How Long Do Jeans Take To Dry On Radiator?

If you want to take advantage of your radiator as it’s in use to dry your clothes, you should take steps to ensure you do it safely and not ruin your pair of jeans.

So, How Long Do Jeans Take To Dry On Radiator? The drying time for your jeans on a radiator may vary because of the temperature at which your radiator is running at.

It would take from 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to dry your jeans on your radiator. There are other factors to put into consideration to figure out a ballpark on the time it takes to dry your jeans.

Factors that may affect the drying time of jeans


If you want to take advantage of your radiator to quickly dry your jeans, there are some factors to consider in order to have a ball-park on the amount of time it’s going to take, so you don’t burn down your apartment. Things to consider are

The thickness of Fabric

Like most articles of clothing, the thickness of the fabric greatly influences the drying time of the jeans. Lighter clothes will take a shorter time to dry, jeans that are elastic-like “leggings” and skinny jeans may take from 40 minutes to an hour to fully dry on a radiator, whilst thicker jeans like 100% cotton denim may take around 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully dry.

Quality of Jeans

Jeans come in various qualities with some made to be a more affordable option to the “name brands”. The lower quality jeans are made with sub-par fabric which makes it less prone to retain liquids which translates to shorter drying time and vice-versa.

Degree of Heat (Temperature)

The temperature at which your radiator is running will influence the drying time because higher or hotter temperatures will lead to faster and shorter drying time due to rapid evaporation of the water and the lower the temperature the longer it takes to fully dry.

Moisture Content

This is the most influential factor when it comes to drying because of the amount of water present in the jeans. If the jeans are soaking wet, it would surely take a longer time to dry off completely than when it is a little wet bordering on dampness.

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Why you should not use a radiator to dry your clothes

It is best to avoid using a radiator to dry your clothes if possible unless you have no other choice. There are a few reasons you probably should not be doing it—

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Excessive heat causes jeans to shrink and when your jeans shrink, they become undersized then you have to get another pair because your old pairs have been ruined by the radiator. To keep your jeans in their original state, best to stay off the radiator.


Heat is one of the causes of leg twisting in jeans, well, not directly but when your jeans shrink due to the heat, the shrinkage causes a cascading effect that leads to your jeans twisting.


If you don’t want your pair of jeans to fade rapidly, it is best to avoid drying your jeans on a radiator. The heat will gradually break down the dye in the fabric and it will wash off after a while.


This is also an adverse effect of excessive heat when your jeans shrink, the fabric weakens exponentially which causes your pair of jeans to begin to rip at the crotch and other areas.

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Hardens Fabric

When you dry your jeans on a radiator, it causes the fabric of the jeans to become stiff. This affects the texture of your jeans, instead of a soft and comfortable feel, they become rough and hard. Making them very uncomfortable and more prone to tear.

Fire Hazard

When you dry your jeans on a radiator, it can get dangerous if you leave them on for too long unattended. It is never a good idea to put wet clothes on an electric appliance. The majority of electronic-based fire starts when there is a spark and a piece of clothing engulfs in flames.

Exceptions on reasons you may want to use a radiator to dry your clothes

Rapid drying

If you don’t own a dryer and you want your jeans to dry very quickly for some reason, the fastest way would be to use your radiator as a drying apparatus.

In this case, maybe it’s an emergency and you have just a pair of jeans or maybe they are your “lucky pair”, either way, get more pairs of jeans to avoid events like these.

Killing off bacteria

Don’t own a dryer? If your damp pair of jeans has a funky smell, it’s probably because of bacteria. And the best way to kill off the bacteria is by applying heat, hence your radiator.


During the winter when the sun rarely comes out due to cloud covering, and the air gets so thin it takes forever to dry your clothes. The most ideal way to dry your jeans if you don’t own a dryer would be to hang them right on your radiator. Even then, you need to keep a close eye on them.

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For areas that experience long periods of rainfall, or maybe it is just monsoon season. It may be difficult getting your jeans to dry completely without a dryer. You can use your radiator as a makeshift dryer and get results within a couple of hours.

Getting rid of wrinkles

If your jeans have wrinkles and you don’t own iron for some reason. The easiest no-stress way would be to get the jeans a little damp and hang them over your radiator, as the jeans begin to dry off, the wrinkles will vanish.

However, you should own an iron, if you wear clothes, owning one makes sense. Here is a very affordable iron you can get for a steal Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron or get a Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer for softer fabrics like silk.

Saving Power

Trying to avoid paying excessively high electric bills? Whenever your radiator is running, you can dry your jeans over it instead of using your dryer to save money.

How long do jeans take to dry on a radiator


What is the fastest way to dry jeans?

The fastest way to dry your pair of jeans would be using a dryer for sure, but if you don’t own a dryer. The next best thing would be sun drying them under direct sunlight, however, do not leave them under direct sunlight for too long to maintain the integrity of the jeans.

Invest in a powerful dryer, if you don’t own one, always dry your jeans gradually on low heat when using a dryer.

Is it cheaper to dry clothes on a radiator?

It is definitely cheaper drying your clothes on a radiator, if you don’t own a dryer or if you do own one. By drying your jeans on your radiator you save power by “killing two birds with one stone”.

Simultaneously heating up your apartment while drying your clothes. But, we can all agree that the cheapest would be just air or sun drying. It’s free, nature’s gift.

Is it OK to wear damp clothes?

It is definitely not okay to wear damp clothes, especially during the winter under extremely cold conditions. If you wear damp clothes you run the risk of catching the flu or even worse temperature related diseases. Always ensure your clothes dry off completely before you put them on.

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Wearing damp clothes will also cause bacteria to develop on your jeans because bacteria thrive in cold environments. A damp pair of jeans is a haven for bacteria, and bacteria cause a bad odour.

Can you dry Jeans in the oven?

You can, I mean it’s definitely possible to. The oven produces heat and heat causes water to evaporate, so it’s possible. But you should NOT, the oven is made for baking pastries and should not be used in such an unsanitary way.

Get a dryer! Speaking of dryers, here is a state of the art dryer you should consider purchasing: The Panda PAN865W laundry dryer.

Can you leave clothes on the Radiator overnight?

Sure, if the radiator is turned off. Why not? However, do NOT leave your clothes on the radiator overnight when it’s on. You may wake up to a fire engulfed the room and it would be nobody’s fault but yours.

Always take your clothes off the radiator if you are about to go to bed, air dry them. If by morning they aren’t fully dry, you can continue drying them on the radiator. Be smart. Avoid silly mistakes.

How Long Do Jeans Take To Dry On Radiator – Conclusion

Drying your clothes on the radiator can be tricky because of the amount of heat it produces, jeans especially dry a bit slower than most clothes and shrink pretty quickly when excessive heat is applied. Therefore, you have to be vigilant and keep a close eye on your pair of jeans when drying them off on a radiator.

If it’s possible to avoid using the radiator as a makeshift dryer, please do so. If absolutely have to, ensure you finesse the situation to get the best result. Good luck!

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