 

If you get lucky enough to get the best-fitted jean for your body shape and would not want anything to alter it, you can prevent Hollister Jean which already runs pretty small by the way from shrinking further by washing with a Jean friendly detergent using cold water.

Check out the inscription on the care tag that says to wash in cold water. You realize that it is not wrong after all. 

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Another helpful tip you need to know in preserving the fit of your Jean is to always turn to the back before you wash. Washing the back of your jeans in cold water would prevent anything from altering its shape.

Please do not place in the dryer. Air drying naturally is the best drying method to adopt if you want to maintain the shape of your Jean.

How to know the jean with the best fit for you

Finding a jean with the best fit for you might be too much work or no work at all depending on a few factors. When getting a jean from a different brand other than the one you are used to, you just might need to close that website and take a walk down to the store to get some fittings done.

This is also important when you are trying out a new collection of jeans styled differently from the ones you are used to buying. It is imperative to try them out so as to know if it accentuates your body figure or if you just look dragged in them. 

Once in the store make a minimum of at least, three jean trouser selections. One that you are sure is your size, one before your supposed right size, and another one size bigger. Most certainly, the jean with the best fit for you is one amongst the three.

Consider also, jean styles that you have never bought nor worn before. You think you dislike skinny jeans? Perhaps you are of the opinion that they are not made for your body type, just for fun, look out for some of them with eye-catchy designs and try them out.

You’re in the store already okay? So you really do not have anything to lose. It is usually one of two things; either you were right and they looked out of place on you or, you fall so in love with them and blame yourself for missing out all this time.

Lastly, for the best fittings, check out details like the length and make sure it is perfect. Also, observe how it sits on your body. You do not want any gaping anywhere.

On the whole, consider how you feel inside of it. Jean with the right fit makes us have a feel-good feeling and boosts our confidence as we strut in them.

The right pair of jeans for different body shapes

As we are different, so do our shapes differ. Some jeans are made to appear flattering on a particular shape more than others. Find out the jean that would most likely suit you better and make you stand out. Thankfully, there is the right jean for every stature.

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For those with super long legs, skinny jeans would look good on you. If you have got a manly figure, you do not need to go anywhere close to skinny jeans. Rather the straight-cut jean would make you come out feeling like a boss.

For those that are tall, flared jeans would look great on you. As a matter of fact, if you are not so tall but want to appear tall, get a pair of extra-long jeans, (by now I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m on about but, wait for it).

Try out some really long flare jeans and match them up with a beautiful pair of heel sandals or slippers. See that it’s long enough to just rest at the heel of your footwear, leaving out just a sneak peek of it.  

Oh wow! See how smoothly you just transitioned into a runway model huh? Well, don’t mention, was a pleasure. 

If you have got real round hips, then a pair of skinny or straight jeans would fit perfectly and have you looking absolutely stunning.

Always remember that irrespective of whatever body shape you might have, there’s a jean; a right pair of jean that would enhance it and make you step out looking absolutely gorgeous.


Why do denim shrink? 

Denim is prone to shrink naturally due to its make-up. It is bound to shrink more at the first wash than other washes. This means that during subsequent washes, your denim is bound to shrink a bit and not as much as it did while washing for the first time.

Are Hollister jeans any good? 

Hollister jeans are a fairly good plus, they come at very affordable prices and in really trendy designs. 

Are Hollister Jeans True To Size – Conclusion

Getting the best fit of jean is magical but, unfortunately, some brands like Hollister jeans run pretty small that one of the ways for you to get the right one is by actually trying them on before purchasing. 

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