Who Wore Their Pants Backwards?

Putting clothes on backwards was a big deal in the early 1990s. Kriss Kross, a twosome comprised of Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith, were infamous for their zany outfits. The band’s hit single “Jump” topped the charts for eight weeks.

The Totally Krossed Out album sold four million copies, but its big hit was the aforementioned “Jump” song, a sampled version of the Jackson 5 hit “I Want You Back” that racked up the biggest number on the Billboard charts. The band was also one of the first in mainstream pop culture to endorse gay rights, as it signed a multimillion dollar deal with the GLAAD media organization.

Interestingly, Kriss Kross was discovered by Jermaine Dupri, an award-winning producer and rapper whose other hits include Def Leppard, a cult rap group whose big hit was the octet’s “It’s My Life”, and 50 Cent, whose breakout hit was “Men of the cloth”. After releasing their first album, Kelly and Smith died of drug overdoses in May 2013 and Smith’s death was confirmed in December.

Who Started the Backwards Pants Trend?

Whether you are looking to get your fashion on, or just want to look like you got it done, you should try the backwards pants trend. It’s one of the coolest things to wear and look at.

There are several reasons why you should wear your pants backwards, but first let’s look at the history behind it. In the 1990s, Kris Kross and his partner Chris Smith were a hot commodity. Their single “Jump” was a hit and they had the requisite buzz. The hip-hop duo made their name with unconventional style. The pair wore their attire in an unorthodox manner in their music videos.

One of the more noteworthy things about the trend was that it didn’t last long. By the time the heyday of the backwards trend ended, it had already been overshadowed by other more interesting trends, such as the backwards hat and cardigans.

It was in the mid to late 90s that the backwards hat and cardigan made their debut. The backwards hat was a huge hit during this time frame, but the cardigan was a close second.

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Why Did Kris Kross Wear Their Pants Backwards?

During the early 1990s, Chris Kelly and Chris Smith, members of Kris Kross, became notorious for wearing their clothing backwards. The duo’s unique fashion sense helped them gain fame. However, they soon stopped wearing their clothes backwards.

Kris Kross was founded by Jermaine Dupri, who met the two tweens in a mall in Atlanta. They were discovered by Dupri and signed to his label. Their first single “Jump” was a huge hit, staying at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks. This song also became a global hit, and it was certified double platinum.

In 1992, Kris Kross released their first album, Totally Krossed Out. It became an international hit, selling over four million copies. This is also the year that they opened for Michael Jackson on his “Dangerous” tour. The duo released another two studio albums, Da Bomb and Young, Rich and Dangerous, but they eventually broke up. After the breakup, the group members started writing and producing their own albums.

They later released a video game entitled Kris Kross: Make My Video, which featured a player’s ability to edit music videos. The game was released for the Sega CD system. It ranked 18th on the Electronic Gaming Monthly list of the 20 worst games of all time. The game required players to use general video animation effects and stock footage.

What Boy Band Wore Their Pants Backwards?

Despite being a duo of pint-sized rappers, Kris Kross was a juggernaut in the music industry. During their heyday, they sold over a million copies of their 1992 album Totally Krossed Out and had a slew of hit singles to their name. Their most lauded track, the aptly titled “Jump”, landed the duo a spot on the European leg of Michael Jackson’s grueling tour. It stayed at number one on the Billboard charts for eight weeks and was even featured in the “Jam” video. Now that’s a feat in and of itself, but the duo’s achievements go far beyond the recording studio. Kris Kross is currently getting ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a star-studded all-star concert in Atlanta next month.

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One of the duo’s more infamous outfits was the backwards pants gimmick. The name of the boy band is a mouthful and no one would have guessed that their best known member, Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly, would continue to wear his pants backwards into his 30s.

Who Wore Their Clothes Backwards?

During the 1990s, Kriss Kross, a hip-hop duo, became famous for their backwards pants. Their music featured a song called “Jump,” which stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for eight weeks. Their album, Totally Krossed Out, sold four million copies. But by 1996, the hip-hop duo had stopped wearing their pants backwards.

Kris Kross was composed of Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith. Their music remained popular, with their songs appearing in several popular television shows. The rappers were discovered by a producer named Jermaine Dupri, who would later produce the song “Jump.” Dupri would later become a legendary record producer, and his work would sell more than 400 million records. He is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

During the funeral for Chris Kelly, one of the rappers in the group, Da Brat, wore his pants backwards. It was not the first time he had done it, but it was a rare moment. Da Brat had been a member of Dupri’s record label.

Did People Wear Their Jeans Backwards in the 90S?

During the 90s, there were several notable trends in fashion. Some of the most popular fashion trends included: sneakers, tees, jeans, colored tights, and overalls. During the decade, there was also a huge emphasis on hip hop fashion. The 1990s also saw a resurgence in punk rock clothing.

In the early part of the decade, acid washed jeans were popular. There were also many different colors of jeans that were popular in the 1990s. Among the most popular colors were dark red, medium green, and purple.

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One of the most popular overall looks was the flannel shirt over white overalls. The hoodie with the long front ties was another popular option. These were worn large and were usually left hanging down the front of the jeans.

Another popular trend of the ’90s was the snapback hat. They had a big bill, a stiff front panel, and they were popularized by rappers. Ice Cube and Tupac were two famous rappers that popularized the trend.

The 90s also saw the return of the leather bomber jacket. These were worn with shoulder pads.

What Does Sagging Your Pants Really Mean?

Whether you like it or not, the sagging pants trend is coming to an end. For nearly 30 years, people have been worrying about it.

The sagging pants trend began in prisons. It is said that prisoners would wear pants below their waist in order to signal to other inmates that they were available for sexual gratification.

The trend became popular with hip hop artists. Rap artists sported sagging pants on their albums. Some even wore them backwards. This was the first time sagging pants had made it into mainstream America.

Sagging has been banned in many cities, but the trend hasn’t gone away. In fact, it has become a part of mainstream culture. It has even made its way into the sartorial wardrobe of celebrities.

Today, entertainers are experimenting with more tailored looks. Many are also trying to create a more cohesive style. Many people see sagging pants as a sign of rebellion. It can also be a political statement.

Regardless of what you think, sagging pants can be a fun fashion choice. But it’s important to remember that they also represent reprehensible behavior.

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