Pants Zipper Keeps Falling Down (Causes, Fixes & Prevention)

Your pant zipper not being able to stay in place can be overly annoying but, relax… surely there are a lot of possible explanations for it, one of it being the fact that the zipper might not be pinned down securely. The act of leaving the zipper pointed up can make it fall when you don’t need it to.

Secondly, if you add on extra weight, your zipper might keep falling down. This is because; the pants are no longer perfect for you. You might need to get a size bigger to stop experiencing this issue.

This problem can also occur if the zipper pull gets broken. When this happens, you might not be able to pin down the zipper again making it very likely to fall down. Simply solve this issue by totally replacing the zipper.

I would have mentioned a quick fix using a pin but that is as dangerous as it is inconvenient so, I’ll rather you get a new one altogether.

It is also worth mentioning that the elongated use of zippers might cause it to malfunction this way too. Try replacing worn-out zippers with new ones to put an end to this.

Furthermore, if you have been experiencing a lot of this pant zipper fail with more than one pant, I will suggest replacing them all with zippers that have some sort of a tab that the zippers can go into and stay securely clamped.

The truth is, some of these pants might be produced using cheap and substandard materials and that could be the reason why you keep having the same issues repeating itself.

You really do not need to give up the whole pant, simply replace the zip with much better quality and save yourself the needless embarrassment.

DIY – Easy zipper fixing hacks


Some of the tools you would need in this venture are pliers, hair ties, hairspray, nail polish, and perhaps a ring-like key.

Using Pliers

Pliers can be used to pinch back teeth that are bent out of shape. It can also be used to realign the unequal teeth on both sides and get them back in sync again. 

Remember that we mentioned that a major cause of pant zippers falling down is due to the zipper slide that stretches out of form.  Pinching each side of the teeth gently with pliers can return them back to top shape and help them stay in place.

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Using Hair tie

This is the option you fall back to when you are at your wit’s end or your zipper is malfunctioning in a place where you cannot get other tools. 

Simply cut a tiny piece of a hair tie and put it through the zipper slide, zip-up, and hinge the hair tie securely around the top button on the pants. This would surely prevent the zipper from sliding down again. 

You can also follow the same process and achieve this using a key ring.

Using Hairspray

This trick has the simplest application process. You just have to apply the hairspray as soon as you close up your zipper. The hairspray on the zipper can be likened to glue, firmly holding in place, the zipper teeth. 

This process can be so inconvenient because for as many times that you take down the zipper, perhaps to pee or do any other business in the restroom; you have to re-apply the spray as you pull the zipper up again.

Using Nail polish

This requires a little patience as you have to apply the polish on the two sides of the zipper and wait till they are well dried. The added weight ensures the zipper stays locked when you close it.

It is imperative to note that all these measures are a temporary solution at best; we need to keep repeating the process which might get a bit tiring or inconveniencing at some point. They are recommended for emergency situations only.

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How to prevent your pant zipper from getting damaged during washing

I bet you didn’t know that the way we wash our pants and indeed every other clothing with a zipper can affect its durability right? Well, it does and I’m here to show you how.

Before washing, we must ensure we zip up the trousers to avoid a mechanical issue.  Leaving your zippers down or halfway might affect the teeth and pin.

This is because they are made to pass through a lot of strain which in turn reduces its life span. There is also the prospect of the teeth or sliders getting hooked by something in the machine which might forcefully pull it out. In a nutshell, you can prevent all these from happening by simply pulling up the zipper before you wash.

There are also chemical issues that can arise if we wash our clothes with zippers in an improper way. If your zipper happens to be made with aluminum, it might react negatively during the whole washing activity.

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This unpleasant reaction occurs as a result of the unfriendly collision between the metallic zipper and the fabric dyes or other forms of chemicals present.

Due to this, your zipper may suffer mild or extreme discoloration. To reduce this occurrence, make sure your clothing apparel are set out to dry immediately after washing and not made to stay damp even for a few minutes.

Furthermore, you can avoid other forms of damage to your zipper while washing by ensuring that zippers are securely locked before wash, if your zipper has issues with staying up, do well to pin it in place with a key ring.

Also, try to limit to the barest minimum friction between the teeth and whatever washing instruments you might be using. Then the ultimate one; dry as soon as you are done washing.

What happens when your zipper gets stuck and would not unzip?

This can happen when the teeth on both sides of the slider are not in sync.  When they fall out of sync, it becomes very difficult for the zipper to function effectively.

If any of the teeth goes off the track or gets badly bent out of shape, it will disengage with its counterpart on the other side and this can go on to cause a ripple effect and affect the rest of the teeth on the track.

In order words, it is safe to say that with zippers; it is either the whole teeth are in sync or nothing works.

The same logic applies to situations in which you are unable to unzip your pant zipper. When this happens, it only means that one or more of the teeth has derailed and drifted off the track, making a mess of the entire team of teeth on the sliders.

To remedy the situation, gently tug at the pull and see if it can be brought all the way down to the very end of the zipper.

If you are able to achieve this, pull it again, this time, following an upward direction but, keeping to the long slide of the zipper.  As you pull, try to reattach the teeth with their partners once again.

Remember, that this issue occurred in the first place because the team of teeth on the slider have fallen out of sync and this process is aimed at correcting that anomaly. 

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How do we protect my zippers when ironing?

This can consider this knowledge useful, seeing that one wrong move when ironing, a lot of things can go wrong with our zipper.

We should be aware that zippers are not very tolerant of high temperatures as they can melt and have their teeth damaged. Below are ways in which we can safeguard our zippers as we iron.

First things first, we have to choose the suitable temperature for them before ironing. To do this, you might want to consult the care tags of your cloth to know the exact kind of material used in making the zipper as the temperature you would set would be largely determined by the zipper material. Metallic zipper, plastic, coil, etc all have varying temperature degrees for ironing.

Before ironing the zipper area, make sure the zipper is closed and pinned down. We should also not iron the zipper directly. We can place a cloth over it and press it with an iron. This is advised to protect against making them go out of shape.

Pants Zipper Keeps Falling Down – Conclusion

Zippers are an essential part of our pant trousers and indeed, whatever piece of clothing we put on. We acknowledge their importance because of how restless and uncomfortable we are whenever there is an issue with it. 

We obviously can’t be comfortable right? The zipper area safeguards the most private aspect of our bodies. So, an issue with it is always of utmost concern to us.

We can however maintain our peace by reducing the occurrence of this zipper fail when we are well aware of the causes and know just what to do to prevent it again. It is indeed knowledge worth having.

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