Why Do My Pants Get Loose Throughout The Day?

Why Do My Pants Get Loose Throughout The Day? It is a funny and unexplainable experience actually, leaving the house wearing firm-fitting pants in form of jeans, shorts, or anything else only to discover halfway through the day that they have become so loose to the extent that you have a hard time holding it up.

To be honest, this is just one of the side effects of wearing a lot of fabrics. They tend to stretch as you wear them more.

We cannot even hinge this on the shoulders of weight loss because; how much weight can you possibly lose in less than 24 hours that would be significant enough to make your pants loosen up?

Materials made in using some of these pants tend to lose the capacity to remain in shape however, if your pants are made of spandex and elastane, you can be sure that they will experience an amount of stretch no matter how tiny each time you wear them. The good thing is that they usually bounce back later on and then, the process repeats itself again when next you wear it.

Other reasons why your pants become loose over time too can be; overuse, over-washing, and improper storage. Yet another reason why your once well-fitting pants might suddenly get loose is the poor quality of the material used. A lot of them slacken and the fibers break down easily making the pants give way.

How to prevent jeans from getting loose


For most pants, the washing methods you use and how you store them determine if they will get loose and how soon that will happen.

Folding your jeans after wear till you are ready for the next one is one brilliant way of avoiding stretch issues on it. Have them folded flat and not hanged. Storing them this way helps them maintain their shape. 

Then, of course, the washing method matters a lot too. Jeans are to be washed sparingly in cold water and dried under a low setting to maintain their elasticity and the firm fit you love them for. By washing sparingly, we mean that except they are heavily soiled and contaminated, you should limit how you wash them to at least, once after every 10 wears.

To prevent your jeans from getting loose, always remember that air drying still remains the best drying option. Also, your posture especially, sitting posture plays a major role in preventing your jeans from getting loose.

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Okay, this is not a popular opinion but, I promise you it works. Make it a habit to sit up straight if possible, keeping your knees at 90 degrees or just flat straight. This is particularly helpful when sitting for a long time. 

Sitting cross-legged or just slouching on the chair should be avoided as much as possible. Generally, the right posture will make them stay in shape longer than you expect.

All in all, getting the right purchase would make a huge difference in your quest to stop them from loosening out. When buying jeans, be sure to get a pair that is tight enough.

If you dislike tight-fitting jean pants, you might find this a very uncomfortable experience, but if you are patient enough, you will realize that they will stretch easily after the first wear and become a more perfect fit for you. Buying jeans that are slightly big will see them go shapeless on you when they do stretch out eventually. 

Is it possible to make loose skinny jeans tight again?

It is absolutely possible to shrink your loose skinny jeans down to size. In this case, a fabric softener comes in very handy. Simply have it sprayed on the areas you want to be shrunk – the waist, hips, legs, or anywhere else. Once done, have it tossed in the washing machine for a hot water wash.

The heat helps in making the sprayed fabric softener penetrate better and being more effective as it works on the fibers.

The only time it is acceptable to expose your jeans to heat either when washing or drying is when you are set to shrink them. Ordinarily, hot water is not advised because of how bad the jean materials tolerate them. 

As soon as you are done washing, have the jeans put in the dryer set on a high setting too. You can have an extra drying cycle again to be sure that they are completely dry.

If you are not satisfied with the level of shrink on the jean after all these, repeat the procedure all over again.

How to know how badly a jean pant will stretch

Jeans naturally are prone to stretch. As long as they are worn often, they are bound to undergo tension and strain from body movements. The more strain a jean undergoes, the higher the chances of it stretching.

However, you can know a jean with a very fast stretching rate at the point of purchase with this easy hack.

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As you wear jeans to try out the fitting, do a quick squat exercises for a couple of minutes while still in them. When you are done, observe the knee area and see if the fit still remains the same or it shows some baggy sign.

If they snap back firmly to fit again, you know they won’t stretch out so fast but, if you see signs of gaping especially at the knees (as that is the area of strain), take that as your cue to move on to the next one.

What material of pants is likely to stretch out?

You should know though, that pants stretching out are not entirely dependent on its type of material alone. The mere fact that they are worn constantly is more than enough reason for them to go loose due to the strain they face.

That being said, there are materials that stretch and find it difficult to shrink back or does not shrink down significantly enough, while we have others that stretch and snap back again after a wash.

Jeans made with 100% cotton for instance are most likely to get looser throughout the day of it being worn. Now they might be able to snap back later, especially when they are just folded and kept but, they sure won’t snap back as much as the ones made with a blend of spandex or lycra. 

The spandex or lycra material stands a better chance of snapping back better and returning to size or, at least closer to size.

DIY – How to get loose fit jeans to look skinny without having to sew

One clothes hack that is tested and trusted is the art of ironing on tape. It is usually done by cutting some tape and fixing it in the middle of the fabric in question after which you cover it with the other layer of the pant. Once done, press heavily with a steam iron set to operate on high heat.

What you see happening next is the tape melting and merging the fabric together. You can make use of a hair dryer too but that would take a longer time compared to an iron.

Alternatively, if going to the tailors is not something you would like to do, you can hike up your loose jeans with a belt. This spikes up baggy areas into place thereby, making the jeans fit better and at the same time hold better at the waist. 

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Reasons why you have to constantly pull your pants up

Having to do this messes a lot with your fashion game but, it never occurs without a cause. When this happens, it simply means that the inseam on the pants may be too short. In other cases, the waist might just be the culprit. If you observe well, you would realize that the waist isn’t the right fit for you- they are too small!

The best possible solution to this unpleasant experience is to get it right in size upon your next purchase.

Why do my pants have a saggy crotch?

This is an issue that is mostly predominant in the circle of ardent baggy jeans and sometimes, the slim-fit pant wearers. 

The problem with this most times, is that everywhere else might fit perfectly except the crotch area. Pants with a saggy crotch area have the tendency of making your leg look longer but still, just does not seem like a pleasant thing to behold.

If you experience the same issues, you should consider getting pants in a lower size next time.

Why Do My Pants Get Loose Throughout The Day – Conclusion

Isn’t it funny how we worry about pants stretching now then later, when we grow old, worry about them shrinking? Well, the sad reality that we just have to come to terms with, is that pants must loosen as long as they encounter some level of strain as we stand, sit, and move around generally.

Caring for your pants by washing, drying, and storing right will slow down the pace at which they do stretch making us enjoy a perfect fit for much longer.

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