Should I Wear Shorts Or Pants Today?

When does it feel right to put on shorts or pants? How does one even determine what should be a shorts day or a pants day? Perhaps I have to look at the shirts I intend to wear, to know what will suit it better; shorts or pants? 

Sometimes, especially when packing for a journey, a lot of people tend to overpack simply because they do not have a clear idea of what the weather’s like at their destination. The sad part is that they pack many irrelevant clothing items most time and leave out the most significant ones. 

For this and many other reasons, is why these questions crop up in our minds. This article is for those who remain blank most times, not really knowing what to wear. 

Relax and do not sweat it. We are here to give you all you need to know about the right time to choose between shorts or pants and, the factors that will make you easily decide the most appropriate one between shorts and pants. 

Are you ready? Let’s delve right into it. 

Pointers to know if it’s shorts day or pants day


There are so many factors to consider before deciding on whether to dress up in shorts or in pants. On the top of the list of factors is the occasion. Other secondary factors abound like the environment, temperature, and weather.


The nature of the event you are dressing up for is the foremost thing to consider when choosing between shorts or pants. 

It is a known fact that shorts are casual pieces of clothing and cannot be tweaked into looking formal in any way. When going for a business function, a wedding, or even an upscale nightclub, go for pants instead. Shorts can be considered for casual events. 


The environment in your immediate location is one factor that must not be overlooked when deciding between shorts and pants. 

Is shorts an appropriate piece of clothing there? We know that some religious cities do not approve of clothing that is skin revealing. 

As long as you do your due diligence and do not disregard this, as that would be insensitive on your part, you can go ahead and put on shorts

Body temperature

Checking your body temperature is one determinant factor in knowing if you should put on shorts or pants. If your temperature is really high, it only makes sense to put on clothing that allows for much air which will help bring it down. 

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If it is normal, it is pretty much left to you to choose any out of the two as both can serve. You can check your temperature yourself at home by making use of a well-functional thermometer. 


Having a clear idea of what the weather is like is a good place to start in deciding between shorts or pants. There are different ways of getting this information.

To start with, you can check in with google you know what the weather is like for the day. Also, most smartphones also have this amazing weather feature where you get to know what the weather is like, each day. 

Alternatively, you can listen to the weather forecast for that day. This will benefit you greatly if you are going from one city to another. You can get to know what the weather will be like later in the day, at your destination. 

If it will be a very cold day where you’re headed, you know better than to wear shorts and vice versa. There is an argument that weather can be unpredictable these days and we have no control over it. 

While that is a valid point, we do insist that having a clue even though one that isn’t 100% accurate, can help us make informed decisions on our choice of clothing. 

We can dress in layers and then, adjust accordingly if, and when the temperature begins to drop or shoot up. Now, let’s check out some weather seasons and the appropriate clothing to wear for each one of them:

Weather season & appropriate clothes to wear

Winter season

Without being told, you already know you want to have everywhere covered up during winter. Pants are preferable during winter seasons as the last thing you want is some chill breeze sweeping across your bare legs. 

A pair of jeans would be great for a casual look or pants if you are going for a more formal look. Have it paired with stylish winter coats to make you feel warm and cozy all through the day. 

Spring season

The temperature usually reaches about 50° when the Spring season makes its debut. The intriguing thing about the Spring season is the fact that it can swing either way: It comes with both rain and sun and so, this is where versatility comes in. 

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Again, dressing in layers will help you stay comfortable no matter the turn out of the weather. 

Summer season

Did someone just say it’s shorts season? Lol, hold your horses for a little while longer for it’s not quite the time yet. Yes, Summer periods are extremely hot but, at the start of summer, when the season is just setting in, the weather is usually at 65°. 

At this point, we are yet to start feeling the heat. You can wear shorts occasionally now although, you will have to go along with a jacket just in case it gets a little chilly as the day progresses. 

When it is well into the summer season, you can wear your shorts unhindered pairing it with a tank top, t-shirts, or anything whatsoever to help you stay cool and relaxed. 

How hot is too hot to switch to shorts? 

When the weather is at 74°, it gets really hot and shorts naturally, comes to mind to wear rather than pants. When it shoots up further to 80°, you should go for light-colored shorts and have them paired with tank tops or crop tops for a casual outing. 

You should stay cool and, allow your skin to breathe. Therefore, wear clothes that are light and airy to stay. Dressing this way will make you stay free from certain heat-causing skin diseases. Okay, we can now shout that “it’s fully shorts season now”! 

Can shorts be worn at night?

A lot of people feel really uncomfortable showing off their bare legs during the day so, they will rather wear shorts at night. 

Well, you shouldn’t bother to put in shorts or anything for that matter if you are not comfortable in them. 

However, if your discomfort is as a result of concerns bordering on if it is indecent to wear shorts or not, allow us to allay your fears because it isn’t. 

Can shorts be worn at night?

Wearing shorts at night can only be considered cool if the occasion calls for it. If you are going for a stroll with friends or hanging out somewhere, you can by all means wear shorts.

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But, when going to a nightclub or a formal dinner, you know better than to consider it even, if the weather is hot (which is almost impossible at night by the way). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between shorts and pants?

In this instance, we do not mean the British interpretation of pants to mean underwear, we are referring instead, to the American English interpretation of pants to mean ‘trousers.’

The major difference between shorts and pants is that; while trousers are made to be full length, shorts are well; short, stopping way above the knee and at most, the knees. 

How to pair up your shorts when it is cold

You must be a shorts lover to want to attempt this. Well, you can wear denim or corduroy shorts(because they’re thicker) and pair with a fancy print sweater and boots. 

For ladies, they can wear leggings underneath their shorts and then pair them with a sweatshirt. This is such a cool casual look anytime. 

Can I wear shorts in winter? 

You can. But for a limited amount of time though. Wearing shorts all day long in such cold weather might pose a health risk for you

Final Note

The question “should I wear shorts or pants today,” is one that does not have a definite answer. 

This is true because there are people who would never wear shorts no matter what, and those who it seems like shorts is all they’ve got. 

Therefore, it all boils down to individual preferences. 

However, if you have a versatile sense of fashion and would love to know when it is appropriate to wear shorts or pants, the following factors highlighted above like weather, the occasion, the environment etc, would be of immense help to you. 

Shorts when worn in the wrong environment and under the wrong circumstances, makes you stand out as insensitive or worse still, a fashion failure which can be very embarrassing. 

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