How To Make Pants Stop Swishing In Seconds 2022

A lot of people are at a loss as to why their pants keep making that annoying swishing sound and how to make it stop. 

Firstly, pants may swish if they are not the right fit for you e.g. too big or too small. If you have excess fabric in a particular area of the pants like the crotch area or legs, for example, you might experience that swishy sound. Then again, the quality of the material used is another factor to consider.

Another reason why your pants might swish would be as a result of the stiffness and rigidity of the material. Most pants are like this when they are still new but, the fabric later softens after the first few washes.

Whatever the case may be, worry no more as I would be highlighting different steps you can try out to stop your pants from making that swishing sound.

Expert Steps To Make Pants Stop Swishing


Items needed for this procedure would be cold water, a washing machine, belts, deodorants, and swishy pants.

Step 1

Naturally, the major reason why your pant might make that swishy sound as you walk is sometimes linked to the rigidity of the fabric. They are bound to feel softer and make less noise after a few washes with fabric softeners.

Step 2

Have your jeans fastened with a belt. This would help particularly in cases of excess fabric on the pants. Pulling up your pants and holding it firmly in place with a belt can help bridge the gap created by the excess fabric thereby, putting a stop to the noise.

Step 3

If the swishing sound persists even after fastening with a belt, have the pants washed with cold water and add a bit of fabric softener. The fabric softeners will help take care of the rigidity of the fabric of your pants and have them softened speedily.

Step 4

One effective tip for stopping your pants from making that swishy sound is by spraying deodorants on the specific areas that make the sound. What the deodorant does is to act as a lubricant between the fabric and your skin thereby eliminating the sound.

Step 5

Alternatively, if the swish sound can be traced to your pants being oversized generally or in some specific places, you can get them tailored to your perfect size to put an end to the sound once and for all. 

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How to get rigid pants to become softer

If you see no use in trying to break in your rigid pants, at least, the mere fact that they become a lot more comfortable should be reason enough for you to do so.

In most cases, pants may be rigid when bought new. Their rigidity can be traced to the chemical residue still found in them from the production stage. But, you really do not have to leave them in their rigid state; have them softened with these very easy steps:

Items needed

  • Mild detergent
  • Water (Hot or cold)
  • Fabric softener
  • Vinegar
  • Stiff pants

Step 1

Put the pants in the machine, add a very tiny amount of mild detergent and begin the washing cycle. Hot water is typically used to break in rigid fabrics but, you can use cold water if hot water goes against the washing instructions of the fabric.

It is imperative that you check out the washing instructions likely to be written on the label and follow it to the letter.

Step 2

Give it another short wash again. This time, add a spoonful of fabric softener.

Step 3

Get the pants thoroughly rinsed adding half a cup of vinegar to the rinse water.

Step 4

Get the pants dried. If they can be tumble dried, all the better but if not, have them line-dried, checking them at intervals to give them a vigorous shake. Remember to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions in your washing and drying.

Are pants designed to swish as you walk?

You should know that swishy pants are fashionable now and a lot of designers are jumping on the trend in having their own swishy pants collection.

There are pants designed to be swishy but, at the same time, so many things can make a pant swishy even when it was not designed to be. 

One sure way of identifying them is by the material that they are made with. Swishy pants are made with a kind of nylon fabric called ripstop or polyester. As a matter of fact, the swish sound the pants make has been traced to be caused by the ripstop material. 

Due to the electromagnetic field that anything made of nylon has on its surface, it is bound to make swishy sounds. 

These pants do have a waistband that is elasticated plus they also spot cuffs made of elastic at the ankles. You will find the zippers placed at the sides and not the middle and the pants themselves produced various colors and awkward patterns.

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These nylon track swish pants have now become some sort of fashion statement with big names in the entertainment industry spotting them every now and then. No surprise there actually, these pants have a groovy ring to them, very shinny, colorful, and costs a whole lot too.

Why do people prefer swishy pants?

As was said earlier, the swishy pant is now in vogue with fashion-forward guys copping a pair or more for themselves.

These people have found a way of ignoring the swish sound and focusing on the beauty of the pant themselves and the benefits they get while wearing them.

For starters, these men have come to realize the comfort the swish pants offer as opposed to other kinds of pants. They are free yet, fit so well, and can be paired with a variety of shirts and footwear. Then, there is this cool vibe that you get when you put them on, that hyper feeling is second to none.

Ways you can stop your thighs from Chaffing

Chaffing is a big issue for some people especially, those on the plus side. Chaffing happens mostly when there is some sort of friction from one thigh to the other. You can experience chaffing in pants, shorts, and even a tight pair of jeans.

Thankfully, there are a handful of tips that if applied would treat and prevent your thighs from chaffing. Let’s look at some of them below:

  1. Buy more of moisture-wicking underwear: sweating reinforces chaffing and so, it would be very wise to invest in more of underwears that wicks out moisture and keeps us dry. The best way to identify moisture-wicking underwear is to check for where it is written on the label. Underwears made of polyester are very good at taking out moisture from our skin and releasing it outside.
  2. Apply powder on your pants: the essence of the powder is to reduce the rate in which you sweat and help you stay dry. Instead of allowing sweat dry out on our skin, apply powder and let them work on absorbing it. Powders are extremely helpful in this regard.
  3. Get some anti-chaff cream: one of the best ways to tackle chaffing issues, is knowing the right kind of skincare products to use. For creams, you would fare better using powder-based creams. When evenly applied, they serve as a protective layer over your skin, keeping it dry.
  4. You should also consider buying roll-on sticks. They contain helpful ingredients like coconut oil that performs the dual function of lubrication and protection of the skin. they are gentle on your skin and prevent them from chaffing.
  5. Have cleaning wipes readily available: as long as your thighs stay dry, chaffing would be put at bay. Therefore, keep a pack of cleaning wipes handy to manually wipe away sweat and other moisture on your thighs and other areas in which you sweat. 
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Asides from preventing chaff, you would also be wiping away bacteria’s from your body thereby, reducing the risk of getting an infection.


How to soften stubborn pants that remain stiff even after washing

Some rigid pants break in easily by themselves after the first wash while others might take a long time in get softened. If you have tried to break your pants in without much success, try out these tips below to get the job done.

Have the pants placed on an ironing board and put a damp piece of cloth over it. With the iron set to low, press over it continuously for some minutes.

Alternatively, you can put in about 4 to 5 dryer balls in the dryer as you dry the pants. The massage the balls give to the pants as the machine agitates will help in softening stiff fibers.

How To Make Pants Stop Swishing – Conclusion 

Swishy pant is the new modern day track pant. A lot of people have learnt to overlook the sound it makes and focus rather on the comfort and beautiful aesthetics. It is really amusing to know that a once annoying and embarrassing sound is now seen as the new cool.

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