How To Break In Wrangler Rigid Jeans With Ease 2022

We all can attest to how overly uncomfortable it can be walking around in stiff jeans. But, the irony of it all is that we need to wear them to break them in. This means that we need to sacrifice our time into enduring a few hours of discomfort to guarantee the subsequent comfort the jean would hold for us in the future.

Ideally, jeans would naturally stretch out no matter what. But, we have no control over how much they will stretch after being bought. Thankfully, we can accelerate the process by using simple, tested and trusted guidelines. 

Expert Steps To Break In Wrangler Rigid Jeans


Let’s get down to some of the proven techniques of how to break in your wrangler jeans and have them softened and comfortable enough for you to wear.

Items needed for this procedure include:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Big basin or bucket
  • Small piece of sandpaper
  • Dryer balls
  • White vinegar
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer and your stiff, rigid jeans.

Step 1

Flip your jeans to the other side: You should know that turning your jeans the other way around is the recommended way of washing your jeans not just for this procedure, but for other subsequent washes.

Washing with the jeans turned to the back helps in safeguarding the natural color of the denim thereby preventing it from fading.

Step 2

Give it a vinegar soak:  a lot of us make use of white vinegar within the home, still, we are yet to know about its many other strengths.

You will find it listed among highly effective natural softening agents of all times because it has proven time and time again to be very effective.

Applying the white vinegar is super easy. You can add a cup full of vinegar to about 7 – 9 cups of water. Have this solution prepared in a basin or bucket.

Step 3

Place the jeans in the solution and see that it is fully covered by the water. If not, double the amount of water not forgetting the vinegar too for maximum efficiency.

Step 4

Leave jeans in there to soak for hours. For best results, allow to soak overnight. What the vinegar soak does for your stiff wrangler jeans is to break them in and cause them to soften. While doing all of these, ensures that the denim color is not affected in any way.

Step 5

Once you are done soaking, have your jeans placed into the dryer while still turned inside out. Set the dryer to run on medium heat or better still, low heat. Whatever you do, completely avoid using the hot settings as this would have your jeans shrink down.

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Step 6

Have jeans rolled into a ball-like shape as soon as they get completely dried. Hold jeans by the waist and have them folded into two.

Next, lay flat on the bed and roll tightly into a ball starting from the legs. You can use a rope to tie the jeans to prevent it from unrolling. Once done, allow the heat from the dryer to evaporate from the jean, this would take 30mins or roughly an hour. 

Now, the purpose of this exercise is to help the jeans stretch out. This is exactly what rolling while the jean is still hot from the dryer does to the fabric; it relaxes the closely woven fibers making them less rigid.

Step 7

This is the stage where we make use of our sandpaper. It is that element that does a perfect finish for us. Leaving your jeans still turned inside out, remove the rope you used in holding the rolled-up jean and have it unrolled. 

As the jean is laid flat, get the sandpaper and carefully use it in scraping the jeans. Do not scrape the exterior part of the jean, just the insides only. Have it scraped evenly moving in one line of direction for that even look.

As you do this, you will notice tiny fragments of the fabric being scraped away. Clear them away and work your way down to the waist area scraping as you go.

Step 8

Once you are done scraping, have the jeans washed in lukewarm water. Wash the jeans using water alone. No detergent or additive is necessary. This second wash is carried out to have the smell and other residues of the vinegar cleared off.

Remember that you have to leave jeans turned inside out for every step of this procedure. Except of course, you deliberately intend to have its color toned down a bit.

Step 9

As soon as the wash cycle is over, have the jeans placed into the dryer, this time, throw in some dryer balls, about 4 of them would do just fine. Put the dryer on the low settings and allow it to run.

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As the drying cycle begins, the dryer balls begin to roll around the machine, bumping violently into the jeans as they do. This ultimately makes the jeans to further relax and stretch out. 

You can get these dryer balls from any of the supermarts close to you or alternatively, you can make use of tennis balls instead. They will serve the same purpose.

Step 10

Finally, wear your jeans as frequently as you can. The more you wear a jean, the more it stretches. To get that live-in look and break in those jeans for good, have them worn even as you go about your daily activities in the house and its stiffness would become a thing of the past.

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How to break in your wrangler 13MWZ denim

If you like your jeans well fit to size, purchase the ones that are an inch longer than your usual length. You can however get the ones that are 4-5 inches longer if you like them with folds.

Once purchased, try out the following steps:

Step 1

Flip jeans to the other side and have them washed in cold water. As earlier explained, it is advised to turn jeans to the back before washing to avoid a case of its color bleeding. 

Step 2

Once done with the washing, have them line-dried under a very cool shade. They may take a long time to get completely dried but at least you will be sure that it is for the good of the jean.

Step 3

As soon as it is dried, even though not fully, head down to an expert dry cleaner with them and pay to get them professionally ironed. Request that they apply starch to the jeans while ironing

The heat from the iron would help contract the tightly woven fibers and make them constricted. When this happens, a great deal of its power would be lost, causing it to relax and stretch out.

Step 4

Pick up your jeans once ironing is completed and experience the new level of comfort that your now well-broken-in jeans have to offer you.

Are wrangler’s cowboy cut supposed to be tight?

Cowboy cut – an exclusive wrangler design. As the name implies, they were made specifically for actual cowboys and no, they are not meant to be tight, except perhaps, you got an ill-fitting pair.

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On the contrary, they were specially formulated to provide enough room in strategic areas of the jean to make the horse riding activity very seamless for the cowboys.

There are different variations of the cowboy cut. We have the slim version, original, and super relaxed cuts for women as well. Till today, the wrangler brand still produces this awesome set of jeans as it has been proven to be overly useful and super convenient for its targeted consumers.


Are wrangler rigid jeans uncomfortable?

Here is the thing, if you are a newbie to stiff, rigid denim, it would take a lot of time to get used to one. The wrangler rigid jeans are one of the most durable pair of denim you would ever get around.

A lot of consumers out there boast about having them for years with it, still in top shape. This is just to show you how long-lasting they can be.

As for the discomfort, you feel when you first get to wear them, it is actually a normal experience with every stiff denim but, do not be discouraged and pull them off, you will never get them to stretch out that way.

Leave them on, do some lunges, sit-ups, squats, or any form of exercise at all. Jump, dance, climb the stairs, and other forms of physical activities. This is one of the ways you can break them in and when they do break-in, you will never want to pull them off again.

How To Break In Wrangler Rigid Jeans – Conclusion

Being in rigid jeans is one of the most unpleasant situations, the difficulty you encounter while working, the rigid texture of the fabric against your skin, everything about it screams discomfort. When you get a pair of rigid wrangler jeans, waste no time in breaking them in with these very easy steps.

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