Can Lululemon Hem Joggers?

The lululemon brand is very particular about optimum customer satisfaction and this reflects in the length they go to ensure that every single item purchased, serves the purpose it was produced to. But, will they go the extra length of hemming joggers?

So, Can Lululemon Hem Joggers? Lululemons would totally get your joggers hemmed. Most times, they refer you to their tailors who would definitely be able to get it nicely hemmed for you.

The tailors usually get them hemmed within a period of 2 – 3 days for those in stores or a whole week for those in showrooms. This time frame depends on the tailor’s work schedule.

You might be able to get them earlier if you are lucky or, later if they are extra busy. All, the same, you should get a call asking you to come pick them up once they are done.

Other times, and also considering the circumstances surrounding the purchase, you might have one of their educators work you through practical steps in which you can get them hemmed on the spot. They might encourage you to try them on and help you fix the hem at the exact place that you want it.

Does lululemon offer free hemming?


The lululemon brand offers complimentary hemming to its customer on pants purchased from the store. They sometimes even have free repairs done for their customers too.  This complimentary hemming and repairs apply even if you purchased the item used.

Wondering what will happen if your receipts or tags are lost or misplaced? Worry no more. You can just walk into any lululemon store and request to have your pants hemmed without having to present your receipts.

The lululemon brand has a solid purchase record list in place. If you do not have your own receipt, they just need to scrutinize the pants and confirm that they are indeed authentic lululemon pants or do a quick check using their own records.

How can I get my joggers hemmed? 

If your joggers are too long and get packed up at the knees, you can have them folded inwards to your preferred length each time you wear them.  The downside of this method though is that you would be concealing the spectacular original lululemon signature hem.

Alternatively, you can take them to a tailor to get them cut down to size. You should be careful about the kind of tailor you hand these joggers to though. The lululemon joggers need to be hemmed with a good degree of professionalism for it to be done right.

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A good way to hem the joggers would be to first of all, carefully cut the original hem of the joggers then cut them to the length you desire then, on a final note, re-attach the original hem to make them look perfect once again.

DIY – How to shorten the length of joggers

It is normal to want to have your joggers fit to size. Pulling up or folding multiple times at the waist or the hem can sometimes be inconvenient. Get rid of those creases without having to wait on any tailor and get your jogger pants nicely trimmed following the next steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: wear the jogger pants and have them neatly folded up.
  • Step 2: Ensure that the cuff is carefully brought down and placed at the exact length you want.
  • Step 3: gently take the cuff back up and append a pin to where the top of the cuff formerly was.
  • Step 4: now, get to sewing. You will have to sew the top where you had the cuff, a little higher up the joggers.

How can we elongate our joggers?

Check out this procedure if you want to make your joggers a little bit longer than its original length.  For this exercise, you will be needing water, a shampoo (preferably baby shampoo); you can make do with a hair conditioner if you do not have a baby shampoo.

The process involves you adding just a tablespoon of either hair conditioner or baby shampoo to a bucket of water and then, mixing it thoroughly. The next step is to have the joggers totally immersed in the mixture, leaving it there to soak for about half an hour or to be on the safe side; 1 hour.

You know what the hair conditioner or baby shampoo helps in doing? They work on the fibers and make them more relaxed. When the fibers are in this relaxed position, stretching them back to shape can be super easy.

Does lululemon joggers shrink?

Lululemon joggers are not likely to. This is because they make sure the joggers are pre-shrunk not just once, but twice so, the possibility of them shrinking subsequently is not at all feasible.

Is it possible to have my jogger grip better without sewing?

I understand how frustrating it can be, having to always pull back up our joggers each time we wear it. Well, you can have this issue rectified by following these next line of actions. For the record, you would need a dryer for this exercise.

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To begin, throw the joggers into the dryer and include a sheet of fabric softener. Have the dryer set to the hottest setting that it possesses.

Once the cycle elapses and you bring out the joggers, you would notice that they have gotten a size smaller. Now, if they are still not as tight as you would like, all you have to do is; start the process all over again until you are satisfied.

How to look good in joggers

It is absolutely possible to look stylish and classy dressed up in joggers. If you cannot relate to this, then it just means that you have been getting the wrong pair of joggers.

To get the best fitting joggers that would see you looking all good and stylishly sporty, you have to take out time to go shopping in physical stores.

I know shopping online can be very convenient for the bulk of us but, it has its own downsides too. A lot of people are not conversant with their size and just do an eye guessing game instead, in selecting joggers to purchase.

If you use this method, you might be unlucky more than half of the time. You need to go down to the stores and take time to try them out one after the other till you get the best fit.

Now, you might want to know what the best-fit joggers for you would look like? Joggers that are well-fitting on you are joggers that are not baggy but sit very nicely on your skin.

Once you have been able to successfully cop a well-fitting pair, have them combined with any stylish blazer. The next stop would be your hair; Take time out to have them styled neatly. 

Finally, move your focus to your footwear. Now a lot of people are used to wearing their joggers with sneakers. While this is totally okay and not out of place, you, on the other hand, might want to try something a lot more different. Get a pair of some nice, high and sleek stilettos and rock them with your joggers. This would take your looks from 10 – to 100 real fast!

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What does it mean to have your pants hemmed?

The term “hem” implies that the seam trail on the inside of a pair of pants is extra-long and the owner desires to have it trimmed down to size. The only difference is that they are not just having it cut to a shorter length, but, they get the hems redone too.  The word hem connotes the side of the leg, just at the edge where the sewing is done.

Does lululemon hem shirts?

Yes, they do. It does not really matter how long you have had your lululemon shirts. They will have them hemmed for you upon request at no extra cost! Additionally, you really do not have to worry about going back to the exact store you had them purchased to fix them, just walk into any of the closest Lululemon stores to you and have them fixed for free.

Lululemon will have your joggers, the sleeves of your jacket, tank top, and shirt hemmed as long as you request for it. You should however note though, that your request will be processed as soon as they have been certified to be original lululemon products.

Can Lululemon Hem Joggers – Conclusion

A lot of people have had their joggers damaged badly in the process of getting them hemmed to size. This damage can be while trying to get them done yourself or having them done by half baked tailors.

Whatever the case is, when it comes to your prized lululemon leggings, mistakes like this should be avoided at all costs. This is because of how much they are worth and the trailer load of benefits you get to miss out on account of these mistakes.

Get your joggers back to the store and get referred to the professional tailors present at lululemon store and have them perfectly hemmed for free.

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