When Do Hollister Jeans Go On Sale?

Not one to pass off an opportunity to save money and get more for less, are you? Well, that makes two of us.

Hollister jeans go up on sales very often. As a matter of fact, there is a fixed standby sale section on their website where they periodically upload pictures of jeans going for a discounted fee. For instance this year, sales dates can already be seen on their websites.

But, when it comes to those massive sales, the one where it feels like you are getting the jeans almost for free? Those ones happen twice a year. The first one is usually organized during summer; a period where jeans are the least of concern for people and the other one occurs mainly in November.

You know how there is like a Black Friday massive sales were organized to precede the Christmas season? That’s the same period you can catch up with their sales. Black Friday deals at Hollister kickoff first thing in the morning and the prices are mouthwatering, to say the least.

The last organized Hollister sales happened during the Easter celebration and they have about five (5) more mini sales to go just this year alone.

Find below the dates for Hollister’s next round of jean sales for the year:

  •  June 2nd, 2022 – Spring Bank Holiday sales
  • July 2022 – summer sales warm up
  • August 29th, 2022 – Yep, you guessed right. It’s the Summer Sales splash!
  • November 25th, 2022 – Who’s dancing with me? It’s the Black Friday mega sales!
  • December 26th, 2022 – Do you still need to be told? It’s the Boxing Day end of the year sales.

P.S:  We all know that Black Friday falls on the last Friday of November, but you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you wait till then to visit their website.

Do not miss out on all the jaw-dropping deals during that period, visit the site a week or two weeks in advance to join the sales train as soon as it is set for takeoff.

How to know when Hollister jeans go on sale


You can keep abreast of all information about the Hollister brand when you log on to their website. Here, you get first-hand information that you can be sure are authentic about everything and anything about the brand ranging from; a new collection debut, a new branch opening, and even a bumper sale in the works.

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Also, when you walk into any of their physical stores and buy something off them, be sure to drop your details; phone number, or email address, and get daily emails and newsletters about every interesting happening dropped in your mailbox.

Unable to go shopping in stores? Not a problem. You can equally get a chance to fill in such details when you shop online too.

What is the usual duration of Hollister sales?

The funny thing is that the details about how long it will last is usually not stipulated. At least, not until the end is drawing close. But, you can be sure that sales will drag on for a minimum of 14 days.

Apart from organized sales, what other kinds of discounts are obtainable at Hollister?

Hollister as a brand have some very thoughtful incentives for their staff and other members of the public. Some of which are:

Employees Discount

This is an incentive put in place to appreciate and show just how well they value their full-time employees. This policy sees to the fact that their employees get a whole 20% off products that they purchase. The part-time workers are also not left out of this benevolence. They too get to have 10% off products purchased too.  

To be eligible for this, employees have to make use of their discount code upon purchase. The good thing about this is that you can use it, however, whenever, for yourself or as a present for others.

Student discount

The Hollister brand also has an effective student discount policy in place. Going by this policy, students can get great discounts for every purchase upon presentation and verification of a student ID card.

They also have special reward packages in place. One of which is the Hollister Gold status. When an individual spends up to or more than 300$ in a year and maintains a healthy streak following into the next year, he/she qualifies for a juicy and golden reward from the brand.

How to order Hollister jeans online

The Hollister website is actually very organized and easy to navigate between different pages. On a particular segment of the website, you will be greeted with an array of different kinds of jeans designed to serve different purposes from formal to casual.

There, you will find jeans of different sizes, designs, and styles.  Whatever style you desire be it a straight cut, to skinny to flared bottoms, jean shorts, mom jeans, high waist jeans, you just name it. You simply have to just select the ones you fancy and proceed to make payments following the instructions.

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Are Hollister jeans true to size?

This is very crucial information, especially for online shoppers who do not have the luxury of walking into the stores in person and trying out different jeans just to get the perfect fit.

Generally, jeans from the Hollister brand are a bit smaller than what normal sizes are known to be. To further buttress this point; get a size 1 Hollister jeans and compare side by side with that of other brands; you would realize that a size 3 – 4 jeans might be the same as a size 1 Hollister.

In order words, you might want to skip two sizes up when ordering a pair of leggings from them, seeing that leggings are designed to grip the body.

In addition, the Hollister brand does not really cater to people on the big side. So, if you fall into the plus-sized bracket, you might want to shop in person and try them on to be sure you are getting the right fit. 

What is the return policy for Hollister jeans?

The Hollister brand does have a return policy in place but, with very stringent terms and conditions which you need to be aware of in order to follow the appropriate channel, keep to the instructions and be eligible for a refund or exchange at the very least.

The brand expects you to make your returns within a 60 days window starting from the date of the order shipment. Once the 60 days elapses, the best you can be offered in place of an outright refund would be an electronic gift card.

Returns are also not free and the customer bears the burden of the return shipping fee.

Furthermore, as long as the goods are unused and still in perfect condition plus presented alongside an authentic proof of purchase within the 60 days window period, a refund would be granted.

The brand understands that important details like this can be misinterpreted, so, they went a step further to stamp it on their website for clarity’s sake. 


Are Hollister jeans affordable?

The brand Hollister stands firm and unshakeable at the mention of the word “affordable.”  Little wonder it is the preferred brand for teens and students alike.

With the Hollister brand, finding stylish and uniquely designed trendy jeans that your bank account can confidently accommodate is a normal occurrence. The jeans are unbelievably very affordable!

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What is the price range for Hollister jeans?

On average, you can get Hollister jeans for as low as 30 bucks. Even their most exquisite jeans most of the time, do not go above 65 bucks or thereabout. More often than not, you get a chance to meet up with an ongoing discount promo where you get a pair of jeans for way less plus, other incentives like a buy one get one free too.

You can also consult their website for prices on any kind of jean you want. I can assure you that you would like what you see.

When Do Hollister Jeans Go On Sale – Conclusion

A lot of us steadily stay, anticipating the start of a sale where we can splurge and get a lot more items at a reduced amount. 

I mean, who wouldn’t?

But, with some of the brands, what is sometimes obtainable during their sales splash are items not in top condition or even worn out. Most times, they handpick items that are no longer in vogue and have them displayed in their sales section.

This cannot be said for the Hollister brand. There you get to see jeans still in a good shape, neat and stylish too. What’s more? It can truly be called a sales splash because the prices attached to them are incredibly very low.

So, if you are like me, you will have the date of the next sale marked on your calendar and even go the extra mile of setting up a reminder for it.

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