Why Do Jeans Have Double Belt Loops?

Why Do Jeans Have Double Belt Loops? Belt loops are a feature on jeans that helps people keep their pair of trousers on their waist and their belts in place.

In the 1920s belt loops were invented to serve instead of suspender buttons. This was made to allow the use of both small-sized and big sized belts, with the small belts being used on the smaller loops and the big belts being passed through the main loops.

To improve design, some jeans had double-layered tucked belt loops sewn into the waistband underneath the larger ones. Most jeans have just five belt loops stitched around the waistband, except for wrangler jeans that feature 7 belt loops so as to create better comfort while horseback riding.

The jeans material is thick and often stiff which guarantees its ability to undergo and accomplish some of the rough purposes people used the double belt loops design for.

This feature has now become a trend on women’s jeans as extra loops are mostly common to see on their pair of jeans trousers. We are going to briefly discuss some reasons why jeans have double belt loops.

Why do jeans have double belt loops

Reasons why most jeans come with double belt loops

Material strength

We can all agree that the textile strength of a pair of jeans is quite an obvious reason right? An average pair of jeans weighs around 12 to 16 ounces (that is 0.34kg to 0.45kg) with the lightweight jeans weighing around 12 ounces while heavyweight pairs weigh even more than 16 ounces. This makes it fit to hold all of the tough reasons it has double belt loops.


Fashion is a trend, a way that things are done. Inventing a double belt loop on a pair of jeans creates some sort of fashion sense, diversifying looks and enriching the beautification of jeans. This is not very common as people do not often showcase their belt loops unnecessarily.

Designers choice/creativity

Double belt loops are a way of a designer’s creative sense to solve the problem of unexpected events. To provide contingency in case the bigger loops fail. Then you improvise. A great pair of jeans deserves an even better belt to go with it, like the Dickies Men’s Casual Leather Belt.


Double belt loops on jeans is just another way for a designer to stand out. Creating that unique feature that without seeing a designer’s name, you already know just from seeing the double belt loops that it can only be that designer. Also, double belt loops are common features of female jeans. That’s some sort of uniqueness too.

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The loops that are often found on carpenters jeans are popularly known as ‘hammer loops’. Implied by the name, they are made to hold hammers. It is not just carpenters but other workers in the construction industry also use hammers in installing nails or other fasteners.

A lot of people Suggest that double belt loops are designed for shoelaces, in particular reference to a pair of skater jeans.

Their theory seemingly states that belt buckles were often interruptions or restrictions to skateboard riders when they tried to do tricks, so the loops created a means for them to hold their pair of skater pants up when doing Ollie’s, kickflips, and nose grinds.


Another reason why jeans have double belt loops is to serve as a backup just when the main loop may break, which I strongly agree is a reasonable explanation.

Now one may ask, if double belt loops were invented to serve as backups does it imply that you must have a fitting belt for the thinner loops on you alway?

Well, if there’s a need for backup, you have some. But this is common with old pairs of jeans trousers or with soft fabric jeans.

A new pair of jeans should not give you a need for contingency if it is a good one. Another thing, there is a reason why double belt loops are most common to come on female jeans.

Does anything strike your mind? Yes! They can easily carry contingency belts around in their portable and accommodating handbags. Plus they don’t wear wide belts as men do.

Plus they can easily use a shoelace in place of a belt and it would still reflect sexy on them as much as accentuate their femininity. But shoelaces instead of belts on men’s jeans make you look

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What does it mean when you skip a belt loop?

Missing a belt loop in your jeans trousers or shorts will only make you look like it was though a five-year old that dressed you up.

It only shows that you have dressed in haste and it is also a way to figure out that your partner is cheating on you. Don’t complicate your relationship or fashion sense by being careless enough to skip a belt loop cos man that could be terrifying.

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What are double time belt loops?

Like I mentioned earlier, in the 20s belt loops were invented to serve instead of suspender buttons. This was made to allow the use of both thinner and wider belts. Time here implies chances or choice. Double belt loops were like an easing off opportunity.

You don’t have to go through the stress of carrying your hammer as a carpenter on your hands while climbing or in the process of changing positions when installing nails on the roof or even on the wall(this time, you could be standing on a ladder).

How do you add an extra belt loop?

There are simple steps if only you know how to pedder a sewing machine very well. First, you will need to fold your piece of fabric in half lengthwise with the wrong sides touching. Then unfold and press both edges to the centre fold line.

Fold in half again and press, then stitch each of the long edges of both sides together to close the loop. Then, you can stitch it onto your pair of trousers.

What are the belt loops on jeans called?

Belt loops can also be synonymously referred to as waistbands. The loop that is attached just next to the heckle end is called the keeper.

How do I fix a torn belt loop on jeans?

To fix a belt loop on jeans, you need to have a sewing machine, a needle and a thread the same colour as the pair of jeans you want to fix. You also need to have scissors, a two-sided adhesive tape and small pieces of jeans fabric. Then

  • You gently cut off the loop from your jeans depending on how torn it is.
  • Turn your jeans inside out and cut a suitable size of adhesive tape.
  • Place the tape on the torn part, place the pieces of jeans fabric on it and iron until you can’t remove the pieces of jeans fabric from it easily anymore.
  • Turn your pair of jeans back out and sew gently on the torn part. Remember that you are doing it on the outer part of your jeans. Until it’s perfect.
  • Now, take a needle, put a tread through it and use it gently to stitch the loop back to your pair of jeans trousers or shorts.
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There are handheld devices you could easily use to patch it up like this Portable SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Machine.

How do you put on a bet without a loop?

You can put on a bet without a loop if you want. It can hold it if only you tighten the buckle enough to make yourself uncomfortable. But I strongly recommend you only do this at home cos damn if you go out like that, you have to be a janitor then.

Don’t ever try to sit down when you put on a belt without loops cos when you do, yeah right! The belt will maintain its position and the back of your pants will pull down.

And now you will have to awkwardly hold your pants up with your belt hanging on your waist. Ah! That would be such a shame, right?

Can you wear suspenders on pants with belt loops?

For one it is fashion-oriented to wear suspenders on pants with belt loops. Belt loops and suspenders serve the same purpose of simply helping to keep your pants up. In my opinion, it is a style to do that as I have seen how cool it looks on guys. But it is a show of ignorance sometimes and do not wear suspenders on pants with belt loops to work. Please don’t!

Why Do Jeans Have Double Belt Loops – Conclusion

The jeans material is a highly concentrated piece of fabric. It does not easily tear off but when it does sometimes, you may not be able to fix it depending on your kind of person, financial status, reputation or for many other reasons.

So it is best to avoid stitches by avoiding their source. Double belt loops can come in handy, most especially to carpenters or workers in construction industries. If you lose a belt loop, do not be unhappy, feeling like you have lost that best pair of yours.

Just take it to a good tailor or if you are good enough, follow the simple steps trick I stated earlier and fix your torn loop. Thereby, retaining the existence of that pair of jeans you may love. Stay blessed!

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