How To Remove Jean Stains From White Shoes In 2022

How annoying. This should not be happening to those immaculate white shoes. This is one issue you are likely to experience with raw denim. Its indigo color just rubs carelessly against anything it gets in contact with.

But, just before frustration sets in and you start harbouring thoughts of relegating your shoes into the dustbin or the hands of someone else, try reclaiming them with these working solutions outlined below.

Pro Steps To Remove Jean Stains From White Shoes


Items needed for this procedure include:

  • Special stain removing detergent
  • Brush
  • Water
  • Basin
  • Stained white shoe

Step 1

Get a stain removing detergent from the store. Be sure to get the ones that are specifically for white shoes. Have it mixed with water and put in a spray can.

Step 2

Spray your white shoes with the mixture, concentrating more on areas of the denim stain.

Step 3

After spraying, have the shoes placed in a basin of cold water and leave them there to soak for 18 – 20 minutes. After the time must have elapsed, you will notice that the stains do not look as sharp as it was before, they will now appear very faintly.

Step 4

The aim is to get the stains out 100% so, get your brush and gently scrub on the stained areas. Do so repeatedly until the stain can no longer be seen.

Step 5

Done with the stain removal, have the shoes rinsed thoroughly until you are sure they are rid of the detergent. It is imperative that you rinse well to get every detergent residue out as they can cause a different stain altogether if they are allowed to dry on the shoes.

Step 6

Once done with the rinsing, put the shoes out to dry completely.

Other effective ways to get stubborn stains out of your white shoes

Items needed are:

  • Baking soda
  • A clean piece of cloth
  • Warm water
  • Stain removal product

Step 1

The key ingredient for this procedure is the baking soda and you will need about 3 -4 cups of it to get the right amount of paste required.

To get the perfect texture of the paste, add just a few spoons of warm water preferably. This should give you a thick paste and that is exactly what you need to get good results.

Remember, we are dealing with stubborn stains here. If it were just to be any other kind of stain, you can make do even without a paste. 

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Step 2

Once you have your thick paste of baking soda, have it applied to the exact place the stain is on the shoes. Your hands will work just fine but if you will rather not use them, get a clean piece of cloth to use for the application. Ensure that the paste is applied to every area of the stain and that no place is left out.

Step 3

With the paste on them, leave the shoes be for about 45 – 60 minutes. This is done so as to give the stain-removing properties present in the baking soda ample time to do the job of releasing them.

If I may add, leaving the baking soda paste on the shoes for long will have no adverse effect on other components of the shoe, not the fabric or anything else. Their absolute point of focus is on treating the stains and nothing else.

Step 4

Once you have allowed the baking soda work on the stain for an hour max, you can go ahead to remove it. Use a clean piece of cloth to swipe the paste off the shoe.

To be sure the paste is been well removed, dip a corner of the cloth in warm water and take yet another swipe on the paste.

Alternatively, you can use a stain removal to get stubborn stains out if that is what is within your reach

  • Get your stain removal. Make sure it is a very potent one produced with organic ingredients like beeswax or coconut oil. Natural stain removal products have been proven to do a fine job of eliminating stains.
  • Read up and follow the guide on the label. Be sure to follow the instructions bordering on dosage and method of application to get positive results.
  • Have it applied to the stained spots accordingly and leave to penetrate for about 20 minutes. If you can, allow the stain removal to sit in for longer. The more it soaks in, the better it wipes the stains out.
  • Once done soaking, use a clean cloth or a cotton ball to wipe off the stains it has successfully been able to soften and release. You can have the cloth slightly damped before cleaning.

Can black jeans stain white shoes too?

Denim bleeding and staining shoes is really not dependent on the color. Rather, it depends on the quality and sometimes, the treatment given to it.

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The truth is, denims are meant to be washed as soon as they are bought and even before they are worn. This is advocated for to help wash the dye residue from the production stage. If not done, there is a high chance that they will bleed on your shoes when worn.

So yes, black jeans can bleed too and have your white shoes stained if you do not take the precautionary steps to stop that from happening.

Reasons why denim may stain your white shoes

The fact that they are raw denim

When we talk about raw denim, we are referring to those denims that are left unwashed after production. This means that there is still a high residue of fresh dye still left in them.

If you fail to follow the instructions stated on the label of these jeans and go on to put them on like that, they will be sure to stain your shoes and anything else they come in contact with.

Discolored denim

You have to pay close attention in situations where your denim is looking discolored. This is because; there is a high tendency of the dye bleeding out especially when you have the unfortunate experience of being out when it rains.

Wear and tear on the fabric

The frequent friction that occurs each time you wear and walk in your jeans wears them out with each passing day. Now, during a wash, when water comes into contact with the broken-down fabric, it may bleed out.

Using bleach on your denim while washing

If you apply bleach to your denims while washing them, it is expected of them to bleed out. In standard practice, you are not to use bleach or any other additives while washing your denim.

The bleach affects the dye of the denim adversely till it becomes weak and begins to come off. This is when you start experiencing your denims bleed as you wash or even when you put them on.

Even when you do not use bleach itself, there are some detergents that do contain bleach unknown to you. This is why it is advised to only use denim-friendly washing products on your denims.

Low-quality denims

You might be lucky to get a good quality jean for a surprisingly low amount but, the thing with low quality denims is that you can get them for even an outrageous amount if you are not experienced well enough to tell the difference. Bleeding is synonymous to the bulk of this type of denim.

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How to remove denim stains from white materials

The color white is such a sensitive one and as such, would make pronounced any form of stain on it no matter how little you think they are.

The last thing you want on your white fabric are denim bleeding on it and staining it all over. Have it resolved in the following steps below:

Step 1

Add a stain removing detergent to a basin of cold water and have the fabric soaked in there for about half an hour or less depending on the severity of the stain in question.

Step 2

After soaking, scrub the cloth, paying more attention to the areas stained as you scrub.

Step 3

Most times, you would notice the stain there though, a little faded this time. But, that still does not cut it. Put in fresh water and have them soaked again for another 20 minutes. This time, include half a cup of bleach to the mixture.

Step 4

You would notice that you do not need to scrub too hard this time around. The power of the bleach must have gone ahead to break down the stain making them go completely with just a little scrub.

Step 5

Have the fabrics rinsed thoroughly after washing. 

Step 6

Have them hung to dry. Congratulations, for you have succeeded in reclaiming your white fabrics from the stronghold of denim stains.

How To Remove Jean Stains From White Shoes – Conclusion

White shoes are indeed to be treasured and treated carefully. When pairing them with a jean, be sure that it is one that has been washed off its excessive dye to avoid any form of stain on them.

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