Can You Wear Shorts With Long Sleeves?

Can You Wear Shorts With Long Sleeves? Of course, you can. Long sleeves, short sleeves, both can come out trendy. Although, there is a school of thought which seems to believe that shorts being casual wear, would better be paired with a less formal top like a short sleeve. 

However, there is no one way/route to fashion. What might be considered tacky today, might be the next trendy style tomorrow. 

Secondly, you should know that long sleeves can be casual too. An example would be sweatshirts and long sleeve t-shirts. Long sleeve shirts with shorts are a great combination for a perfect casual look for both men and women. 

Reasons why people might want to pair their shorts with long sleeves


While some people actually do think it is stylish to do so, others see it as more functional wear, helping them with their insecurities or serving as a form of protection. Below are some of the reasons why most people would instead opt for long sleeve shirts to wear with their shorts. 

They do not feel comfortable wearing anything that exposes their arms

Many people, especially those on the big side, have this problem. They feel a little uncomfortable when their arm is exposed and so, stay clear of outfits that do not cover it and, embrace long sleeves more, incorporating them into whatever they wear. 

While we think that this is not the best way to sort out their insecurities, we cannot deny the fact that long sleeve shirts are a form of a temporary solution for them. 

Protection from harsh weather conditions

Not everyone would like to leave their arms exposed to extreme weather conditions. When it is really hot, they get burnt by the scorching sun and when it is overly cold, the arm is exposed to cold chills. Long sleeves shirts help to protect your arms from unpleasant weather conditions such as these. 

Long sleeves provide the right balance between hot/cold for us

Long sleeve shirts can serve both ways. You know how you put on your long sleeve shirt because it is a very chill morning? When it gets a bit hot in the afternoon, you can easily roll up the sleeves for more air. 

Rolling the sleeves up or keeping them down helps you better manage and adjust your body temperature and what’s more? Both methods still look very stylish. 

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They find the look very cool and stylish

Truth be told, long sleeve shirts on shorts gives you so much flexibility. It makes a very sharp look and at the same time, can come out looking laid back and relaxed, depending on what you want. 

Is it a fashion fail to wear shorts with long sleeves? 

Absolutely not. The look is very much in and is considered to be very trendy. A fashion fail can only happen if it is worn inappropriately. For example, if it is worn in a business formal environment. 

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What goes best with long sleeves?

It is a given that long sleeve t-shirts look really cool with shorts. However, we do not want to confine you to just one look rather, open you up to a variety of other ways in which you can style long sleeve t-shirts and come out looking as stylish as ever. It is quite a ride so, grab your seat belts! 

Long sleeve under a T-shirt

Now, this style often referred to as layering, is for my fashion-forward people. Those that have no issue trying out different styles and being different. 

Here’s how it works; You take two t-shirts with different lengths of sleeves; one long and the other short. Wear your long sleeve t-shirt with denim of the same color then, throw on your short-sleeved t-shirt preferably in a contrasting color, over it. The result? is a casual, cool, and stylish look. 

Dark-colored denim x long-sleeve t-shirt

Oh, how we love dark-colored denim. With the right combination of t-shirts, it is so easy to come out looking fashionable with them. 

Here’s how to style them:

Wear a long-sleeved t-shirt over dark-colored denim. Ensure the color of the Tees is bright to bring out the beauty of the dark denim. Pair with white sneakers for a complete finish then, for those who are hat lovers, throw on a beanie! 

Long sleeves with ripped jeans

With how versatile jeans are, we would expect to see it styled with long sleeves in more ways than one. This time, we’re creating a stylish look by pairing long sleeve shirts with distressed jeans. 

Styling is pretty simple and can be done in different ways, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. 

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You can pair your distressed jean with a subtle colored long t-shirt. This is because a lot is already going on with the jean and so, the subtle colored t-shirt would help tone it down a bit. 

Footwear can be either white sneakers for that great casual look or boots for a more serious look. If you are the adventurous type and feeling extra, throw on a muffler regardless of the weather, and do not forget your sunshades too! Now, who’s the boss? 

Joggers x long sleeve shirts

Relegate men’s joggers to the background at your own risk. This men’s clothing item has seen it all and, done it all. From being exercise wear to what was casually just worn to relax in a bar or lounge, joggers have skyrocketed to being sampled on runways by different designers, globally. The added advantage the joggers give apart from being stylish is that they are very comfortable. 

Styling is super easy. When going to the gym, have it paired with a dark tee (considering the fact that you’re going to work it out) and put on a pair of trainers. Reach for your backpack and, you are gym ready. 

We know you like to play it safe, but have you seen printed joggers? Does it look like something you would want to try out? We’ll show you how and, we’re pretty sure you would not be disappointed. 

Pair up your printed or pinstriped might even camouflage joggers with a neutral-colored t-shirt and trainers to match, and yes, your sunnies too! Like what you see? 

Long sleeve t-shirts with shirts

Here goes one way in which you can achieve a smart casual look. You wonder how? We’ll show you. You know how you dress up for work with well-ironed pants and button-down shirts? 

Well, get a long sleeve sweatshirt and wear over a white plain button-down shirt, bringing out the white collar and exposing the lower part of the sleeve too. 

You know what else you can do if, you have a date after work or, a hangout with your buddies? Change footwear from work shoes to nice sneakers. There! You’re all set and ready to let loose. 

Are shorts and long sleeves considered trendy? 

Pairing your shorts with long sleeves are not just considered to be trendy alone but, a highly functional one too. People usually seek to wear long sleeves with their shorts when they need a little warmth from harsh temperatures. 

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This is where you see people pairing shorts with long-sleeved sweatshirts. They look cool quite all right and, we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a normal look, on regular days by more people. 

Rules of wearing shorts

Only wear shorts when it is appropriate. This means that shorts are to be worn when the temperature allows it or when the environment in which you’re in, finds it appropriate. 

Shorts are casual wears. On no account can it be worn in business formal environments. Go for well-tailored shorts that are well fitting for you. 

How to stylishly pull off dressing up in long sleeves with shorts

Pairing your shorts with long sleeves gives you a sort of cool, calm, and classy look. It’s a casual look quite alright so, don’t even think about dressing that way to work, not even for casual Fridays. 

However, it can be your go-to look for lounging, hanging out with pals, and even for a date. Here’s a way you can pull off a stylish look;

Get a pair of white shorts (Nothing screams classy like the color white). Have it paired with a bold-hued long sleeve t-shirt? Then, put on some trainers and to finish it off, a Fedora hat. 

Another way in which you can pull off a stylish look with your shorts and long sleeves is to wear them in a monochrome fashion. Yep. Pairing your shorts with a long sleeve of the same color family oozes class. 


Shorts with long sleeves are very much permissible. That is one way you can stay comfortable during summer, and stylish at the same time. 

With the variety of ideas on how you can go about styling them, we’re pretty sure they won’t stop being your preferred casual look. 

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