Are Wrangler Jeans Preshrunk?

Are Wrangler Jeans Preshrunk? If you are looking for preshrunk jeans, then you had better look elsewhere as the wrangler jeans are not. This goes on to say that if purchased; they would most definitely go on to shrink after being washed.

If you are wondering what it means to have jeans preshrunk, it is a term used to explain the process whereby jeans are shrunk multiple times at the stage of production to avoid further shrinkage in the future.

Why are Jeans preshrunk anyway?


Some denim producers go on to have jeans preshrunk to cater to the tons of consumers that do like jeans that shrink. Let’s be honest, jeans shrinking comes with a lot of issues for certain people.

You purchase your size of jeans, wash it for the first time, and sometimes even before wearing them, they shrink, thereby becoming too small for you.

Other people that are yet to master how to take proper care of their jeans, see them shrink when washed or died the wrong way.

With pre-shrunk jeans, you really do not need to bother about your jeans shrinking as they are not likely to shrink more than a percent.

What are the materials used in making Wrangler jeans?

Wrangler jeans are typically made with very stiff cotton. Stiff cottons are highly susceptible to shrinking after each wash and that is why you experience them shrinking each time you have them washed.

How to know the right size to purchase when shopping for Wrangler jeans

First things first, you should know that the bulk of their jeans are not preshrunk and so, there is a possibility of some level of shrinkage occurring in the future. 

With that in mind, I will say that getting a size bigger would benefit you better. Also, if you are a first-timer to the wrangler brand, I will recommend you go into their walk-in stores so you can try them on personally in order to get the best fitting ones.

Shrinking process for Wrangler jeans

Shrinking can only be done on jeans that are too big for you and not the other way around. Here are the procedures to follow in having them shrunk in no time:

  1. Having your jeans washed in cold water alone can do wonders for you. 
  2. When it comes to drying, have them dried under extreme heat. When using the dryer, make use of the hot option. 
  3. You want an accelerated way of getting your jeans to shrink fast? Just have them boiled for like half an hour. You would surely testify to the difference you see.
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How can I get my Wrangler stretch jeans to shrink?

As a brand, you would find different kind of jeans produced by wrangler, one of which is the stretch jeans. This set of jeans are produced for consumers who like their jeans a little freer. It absolutely makes no sense to purchase them and later on attempt to shrink them when you could easily have gotten the preshrunk ones.

But I understand that they might have been a gift or you might have bought them due to ignorance and now, you want to get them to shrink to size.

Unfortunately, this might be impossible as their make-up is different.  However, you can still try out the shrink methods listed above to see if you can get a tiny amount of shrink out of it. 

Can jeans shrinking be achieved without having to wash them?

When it comes to the process of shrinking jeans, there is a component that you cannot do without and that is not a detergent. So yeah, shrinking can be made possible without having to wash, or scrub them. Heck, it can even be made possible without the use of a washing machine!

The key component that cannot be overlooked in the shrinking process is water. Water is an absolute necessity. Therefore, once you have it, you are good.

Do you know that without having to wash your jeans, you can decide to just place them in a big pot and boil? Boiling should go on for about 25-30 minutes and you must ensure the water starts boiling before putting in the jeans. 

It is easy peasy plus, it’s a super-effective method too. For drying after boiling is completed, just use the hottest settings on your dryer and your extremely shrunk jean is ready for use.

An alternative method too would be the use of fabric softeners. Include it in your water and give the jeans a good soak in the solution. As long as you follow the stated dosage on the label, you are sure to get a good result.

Is it possible to undo a shrink done on jeans?

This is one of the issues you are likely to encounter during the process of getting jeans shrunk. You might be able to dictate the particular areas you want to be shrunk but, you never would have the luxury of dictating or predicting the extent to which they should shrink. 

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This is why you see them shrinking way more than your expectations and suddenly, you wish there was something you could do to undo the act.

Well, you’re in luck. 

You can try out this pattern of soaking your jeans in a mixture of warm water and shampoo, having them rinsed after the soak, and using a thick towel to have them dried. For better results, have the jeans hung with the waist facing down.

How often should you wash Wrangler jeans?

Ideally, jeans, in general, are to be washed sparingly. Washing your jeans frequently is one of the fastest ways to have them worn out.

I know that there is a possibility for the jeans to get stained as we wear them. But, we can actually take care of that by washing that exact spot only. Save full wash of jeans for when stains are fully ingrained in them. 

If we perceive any kind of offensive odor from them, as long as it is mild, we can have them tossed into the freezer and allow it stay there for about 30 minutes. You do know that microorganisms cannot stand extreme cold temperatures right? They are bound to die off leaving your jeans smelling fresher.

You can, however, have a deep clean wash done on them in cases where they are heavily infested. The only time it can be allowed for jeans to be washed frequently is if you wear them for some energy-exerting jobs like a bricklaying job, auto repair technician, etc? You would need to wash them more often than normal as they will be susceptible to stains, grease, and germs but, who wears a jean for this kind of job though?


Is it possible to prevent jeans from shrinking?

A lot of people have been made to believe that as long as you wash jeans, you can never really escape it shrinking. Let’s correct that impression once and for all. The shrinking process does not occur as a result of the jeans being washed rather, it happens as a result of the way in which they are being washed.

This is particularly why it is advised to go through the instructions on the care tag so you can be better acquainted with the right way of washing and preserving your jeans. 

A lot of people connect washing with jean shrinking forgetting that it is not the washing but the actual method of wash that causes our jeans to shrink.

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The easiest way to prevent or at the very least, limit the level of shrink on your jeans is by doing the opposite of the steps used in getting them to shrink

You know having them washed in hot water weakens the fiber and makes the jeans shrink so what do you do instead? You have them washed in cold water.

You know the usage of fabric softeners helps in shrinking the jeans too so, you totally avoid using it. You also know that the jeans and extreme heat do not align so, you have them line dried after wash under a very cool place. 

Are Wrangler Jeans Preshrunk – Conclusion

Having the knowledge of whether a particular jeans brand have their jeans preshrunk or not would help us make great buying choices especially while shopping online. The Wrangler jeans for instance though very sturdy and durable are not preshrunk, meaning that there is a high possibility of them shrinking afterward whenever you wash them.

As a result, consumers are advised to buy bigger sizes to have the jeans fit perfectly after they must have shrunk.

If you are a fan of the Wrangler brand and also, like your jeans preshrunk, you can send in your comments and suggestions to their website or better still, their email address. The Wrangler brand is one very customer-friendly brand that takes the opinions and suggestions of its customer base very seriously and considers their requests to be a top priority.

Who knows? If they get a sizeable amount of consumers requesting the same thing, they just might get down to making their wish a reality.

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