Can You Wear Shorts With A Hoodie? 

Can You Wear Shorts With A Hoodie? Oh yes, please! Teaming up your shorts with a hoodie is one great trendy look that you shouldn’t sleep on. 

Sweatshirts have gone past just being exercise wear, they have been incorporated into the many lists of cool casual wear. 

The look is fast gaining popularity by the day. It is a look almost every category of people are hopping on to; teenagers, young adults, and even middle-aged men. 

Even, the ladies are not left out of this. They too can be seen rocking their shorts stylishly with hoodies too. Picture this; a pair of hoodies with some well-fitting shorts, then on your feet; a nice athletic shoe sitting pretty. 

What do you think? Splendid, right? Now quit imagining and work towards putting these pieces together for that sleek, casual, and overly trendy look. 

How to look stylish with shorts and a hoodie


Let’s take you not so down memory lane. Remember the very recent paparazzi pictures taken of Kanye? We think it was taken while leaving his headquarters. 

Still remember what he had on? We’ll tell you; He had on a Yeezy Hoody paired with some champion shorts. 

Now, the first thing that struck us while drooling over this picture was just how a look can seem so cozy and laid back yet, so stylish. 

Yes, it is very much possible to attain a stylish and classy casual look with a hoodie and shorts and we will be explaining to you how below. 

Get the right fit of shorts

Don’t get confused when we say the right fit. It simply means going for shorts that are not so loose or tight on you, just right. 

Avoid by every means, baggy shorts, they definitely do not look flattering and would not give you the stylish look you desire. 

Shorts shouldn’t be too long too, that is, several inches below your knees as that would seize to be shorts. They shouldn’t be too short as well. 2 – 3 inches above the knees would just be perfect. 

Ensure proper balancing

Proper balancing of your outfit is key to attaining a stylish look. 

What does proper balancing entail?

If you are wearing a hoodie with a conspicuous design, logo, or pattern, tone it down with a simple plain shorts. 

To wear socks or not? 

Ideally, socks are not really needed. However, you might want to wear socks for warmth. In this instance, go for ankle socks. 

No baggy hoodies

That’s right. There’s nothing fashionable about a hoodie that looks overly big on you. Avoid baggy hoodies and go for your perfect fit in them. 

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No to flip flops

Avoid pairing your shorts and hoodie with flip-flops except you are running a few errands just around the house. If the aim is to achieve a stylish look, go for very nice loafers. Sandals too can work if you’re heading to a hangout at the beach with friends. 

Don’t forget your sunnies

 Sunshades gives you that badass stylish look. It increases your confidence level which in turn, makes you all the more alluring. 

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When can you wear shorts with a hoodie? 

We are yet to get over the intriguing fact that these two contradicting outfits can come together to make the perfect stylish, casual combo. 

We know that the hoodie is usually worn to keep warm during cold seasons and shorts, are naturally worn during hot seasons for ample airflow and comfortability, generally. Yet, a lot of people are hopping on the trend of combining this two together. 

But, when can shorts and hoodie be worn though? 

Hoodies can help in regulating your body temperature. Wear it when it’s cold and adjust the sleeves when the weather starts to get warm later in the day. 

If your hoodie has a front zipper, you can equally zip it down to allow for more air when it’s hot or, zip up when it begins to get chilly. 

This outfit is strictly casual wear. It can be worn to casual gatherings like a hangout with friends, a casual date night or, for chilling at the bar with a couple of your buddies. 

When the occasion is a business setting and calls for more formal wear, ditch it altogether and put on something more appropriate. 

Where can you wear shorts and a hoodie to? 

This combination can be worn to the gym or sports ground. If that is the case, see that you pair it right with trainers or sneakers. 

It is the perfect and comfortable combination for a road trip. 

Wear it to casual events only. This includes hanging out with friends, date night, movies or just chilling at the bar. The hoodie can be your go-to wear for all sorts of informal occasions. It should never be worn to business environments or churches with a formal setting. 

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What other clothing items can you pair with a hoodie apart from shorts?

We were not bluffing when we talked about how versatile hoodies can be. The hoodie has gone past being just a functional clothing item to becoming a fashionable one. The versatility that you have, giving you the ability to style it in different ways, makes it a staple in the wardrobe of most people. 

Here we will be letting you in on some other clothing items that you can wear with them apart from shorts. Number 3 is sure to shock you. 

Pair the hoodie with a leggings

You know how slim fit the leggings are, it makes a perfect contrast and fit when paired with a hoodie. The fit it gives you cannot be compared to that of sweatpants that give some sort of baggy outlook. 

This is exactly why we advise that you pair them with fitted and plain athletic pants like leggings, yoga pants, fitted knit pants, and joggers.

For your footwear, go for some athletic sneakers for a sporty look. You can up the ante a bit with leather sneakers for a great chic look. 

You get it now? Fitted leggings > well-fitting hoodies = perfection. 

Pair the hoodie with well-tailored pants

This is a cool look to switch to when hanging out with pals after a long day at work. Switch your work shirts to a hoodie and go on to unwind. 

Pair the hoodie with jackets

Casual jackets or coats would be better preferred for this ensemble. This dressing can be very functional as it can help you keep warm on a cool day while maintaining a great degree of style at the same time. 

Ensure that the coats are not oversized or bulky in any way. Items like leather jackets or pea coats are highly stylish options to choose from. 

You can further pair this look with dark-colored denim and for your footwear; trainers or boots will do, depending on where you’re headed.

Accessorizing with the hoodie 

Get your sunnies

Your sunglasses take your look from one to one hundred. Your sunglasses must not be forgotten especially when you are pairing your hoodie with a jacket. Trust us, the look is one that will get you a lot of good stares. 

Grab on a hat

We know you can easily pull up your hood and, you should totally do that on quite chilly days. But, other than that, add some extra genius detailing by, putting on a hat instead. 

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Things to consider when buying a hoodie

There are so many factors to consider when buying a hoodie. One thing you must not forget is if you go for a bold-colored hoodie, you must get an accompanying short in subtle color to balance the look nicely. Apart from that, find out other things to look out for when purchasing a hoodie. 

The Quality

To get an enjoyable experience with your newly purchased hoodie, see to the fact that the quality is top-notch. 

How do you ascertain the quality of a hoodie? 

It’s simple. A careful scrutiny of certain aspects of the garment would give off this information easily. Carefully observe the zips and drawstrings. See that the materials used in making them are strong and durable. 

The material

You should pay attention to the kind of material your hoodie is made with. Material plays a huge role in determining if it will be comfortable for you and, we all know that comfort is a big factor that cannot be underplayed. We will recommend 100% cotton for durability and breathability. 

The fit

Getting the right fit should be considered very important. Ensure that you try them on and choose the one that best fits you, not even a size bigger can be considered. 

Baggy or oversized hoodie gives you that “straight out of bed look” as opposed to the stylish look you are trying to create. 

Final Note

What are the odds that two completely different clothing items, serving two separate purposes and seasons would combine so well to create an impeccable look? 

Quite a marvel, really. 

All you need to do is get the colors right and pair them with the right accessories and viola! You just achieved the coolest casual look yet. 

The icing on the cake is the versatility this combination offers you, the comfort you enjoy, and the stares of admiration you get. Still having reservations about wearing a hoodie with a short? Nah, I don’t think so. 

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