Can You Wear Shorts To A Club? 

Dressing to go to a nightclub is really not about what you feel cute in or what you think looks good on you. It’s more about wearing the things that can guarantee you access into the club. 

Why do we say this? It’s because, at first glance, shorts fit into the perfect wear for a nice night out. 

They can be cute, depending on the fit and how well you style them, they can be very comfortable; you get the chance to move about freely in them plus, it gives you enough flexibility to boogie till the sun goes down. 

They can be all these things but, are they acceptable to wear when going clubbing? 

Can you really wear shorts to a club? The truth is, not so many high-standard clubs would accept customers that wear shorts. Shorts are classified as ‘Streetwear’ along with clothing like singlets and footwear. No upscale club that is conscious of status and prestige would okay the wearing of such. 

Reasons why most clubs do not allow shorts


Shorts are considered to be casual wears and most nightclubs, on the other hand, have a business casual dress code put in place. 

Clubs have the right to fix these dress codes as it helps them maintain a certain level of status they have set for themselves. 

Upscale nightclubs are big on the appearance of their customers. The dress codes put the customers in line and help them key into the kind of image the establishment wants to maintain thereby, creating the perception (some would call it illusion), they want in the minds of others yet to visit. 

Are there specific clubs that you can wear shorts to? 

Not all clubs have stringent rules in place. Most clubs’ dress codes are not as strict for females, they just have to pull off a classy look regardless of what they’re putting on and, they would be granted access. Some would allow it for both genders as long as you look good in them. 

Other clubs, however, factor in the temperature of their immediate vicinity in setting dress code laws. If they are located in a hot region, they just might allow the wearing of shorts as their clients will feel more comfortable in them. 

On the whole, though, most high-class nightclubs would not allow it as they have a certain caliber of people that do visit and would not want to offend their visual sensibilities. 

For these clubs, their dress code helps them sieve out the kind of appearance they would not want their club to be associated with, and retain the ones that fit into their big idea. Therefore it’s either you measure up or, check out the next. 

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5 ways to style your shorts for a night out

There is a thin line between achieving a cute look with shorts and a trashy one. Both looks are totally dependent on how you style them. 

Below, we’ll be giving you hints on how best to style your shorts in a way that would present you as classy and alluring.

Pair with a sheer top

Not an overly sheer top though as you do not want to put much skin on display. You already have a lot going on with your bare legs and so, would want the focus to remain there. 

Throw on a blazer

A blazer pretty much tones down the entire outfit, giving it the right balance that passes it off as not just cute but, classy too. 

Here’s the trick to getting it right with your blazer; If your shorts are plain colored e.g plain white or black, a printed blazer would be sure to complement it better, making you stand out even in the dark. 

Match with a dressy blouse

This is a beautiful alternative to a blazer. You can equally pair your shorts with a nice dressy blouse in bright colors that complement your shorts of course. 

Tuck in a bathing suit

Have your nice bathing suit tucked into a denim cutoff and drape a long sleeve blouse over it. This look is a chic casual one and usually turns out to be very alluring

Lacy blouses are hot! 

Raise the bar by pairing your shorts with a nice Lacy blouse and some high shoes. Here’s the thing, go for plain colored black shorts paired with a black lacy blouse then, highlight the entire look with a nice pair of red shoes or sandals. That beautiful contrast is what we live for. 

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Gentlemen guide for staying stylish on shorts

A lot of eyebrows are raised at the sight of men in shorts, the shorter they are, the more the stares and odd looks. We are optimistic that with the following write-up that would point out the “where what and why’s of wearing shorts and at the same time, highlight the ‘hows’ of wearing them, you’ll be able to pull it off in a way that would be much more appreciated. Let’s go! 

The ‘Whys’

Why debate whether men can wear shorts or not? Why the long stares when they eventually do? People are yet to treat the idea of men in shorts as normal. Most people look at it as immature and a clothing item for teenage boys. 

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Good thing is, manufacturers are now opening men to the comfort they stand to enjoy with their recent churn out of male shorts. With this move, a higher rate of acceptance has been recorded. 

When can you wear shorts? 

The best time to wear shorts without attracting too much-unwanted attention to yourself is when the temperature is uncomfortably hot. 

You should also take cognizance of your immediate environment before going ahead to wear a short. Some Islamic countries consider wearing shorts as ‘haram’ and so, it would be wise to respect their religious views when you’re there. 

Where to wear the shorts to

A fashion-forward person is one who understands the rules of appropriate dressing for every event. You would look out of place if you put on shorts to religious gatherings, formal events or business meetings. 

Shorts would however be appropriate for casual hangouts with friends, beach fun days, sports and recreational events, or, any fun gathering with friends and family. Going to the club? You must first, find out, the dress code in play there before you decide to wear shorts. 

How to come out looking stylish in shorts

A lot of people have too many questions on how best to wear shorts and achieve a decent and classy look. 

How short is too short? Should they be free-sized or slim fit? Do I need to put on belts? Shorts with pockets or shorts without? 

Whew! Quite a mouthful, you’d agree. All the same, let’s get down to satisfying your curiosity. 

How short is too short? 

Now, this does not mean to say that men cannot wear anything too short. But, when it comes to appearing in public places, a level of decorum needs to be observed. 

Shorts that reveal a great deal of the thighs should be left for home wear. Or, can be worn for specific functions like gyming or biking. 

The right practice would be going home after leaving the gym, shower then, changing before going anywhere else. 

In our opinion, 1 – 2 inches above the knee is ideal. 

We say above the knee for anything that goes beyond the knees can no longer be called shorts. There is a rightful name for it which is; “high-cut pants.”

Free-sized or slim fit? 

We will say this has to be decided by your own personal taste. But, bear in mind though, that the more loose and wide-legged your shorts are, the more they make your thighs seem thicker. We’ll recommend you get the right fit for your body frame. 

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Shorta with pocket or without? 

One thing we do know is that too many pockets make the shorts look trashy especially when you have it worn to public gatherings. Stick to the two side pockets or just one back pocket for your wallet at least. 

To wear belts or Nah? 

If it has got a belt hole, then by all means, wear one. 

What to wear with a short to come out looking stylish


Because shorts are categorized as casual, you would not want to go out of line with the shirt. Short-sleeved button-down shirts with collars are just right for your shorts.

You come out looking stylish plus, they do not take away the cool, casual look. T-shirts should be left for normal casual settings not for semi-serious outings. 


Loafers or closed-toe shoes are usually perfect with shorts. If you must wear socks, wear an invisible or an ankle-length one. Sandals can be worn too but, for a less serious outing at the beach. 


Have you ever come across a suit with shorts instead of long pants? They’re really amazing. However, this would not be for you if you are not so adventurous with fashion.

Can shorts pass for business casual wear? 

Shorts are known as casual wear and cannot pass for business casual wear. However, there are ways it can be styled to appear more dressy for public gatherings but, never for official functions or business meetings. 


Most nightclubs do have strict dress codes in place. It helps them handpick the exact kind of people they want in their establishment. It’s discriminating quite alright, but then, they’re in their right since it’s targeted at clothing, not people. 

These dress codes are not permanent, they can be changed at any time at the discretion of the owner. The best thing would be to look up the dress code of the club you intend to go to on their website. A lot of them have it spelled out there. A nightclub with a business casual set as its dress code would definitely not grant you access in shorts.

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