Why Do Skinny Jeans Look Bad On Me? 

Jeans are an ageless and timeless feature of fashion. Have you ever heard that jeans went out of fashion? Impossible! At most, we just have the various kinds trending at different times.

From skinny jeans to the regular ones to the loose versions, each kind has had its own moment of fame and people also have their different preferences. Skinny jeans have been around since the 1950s when they first came into fashion.

Men and women alike love them for their bold and daring look. As much as some people want to wear them, however, they have found out that it seems to be a mismatch for them.

If you’re one of those asking, “Why do skinny jeans look bad on me?” Then you have come to the right place for answers. Indeed, not everyone achieves their desired look with skinny jeans.

This is because different types of bodies require different kinds of jeans. Furthermore, there are variations of skinny jeans that fit different body requirements. Blindly picking just any skinny jeans off the rack may result in ill-fitting denim.

Before we dissect the issue of body requirements to figure out the art of getting the best appearance out of skinny jeans, let us consider the benefits and risks that come with wearing them, to see which one outweighs the other and if skinny jeans are actually worth it. 

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Skinny Jeans 


It is a universal law that virtually everything in life has at least two sides to it- the positive and the negative. Skinny jeans are no exception. In fact, a lot of people have wondered what all the hype is about and if skinny jeans are actually safe.


  • Depending on the type of body you have, skinny jeans can be matched with a wide range of tops: body hugs, t-shirts, shirts, blazers, jackets, sweaters etc.
  • They make a bold statement. 
  • They can help you highlight or draw attention to certain features you’ll like to show off, like a small waist, toned triceps, or shapely hips.
  • You can use them to appear taller than you really are. 
  • They are made for both men and women.
  • With more wears, they stretch and you can get more comfy in them.


  • The point that would matter most to you if you’re all about fashion, is that skinny jeans are out! Of course it’s not a reason to chuck them entirely into the trash can, we wear all sorts of clothes and not just the trending ones. However, wearing them is almost sure to announce that you are either ‘old’ or getting there. Blame Gen Z for this.
  • They present risks to men’s health in form of bladder problems, damaged testicles and UTIs.
  • For women, the tightness and lack of air also provide a good climate for vaginal infections. 
  • Generally, skinny jeans can be a health hazard. They can minimize the circulation of blood and even shut it off completely in some parts when you squat. According to a study recorded in the Journal of Neurology, Neurology and Psychiatry, this can lead to damage in the leg muscles and nerves. 
  • Skinny jeans can actually highlight your ‘big’ areas, making you appear fatter.
  • They press tight against the skin, preventing airflow and causing numbness and itching.
  • Some people find them too revealing because they put every shape from your waist to your ankle on display and even call attention to certain areas you may have preferred to mask. 
  • Skinny jeans can easily become a discomfort, especially if you have not chosen one that fits your body requirements. 
  • Many people are of the opinion that they look unattractive on men.
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It is easy to make a decision about skinny jeans based on the above enlightenment. If after you now know, you still want to try out skinny jeans, then you absolutely have to invest the effort to get the right pair for your body. This will go some ways in mitigating the disadvantages. 

What Kind Of People Should Wear Skinny Jeans

In appearance, most women are able to maintain good looks in skinny jeans. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about men. They can quickly appear ridiculous to a lot of men, based on how they are built.

Let’s start with women. Whether you’re slim or have a ‘figure 8’, the right skinny jeans would go well with you. On the other hand, avoid them if you are much bigger in your torso than your lower parts because they will put the spotlight on this fact.

Also, remember that every of your feature is more or less on display. So, if you have features you would prefer to conceal which are not easily covered by your choice of top, then you should ditch skinny jeans. 

The size of your lower legs is another factor you want to consider. If they’re spindly like mine or robust in comparison to other areas on your legs, consider straight cut or boot cut respectively instead.

For men, you can pull off the look if you’re lean or fit without your legs being too thin. Otherwise, it’s a no for me (and a lot of other people watching you).

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How To Look Good In Skinny Jeans

 Now that you have ascertained whether skinny jeans agree with your body shape and size, here are some tips to enhance both your comfort and allure while wearing them. 

  1. Although skinny jeans are meant to cling to your body like a second skin, you should perform a simple test to know if they’re a good fit. While wearing them, try pinching some fabric at the thigh. You should be able to hold about three centimeters, otherwise consider the denim too tight. Go one size up.
  2. Your top matters. Body hugs are fine if you have a flat belly. Go for looser choices or longer tops to mask any feature you do not want in the spotlight. 
  3. Consider the three rises of jeans waist: low waist, mid waist and high waist. High waist accentuates flat belly as well as a small waist for women. Men and are safer with the mid waist. Women with a bigger upper body should stick with mid waist also.
  4. Colour can make a difference. It has been observed that the darker your outfit, the more slender you look. If you’re trying to appear less than your size, then denim of darker colouring like dark blue or black, can help you achieve this. 
  5. Accessories also work magic in your total appearance. Match your accessories and bags to your outfit and you create a whole different personality.  
  6. Finally, footwear will put the icing in the cake. Pointy heels for ladies will complete the maximising of your height, depending on the occasion. Loud sneakers are a yes anytime and for anyone wearing skinny jeans.

Best Kind Of Jeans For Skinny People 

It is likely that the only reason you have skinny jeans in mind is that your body is on the lean side. So skinny jeans for skinny body, right? Wrong! There are other kinds of jeans that will fit you far better and highlight the good sides of your build. 

Slim jeans combine the fitness you’re looking for in skinny jeans, with the comfort and shapeliness of other kinds. They are cut close to the skin from the waist to the thighs, then they continue in a straight cut to the legs that adds style to the overall look. 

Regular Jeans also work on skinny. These are the ones that just go straight on from the hips to the ankles. It is a look that will never go out of style.

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Do skinny jeans look good on everyone? 

No, skinny jeans don’t look good on everyone. You need certain body specifications to pull off skinny jeans successfully.

Most women can wear them but few men can. However, the looks can be enhanced with carefully chosen accessories and tops. Also, it is important to choose high waist, low waist or mid waist based on body type.

Can guys wear skinny jeans

Yes, skinny jeans are for both genders, so men can wear them. However, it doesn’t fit all builds of men. You can pull off the look if you’re lean or fit without your legs being too thin. Besides, they pose a threat to men’s genitals and overall health.

Do skinny jeans make you look fatter? 

Yes, skinny jeans can make you appear fatter than you are. The denim presses against your flesh and ‘pushes’ every contour out. This makes your hips seem to be wider and can give you a generally big appearance. 

Do skinny jeans make you look thinner? 

You would expect from the name that skinny jeans should give you a thin look. Well, it doesn’t. On the contrary, it can make you appear ‘fat’ because it presses and highlights all flesh.

Why Do Skinny Jeans Look Bad On Me – Conclusion 

While skinny jeans can look captivating on certain body types, there are other kinds of jeans that fit you better if you don’t have the body for them.

Besides, there are important downsides to skinny jeans that you should read through to decide if you really want to make the effort required to appear great in them. If you do decide that you want to make the effort, I have helped you out with how to go about that.

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