How To Soften Denim With Coke In Seconds 2022

Okay, this is going to change the way you look at coke going forward but, it just has to be said. This article is going to open your eyes to the many things you can do with a bottle of coke. But first, let us take a look at how it can be used to soften denim.

Pro Steps To Soften Denim With Coke


Items needed 

  • The stiff denims
  • A can or bottle of coke
  • Table salt
  • Basin

Step 1

Gather the stiff denims meant for this exercise and get them soaked in a basin of water: Warm water is usually advised to get the best result. After about 10 minutes, get the denims washed using a denim friendly detergent.  Have them rinsed and leave to dry in the dryer. If you don’t have a dryer, you can line dry them outside.

Step 2

Once the denim is almost dried, empty a can of coke into the dryer and allow it go for a 5mins spin cycle. You can make use of a basin if you are hand washing. 

Now, this is the step where the softening journey of your denims begin. The good thing about doing this is that, you not only get your denims softened, you also get to have any unpleasant odour expunged too.

Step 3

Measure two table spoons of salt and add to the water. Make sure you put the quantity of salt as stated. Once you do, begin another 3 minute spin cycle. What the salt does, is to wash the denims clear of every greasy or grimy stain.

Did you also know that baking soda can be used to remove tough stains too? As a matter of fact, it has been proven to be more effective on tough stains and grease. I know it is almost impossible not to have salt, but you can try out the baking soda on any stain that proves too stubborn.

Step 4

Take out the denims and have them rinsed in warm water: now, this is not the part where you minimize water. Rinsing should be thoroughly done so as to ensure you do not have any residue of coke left on the fabric. You do not want a visit from those insects that get easily attracted to sugar so, double rinse to avoid just that.

Step 5

When you are sure that they have been thoroughly rinsed, place them in the dryer and have it run on a very low heat. Alternatively, you can opt to have them line dried outside.

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You see how cool, super easy and super fast it takes to get your stiff denims softened with coke? Go right ahead and try it out yourself.

Other uses of coke

The coke can do a lot more and can be of much more benefit to you more than you know. It can be useful in the house and even in garages. Let’s take a look at some of the problems we can actually solve with a can of coke in the house.

Coke easily removes burnt food from pots and pans

We know how tiring it can be, having to soak up pots and pans in a bid to get the burnt food stuck on them to soften before we wash. We sometimes have to leave them soaked for a full day yet, when we eventually wash, they do not come out completely.

With coke, we do not have to inconvenience ourselves like that. Simply pour the coke into the pan, leave to soak for a couple of hours, scrub afterwards with a sponge and see how well everything gets wiped off.

Coke removes tough stains

It does not really matter the kind of stain, coke is always up to the task. If you have grease and grime stains on your kitchen apron for instance, (blood stains inclusive), you just have to add coke to your washing machine and it takes care of every stain.

The phosphoric acid present in coke makes eliminating these stains so easy. Another good thing about clearing off stains with coke is that it also helps you with odour control.

Coke is very powerful for cleaning toilets

Have you tried different toilet cleaners yet, cannot get your toilet bowls sparking white? Now is the time to look inwards at the seemingly insignificant packs of coke you have stashed in the store.

To get your toilets cleaned with coke, pour in the family sized bottle into the toilet bowl and leave it be for about an hour.

What happens within this hour is the coke violently working its magic on stubborn stains and marks in the toilet bowl.  You can wash your toilet afterwards with a regular detergent and have the toilet sparkling clean again.

Coke helps in removing rust

Asides from the kitchen, a bottle of coke can really come in handy in our car shops or garage. Do you have tools that have gone bad with rust? You just have to gather them all and get them totally immersed in a basin of coke.

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Let them remain soaked for a full day. Once you get them out, have them scrubbed with a sponge or a pad that is non metal. Rinse afterwards and leave to dry. 

This process might have to be repeated and would require a lot of patience but, the results are sure to be positive at the end.

Do you also have nuts or bolts that prove difficult to come out? Simply pour coke directly on to it and continuously nudge in a particular motion. The coke helps in loosening the nut, making it come off easily.

Clean your windows/mirrors

Coke does a fine, neat job of getting your windows cleaned. This it is able to do because of the citric acid also present in it.

For easy usage, pour coke in a spray bottle and spray unto the windows, wiping it immediately with a clean napkin. Once you have touched every area, do a second clean with warm water preferably.

Useful for pest control

When you eventually have your eyes open to the powerful ways in which coke keeps pests away from your farm or garden, you will never keep a bottle too far from you.

Simply pour coke into different bowls and have them placed strategically in the gardens. The coke will attract the pests and have them killed.

The uses of coke are numerous and cannot be exhausted here. Always remember that in your garages, homes, gardens and office; the coke has something of benefit to offer you.

What exactly does the coke do to soften denim?

Wondering how a can of coke can wrought so much magic? It is pretty simple. Coke acts a buffer,  some sort of force that breaks down the rigidity of the denim thereby making them softer.

Coke also aids in washing off grease and grime from your fabrics. This it does effortlessly as a result of the phosphoric acid it contains.

Why you need to carefully choose what you use in softening your denims

Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely not out of place to get your stiff denims softened. On the contrary, it advised you do so considering how difficult and uncomfortable it can be, having to wear them like that.

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The point rather is to be careful about the kind of softening agent you use. This is because we have a lot of toxic chemical solutions posing as fabric softeners that can be very harmful to your denims. 

They may shrink the fibers and adversely affect the original colour of the denim making them bleed and look faded. Most of these poorly produced fabric softeners have also been linked to the appearance of some very visible mark stains on your fabrics.

What’s more? If not properly applied, you might experience some skin irritations just by wearing the fabrics they were used on. 

How can I know a good fabric softener?

Do not be in a hurry to throw in the first fabric softener you see into your shopping cart, take time to check the label and see its composition.

A trick to know a very potent one is by checking out the percentage of the plant-based substances used in making the product. Plant-based substances are similar to organic substances.

If the product has a very high percentage of plant-based substances used, then you can be sure the fabric softeners would be efficient while at work on your denim and gentle on your skin.

If you are still in doubt, use readily available products like coke for instance. It has been proven to also be very effective in denim softening.

How To Soften Denim With Coke – Conclusion

I know we consider coke to be a very refreshing drink but, are we also privy to the numerous benefits we can gain by the side?

You really do not have to have try out one fabric softener after another, after all, they do not exactly come cheap. Try out coke and see if just one bottle does for your stiff denims. And yeah, don’t forget to explore its other uses too. 

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