Where Did the Sagging Pants Come From?

Sagging pants have been around for nearly thirty years, but what really made them popular? Are they just another fashion trend or a symbol of racial oppression?

In the early 1990s, the sagging pant became a hip-hop craze. Rap artists began to adopt the style and it has since become a symbol of individuality, freedom and rebellion.

Despite its popularity, sagging has an ugly history. It started in prisons, where it is thought to represent sexual availability. However, the practice has been banned in several states, and many others have debated why.

One explanation for the origin of sagging is that it is a way to conceal weapons. Another is that it is a gay male signal.

The earliest known examples of sagging were worn by Mexican-American and black men in California in the 1930s. These men wore oversize suit jackets that tapered at the ankles. They would often improvise their outfits.

The hip-hop culture of the 1990s also helped to spread sagging to mainstream culture. Rap artists adopted the fashion, and teenagers began wearing the style.

What Does in the Hole Mean in Jail?


The hole is a term used in jails and prisons. It is a small, isolated cell that is half the size of a normal one.

The hole is usually reserved for those who have been caught breaking the rules. If a prisoner is found to be beating another prisoner or breaking other rules, he or she will get put in the hole. This is the most serious punishment a jail can dish out.

As the name suggests, the hole is not a place to spend much time. Inmates can be placed in the hole for a day, a week or more depending on the severity of the offense.

To be able to get in and out of the hole, a solitary inmate has to be good. Fortunately, there are many incentives to become a good captive. Some inmates may be sent to classes in the school or Freedoms Journey Classes. They can also participate in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Most counties have specific laws and procedures for conducting an inmate in the hole hearing. During this time, the inmate must demonstrate to his peers that he or she has done the most to minimize the punishment.

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Do You Have to Shave in Jail?

If you’re a fan of sagging pants, you may be interested in learning that you don’t have to shave your sagging tush to be a savvy felon. Despite this, you will likely find yourself surrounded by like-minded connoisseurs. Those who aren’t may wish to shave their butts off, but don’t expect to go free.

Depending on the facility, you could shave your leg, or at least get a clean one. Some even offer the luxury of shaving your face. While it’s not the most sanitary of conditions, the novelty of the task is a refreshing break from the monotony of your daily grind. A little self-care goes a long way, especially for women inmates.

Although not all prisons will permit you to shave your leg, there are a handful that offer it. The good ones even offer the services of a barber. Even better, they will loan you a shaver to boot. Of course, you’ll also be on your guard, but the novelty is a welcome respite from the squalls of the outside world.

Are Inmates Allowed to Hug?

If you were to ask an inmate whether or not they can get a good hug, they would probably reply with a resounding no. There are reasons. A number of inmates have mental health issues or are overwhelmed by the stresses of incarceration. Others simply don’t have the money to call a loved one.

Other reasons include security concerns. Some facilities have specific rules about hugging. They may only allow it for special occasions like a visit or funeral. Or they may be limited to kissing on the cheek.

One rule you’ll likely see enforced by the average corrections officer is to wash your body at least once a week. This may be during out of cell time or at other times. You might also encounter a drug sniffing dog or two.

Another rule you’ll likely be reminded of is that inmates can’t touch each other. This might be a matter of security, but it is also a matter of pragmatism. For instance, if a female inmate is giddy about the idea of getting a hug from her boyfriend, she’ll probably get stuck in the hole for a while.

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Can You Smoke in Prisons?

Most prisons in the United States have banned smoking in inmates’ cells. However, they have allowed inmates to smoke in dayrooms and other indoor areas. Despite these restrictions, cigarettes and nicotine consumption are high in many prisons.

Smoking in prisons is a major public health concern. Studies have found that the prevalence of smokers in the correctional setting is more than six times higher than in the general population.

Prisoners are exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke, which is known to cause illness in non-smokers. In addition, prisoners are often socially disadvantaged. Many inmates have excess physical and mental health problems.

A recent study conducted in Scotland sought to assess the impact of a smoke-free prisons policy. The research used natural experimental methodology. Researchers interviewed department of corrections officials and inmates in three states and fourteen Scottish prisons. They looked at medication dispensing data and observed inmates interacting with officers and other inmates.

During the study, it was found that inmates were able to sell smuggled cigarettes to other inmates. They also used tobacco as a means to comfort themselves. Tobacco was smuggled through bundles of laundry, tennis balls, and food trays.

Is There a Toilet in a Jail Cell?

In a prison, there are two ways to defecate. One is the traditional way, by slopping out. Another is by using a shower. While it is more conventional to use a shower, the practice of slopping out is still widespread in many Russian jails.

Traditionally, a toilet is located on the inside wall of a cell, close to a window. This is a way to ensure that it is easy to see if someone is squatting. The latrine should be separated from the rest of the cell by barriers that are at least as tall as a human.

In some cells, a toilet can be a shared one. This is the best option for a prisoner who wants to squat but needs privacy. Often, a toilet and a shower are co-located. This creates a very humid environment and increases mold growth.

Some federal prisons have a special all-in-one receptacle. This enables an inmate to sit backward on the toilet, allowing the user to face a sink on the rear of the toilet.

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A typical prison cell is about 8 by 6 feet. It is often fitted with a bunk bed and a table. However, some cells do not have a toilet or a shower.

Does the Jail Give You Pads?

A woman at a California jail recently asked the police for a sanitary pad. She had been arrested for shoplifting and her period was going to start soon.

Her request for a sanitary pad was met with ridicule from a corrections officer. After about an hour, the officer produced a sterile gauze pad, but it wasn’t adhesive enough to hold her pad in place.

The police said they would need to call an ambulance to get a sanitary pad. This was not a reasonable response for a woman in need of a pad.

Some of the women she interviewed had to pay to use extra pads without a doctor’s note. They were often priced at more than market rate.

Many jails charge for tampons. Even when they provide free products, they are restricted to a very small number of subpar products.

There are no guarantees that a woman will have access to sanitary products while incarcerated. In fact, many women use sanitary napkins or other products for other purposes.

Women are the fastest growing population in prisons. Because of this, there has been a push to improve women’s access to menstrual products. But even with these improvements, there is no guarantee that a woman will be able to get the sanitary products she needs.

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