Why Are Levis Expensive?

Why Are Levis Expensive? The summary of it all is that the Levi brand compared to the level of quality denims it produces cannot be said to be too expensive. Their products are known to be highly durable and made with the finest of materials. This has earned the brand a permanent integrity badge.

A lot of people might be led to believe that the Levi denims cost so much just because it is a popular brand and has established a name for itself in the world of denim but, this is far from being the case.

A lot of resources do actually go into the production of Levi denims and have them transported into the market. A lot of resources, in this instance, mean huge investments being pumped in from the very “get-go.” Beginning from the sourcing of materials used to heavy investments made in getting skilled craftsmen – fabric experts, design specialists, and tailors.

Right from the onset, Levi Strauss; founder of the Levi brand had this dream of floating a sustainable cotton production system one that would be eco compliant and friendly and would see to a thorough observation and screening of every single chemical used in the course of production including dyestuff. 

It does not stop there. He had encapsulated in this dream, the full growth and overall well-being of every factory worker in the employ of the brand. 

The good thing about this well-thought-out plan is that it did not just end in a lofty dream. He strived hard to bring it into fruition and the result is the Levi brand, well-positioned, and ranking very high in the denim fashion world.  

Reasons why the Levi brand is considered to be the best in the world


They are the original inventors of the jean pants

Okay, if this is not worthy of being a bragging right, I honestly do not know what is. This is nothing short of a huge feat! It means that every other brand that came afterwards just had the easy job of feeding upon the original idea.

It is never the same as brainstorming and bringing an idea from scratch to full-fledged life, a life so bubbling that it gave life to tons of other denim brands.

They are super comfortable

The Levi denims are highly comfortable. You can wear them all day and forget the fact that you are actually in a pair of jeans. This is because of the smooth and soothing feel it has on your skin.

They are highly durable

Now, this is not even up for a debate. As a matter of fact, the first striking attribute that will be ascribed to the Levi denim products should be its durability.

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No jokes here, but the Levi denim is known for longevity. These jeans are as sturdy as ever. This does not even come as a surprise considering the amount of resources the brand invests in sourcing the right material meant for the production of their jeans.

They are always fit to size

Aha! This just had to be mentioned. You can’t just but notice how well the Levi denims sticks true to size. 

This is actually a big deal considering the many issues consumers out there face, all in a bid to get a perfectly sized jean. A lot of people have to go a size down or up in most cases where they find what they thought to be their size, ill-fitting.

With the Levi denims, you can confidently order a pair of Jean in your size and be sure that they will be perfect. Honestly, for a brand that has been in existence for decades, you should expect the best and nothing short of that.

The brand has had more than enough time to improve and reinvent. Making remarkable progress and visible difference in every new production. 

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What are vintage Levi denims worth?

Have you ever come across vintage Levi denims? These are considered gold, you know. Vintage Levi by the way refers to Levi denim pieces that were produced years ago.

The first sets of Levi denims worn by people that must have died or are aged now are being copped by lovers of denim for amounts running into thousands of dollars. 

Think about it, why would you call yourself a jean collector if you don’t have a copy of the jean makers themselves? Talk about  hot ticket for denim collectors and the early Levi product comes to mind. In fact, they would give an arm and a leg to get a Levi 501 or the 1950 anniversary Levi jeans. 

I mean, why wouldn’t they? These items are currently listed for sale on eBay for about eight thousand bucks or  more and yeah, people actually roll over themselves to get one.

Surprised? These pieces are actually valuable regardless of the obvious wear and tear, rips, holes and everything else. A pair of the 1947 Levi 501XX are displayed for nothing less than 5,000 bucks and people are seen making steady offers.

Why are old Levi jeans so expensive?

It means a lot to have some of the pieces that began Jean’s journey. Apparently, they are expensive because they happen to fall under the category of the oldest pairs of Levi in the world.

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To give you an idea of how much they cost, the real owners of ‘what goes around, comes around’ had them sold for a whopping $5000 much more than the price they purchased it initially.

A list of some of the most expensive jeans in the world

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see a jean with a seemingly outrageous price tag? Do you go thinking that it is just a ploy to rip you off or, do you go digging into the care tags or make research trying to find out what is so special about them that makes them cost so much?

If you do, you will definitely find out the exact reason(s) why they do and will find them to be worth every penny, eight times out of ten. 

Find below, a list of some of the most expensive jeans

APO Jeans

This brand makes use of mostly gems and metals in making a difference and setting themselves apart from other denim companies.

That aside, you will find products from them made with top-notch fabrics. You will find some of their products spotting fine silk pockets plus, gold, silver, and sometimes, platinum rivets.

The good thing about getting these jeans is that you are not left in the dark as to the specific metals used on them. You are immediately issued a certificate of originality upon purchase. They go the extra mile in stating in this same document, the name of every material used during production.

You would get these jeans for at least $4,000. Although they may cost a whole lot more depending on the consumer’s specifications and customization.

Escada custom-made jeans

The Escada brand makes provision for consumers to have their jeans custom-made and tailored to their specifications.

The brand has been in existence since the 70s amassing vast experience in the making of customized jeans to the satisfaction of their customers.

This is purely a premium service and as such, does not come cheap at all. For example, a pair they had customized with Swarovski crystals for a customer was sold for $10,000.

Levi Strauss & Co Jeans

You should totally expect the history makers plus, the largest marker of denim in the world to make the list.  Up till now, the Levi jeans are still counted as one of the most famous jeans in the world.

Little wonder why the brand made jeans especially, the vintage ones are listed here as one of the most expensive.

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Vintage Levi jeans have been sold in auctions for a whooping $60,000!.

Dussault Apparel Trashed Denim

Talk about the top two most expensive denims in the world and this brand must definitely pop up. You wonder why they are so expensive? This brand sees that the denims are washed  13 good times at the very least before the materials are finally used for the production of the denim jeans.

That’s not all. The usage of pearls, gems, and other precious metals in making the jeans also contribute to the very expensive price tag.

On most of their pieces, you can find gold, rubies, and even diamond used on them making them cost over $200,000.

Secret Circus

Let us crown this the king of all expensive jeans already. Right now, they are the world’s most expensive jeans.

Secret Circus jeans come in various styles and designs. Asides from the bling, move your focus to the fabric used and attest to its quality. They are indeed highly fashionable and comfortable.

The most expensive piece of the Secret circus jeans can be seen displayed for about $1.3 million. Okay, I’m guessing you’ll need a minute to digest that.

Why Are Levis Expensive – Conclusion

The Levi brand has earned their place at the top in the world of denim fashion. It is a position well deserved considering the years of research and work put into making one of the best quality and highly durable pairs of jean we have in the world today.

If you consider them to be expensive, you may be right but then, you might want to experience the many benefits the jean offers before you conclude.

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