Can You Wear Shorts For Go Ape? 

There is not a dress code put in place at the Go ape, none that we know of. However, recommendations of suitable clothing, bordering on comfort and easy mobility are made for you. 

Now, let’s carefully analyze this; with what the Go Ape represents and the kind of activities carried out there, what outfit do you really think would be practical to put on when going? 

The adventures waiting for participants are very tasking and exerting and, it gets even more tasking as you progress. You need a very comfortable piece of clothing for you to be able to fully participate freely. 

Long shorts actually do fit into this description. They are quite comfortable and protect you from the harness, preventing it from rubbing off on you. 

So yeah, shorts are a good choice of outfit you wear to the Ape. Note also that you should put on the ones you do not mind getting dirt on. 

Reasons why shorts can be worn for Go Ape


The activities outlined in the Go ape requires you to wear something really comfortable, one in which you can enjoy a lot of flexibility in. 

Let’s spill out some of these activities for a better understanding for you. 

Things like crossing bridges made with ropes, climbing, swinging from tree to tree, balancing on logs as well as other things of the same nature, make up the activities that you’ll be expected to participate in there. 

Shorts are one outfit that can guarantee that for you. Mobility is hitch-free and they feel as comfortable as ever. 

However, there are concerns of heat and rope burn, therefore longer shorts that go beyond your knees are advised to protect you from getting burnt. 

What kind of shorts can be worn for Go Ape? 

Long shorts. Ideally, shorts that go way beyond the knee should no longer be called shorts but, as long as they are not trousers, we’ll make do with calling them; shorts. Long shorts are recommended because they are more practical and functional for a fun time at the Go Ape. 

Are jeans suitable for Go Ape?

You can pretty much wear anything that you feel comfortable in and which, according to you, affords you great mobility. 

We would however advise that you do not embark on this adventure in your most treasured jeans or even shoes. 

This is because they get so much dirt or mulch that might take a hard time to wash away. Another additional tip is for you to avoid putting on jeans that are too tight as they would hinder you from moving swiftly. 

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Other necessary items/accessories needed for go ape


Although not compulsory, gloves can really come in handy as you go through the courses. This is because your hands are bound to get dirty as you hold on to ropes and cables plus, other things you would be brushing your hands against. 

There are wash-hand basins placed at strategic points all through the course so, you get the chance to wash your hands whenever you like. 

Still, even if your hands are not dirty, there’s still the risk of getting blisters on your hand which you should rather avoid. Again, the inconvenience of washing your hands every now and then can also be avoided by simply putting on a glove. 

You can bring any of the gloves used at home or, get them at the Go Ape for a few bucks. The Go Ape gloves are very nice and, not so bulky. 

A backpack

You need a backpack but be careful not to pack so many things as you wouldn’t want to be weighed down by it. 

Just pack a few essentials that you would be needing from time to time. If your backpack is too full, you can safely store them in lockers provided by the establishment or, leave them in the car and take a small strap bag for your phones or perhaps, camera. 

Be sure that whatever bag you are carrying is one that can be locked securely else, you risk having them fall from atop a tree and getting damaged in the process. 

Water Bottles 

The activities at the Go Ape can be exhilarating and so, there is a need to stay hydrated through it all. Water bottles are just for easy reach of water when you need it. 

All the same, you will still find available, water with cups for you to drink at strategic points (beginning of each new site) to keep you from being dehydrated. 

Bug spray

You are in the woods, remember? You might find bug sprays very useful for any kind of insect disturbance. 


You heard right. Enthusiasm is one accessory that you must not forget at home. You must be in the right frame of mind, in high spirits and enthusiastic enough to want to try out the different fun activities. 

Participating is not compulsory though. You can equally watch those who are but, where’s the fun in that? 

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If you do not feel up to it perhaps because of ill health or anything else, you can do some sightseeing, walk around the forest reserve and feed your eyes with all the beauty therein.

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Going for Go Ape? Best ways to prepare yourself

What to wear 

The Go Ape does not have a dress code set, however, they gracefully roll out some recommendations for you, giving you a clue on the most suitable clothing to be worn. 

The recommendations include; wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in, one that you do not mind getting all grubby and dirty. The thing is, it can get a little muddy when the ground is wet and, even if it isn’t, you are still expected to get mulch on your clothes. 

During summer, it will be best to dress in layers. You can start with an inner vest, a long sleeve t-shirt with a short one on top, then, take them off one after the other as it begins to feel warmer. That way, you would not be left stranded no matter the direction the weather swings to. 

For your footwear, It would be wise to put on a closed-toe and heel shoe (Sneakers is a good idea of one). Your shoes should be one with a good grip, that offers you an ample amount of stability and comfort also. 

Now, ditch the idea to wear heels or any other kind of silly, impractical shoes even if you do ‘feel comfortable in them. 

For those who have long hair, the Go Ape advises that you have it tied back and pinned down securely. You really do not need strands of hair flying about on your face and distracting you as you take on any of the courses. 

A summary of what to expect at the Go Ape

Okay, let’s briefly put together, a summary of what you are to experience at the Go Ape. There is something called the Treetop Junior Course. You are to embark on this only after trying out and, completing the practice loop. 

The Treetop Junior Course comprises three loops that end with the same zipline as that of the practice course. 

While on the Junior course, you will find the next loop more challenging and a little higher up above the ground than the previous one. Once you successfully complete the loop, you will be expected to zip down the line and follow the trail to the next one. 

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You can move on to other courses as soon as you successfully complete the Junior course. Successful completion means you are beginning to get a great head start on what other courses entail. 

If you are finding it difficult to complete, you can spend more time practicing on the practice loops till you are able to master it. 

Safety Tips you should know about

The Go Ape adventure cannot be said to be risky as the helpful workers there are on the alert to prevent any form of accident, checking up on your harness every now and then. However, we have outlined a few tips to help you as you have fun.

Stay hydrated

The adventure there can be strength zapping. You are likely to sweat and lose water. Staying dehydrated is not an option so, see that you take a cup of water at every spot that they are provided. 

Go through the practice loops first

This is not the same case of you skipping the terms and conditions of an app or something like that. Nope. You cannot and should not skip the practice loops, especially as a first-timer. They help in giving you an idea of what to expect on the actual course. 

Follow the instructor’s guidelines

The instructors are there to help you achieve an enjoyable experience in the safest ways possible. You will be doing yourself a great disservice disregarding them and going against their friendly guidelines. 

Final Note

The experience of Go Ape Treetop Adventure is on a whole different level. It offers very interesting activities that can guarantee a fun time for you and the entire family. 

If you are a fan of outdoor fun and love taking on physical challenges, you should absolutely pay a visit to the Go Ape. 

Wondering if you can wear shorts? You can wear absolutely anything as long as they feel comfortable and provides ease of movement. 

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