How To Remove Jean Stains From Phone Case Quickly 2022

We can get jean stains on our phone cases if we are fond of putting them in our pockets and this is a habit the bulk of us are guilty of. One of the issues with doing this is your phone case getting stained whenever your jeans fade or bleed out.

There are jeans produced with excess dye. If the dye on the jeans is not washed off properly before use, it may rub off on anything that it comes in contact with. Now, that we know this, let us look at ways in which we can remedy the situation.

Pro Steps To Removing Jean Stains From Phone Case


To get loose dye stains off your phone case, you will need the following items:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • A clean piece of cloth
  • A dye removal
  • An art gum eraser
  • Soap
  • Water 

Step 1

To get started, try removing the dye with the art gum eraser provided. If that isn’t available, you can consider using a normal white eraser. Whatever you do, be sure not to use coloured erasers as they are bound to leave colour marks on the phone case.

Step 2

Depending on the amount of dye on the phone case, the eraser might not do a good job. So, get a clean piece of white cloth, pour a little quantity of the Isopropyl alcohol onto the side of the cloth and use to clean off the stain.

As soon as a particular side of cloth gets a sizeable amount of dye on it, pour the isopropyl alcohol on another side and continue the cleaning.

Step 3

Now if this does not do a perfect enough job for you, then it’s time to introduce a powerful dye removal chemical. There are a variety of them arranged in the laundry section of most stores; you can easily just get one from a well trusted brand. 

When you have your dye removal, follow the instructions on the label and have it mixed into a thick paste accordingly.

If you are wondering just how thick the paste is to be made, you can get a cue from the consistency of peanut butter. Yeah, that thick.

Apply the paste on to the stain area and leave it be for about 15 minutes. This time frame gives the dye removal ample time to attack the stains and have them released. Once the time has elapsed, you can and clean it off with a slightly damp cloth.

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Step 4

When you are done removing the dye, have the phone case thoroughly washed with soap and water to get whatever is left of the stains and the dye chemical residue out.

Step 5

Place the newly washed case outside to dry. Ensure that they are completely dried before using it again.

Another method that has proven to be effective is the combination of warm water and a dishwashing liquid soap.  Simply add some drops of the soap to the water and have it stirred well.

Next, grab an old toothbrush that you no longer use, dip it in the solution and use in scrubbing the stained area on your phone case.

Be sure to scrub every area thoroughly leaving no place untouched after which you can rinse the case. Dab dry with a cloth and be sure it is completely dry before use.

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How to clean white silicon phone cases

If your phone case is a white one, then this knowledge is a must have as we all know how easy it is for white cases to go dirty and have stains that would be very obvious.

Even if you are lucky not to have jean stains on your white phone case, there is still a high tendency for them to turn yellow due to either dust or heat exposure. 

To get them white and clean again, have bleach mixed with warm water in a small basin. Now, you do not want to put too much bleach as that can damage your silicone case, a few drops will do. 

Put the case in the basin and allow it soak for a few minutes. The active power of the bleach would work on eliminating stubborn stains and have the case whitened again.

What is the best cloth to use in cleaning phone cases?

I’ll say the microfiber cloth. Due to its very soft and smooth texture, the microfiber cloth is sure to clean phone cases effectively without making a scratch on them and powerful enough to attract dust and other form of debris that might be hiding within the case.

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Irrespective of the kind of phone case you have – silicone, wood, rubber or leather, the microfiber cloth is up to the task of cleaning them effectively well.

The added benefit you stand to gain when you use it is that it the MF cloth is like a disinfectant capable of wiping away not just dirt and other debris but, germs and bacteria’s too. Constant cleaning of your phone case with a microfiber cloth would leave them clean and free from contamination.

How to remove jean stains from suede 

We know how well we like to protect and guard our suede shoes against every kind of stain. But the one thing that is almost impossible to protect it from is loose dye stains from jean because of how unexpected and spontaneous it happens.

Not to worry, find below how to easily get loose dye out of your suede items:

  • First of all, you can try out with a white eraser but, erasers are mostly effective on dry stains so, you just might not get a good result with it.
  • But then, there’s vinegar- good old household white vinegar to the rescue. Pour some quantity of vinegar unto a clean cloth preferably white then use it in applying on the suede item. You can slightly dampen the suede item to make it penetrate better but ensure you just damp and not wet.
  • Leave the suede item out so the vinegar can sit in and dry out after which you can give it some brushing strokes to remove what is left of both the stain and the vinegar residue.
  • If the suede item is a phone case, you can follow the same procedure but, this time, mixing vinegar with warm water in a bowl and applying with a microfiber cloth.

Bottom line is that, with white vinegar, you are sure to get denim stains off your suede items be it; phone case, wallets or shoes. Vinegar can also be used to clear off water marks on your suede items.

What makes phone cases look old and worn out?

We are all know how shinny and beautiful phone cases are when they are still new. So, it is kind of strange how they can go from that to looking faded and weak later on. 

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Not many people stock on plenty phone cases for the purpose of using them interchangeably. For the bulk of us, we just have a phone case that we use till it’s tired before getting another.

The practice of using a single phone case every day makes them heavily affected by certain environmental conditions that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

These conditions include heat, dust in the air, and UV radiation. Not to mention the constant friction it experiences. All these factors contribute greatly to accelerating the life span of the case. Constant exposure to heat for instance would affect the once vibrant color of the phone and make it become dull and faded.


What is a color remover?

Color removal is an actively formulated cleaning chemical that helps in removing stains without damaging the item. Its primary function is to take out or reduce color from fabrics and works on different types of materials like cotton, wool, linen, etc. 

What types of phone cases do we have?

There are about 5 types of phone cases basically – silicone, plastic, wood, leather, and rubber with the silicon or rubber-tipped is the best as they shield your device a lot better.  People are warned to stay away from plastic phone cases as they do a poor job of protecting your phone.

Even with your phone in a plastic case, it always seems as if it is bare when there is a huge impact or forceful hit on it. This is because the impact always affects the phone itself because of the low protection it has from the phone case.

How To Remove Jean Stains From Phone Case – Conclusion

The habit of putting our phones in our pockets should be discouraged to stop. This is not only because of the risk of having loose dye from your jeans stain them, but primarily because of the health hazards scientifically linked to it.

Keeping your phones in your pockets exposes you to the electromagnetic radiation it emits. Even though weak, it might in the long run, impact negatively on your health. The best practice is to have phones kept in backpacks, briefcase or purse.

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